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i am a long time sims player and have all sims games (1, 2, and 3) and various exp packs, but, alas, i'm on a mac, so the highest exp pack for s2 that i have is BV.  oh, well, i'm having fun, though.  however, for the last 2 years i haven't actually played my game.  yeah, you read it correctly.  haven't played...i've been cleaning out my monster of a downloads folder, organizing, and redownloading corrupt files in my spare timeevery once in a while, i try a tutorial or two and have learned to do a few things.  it's brutal.  but, for some reason, it's satisfying.  how i came to find affinitysims:  i was looking for Rebecah's farm animals to redowload and was directed here a while back!  every once in a while, i try a tutorial or two in simPE and have learned to do a few things.  anyway, i do like checking what's on affinity and seeing such positivity on this site.  it's refreshing.


as an update, i got a new Mac and installed BootCamp.  the reason?  so that i could play the full sims 2 game.  (I never thought that I'd do this...I resisted for a long time!) I still have it uploaded onto my old MacBook, but on this one, I love being able to play the full game.  it's been fun reorganizing my downloads folder and finding updated mods, it's made me want to play s2 again!  yay!!