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  1. Okay, just tried it out. The guy I made to know everyone also got the option to ressurect the other Tricous so I had no problems And I've successfully ressurected them all, thank you so much
  2. Oh my god thanks, no more struggle for me Even though, they used to live in the House of Fallen Trees in Downtown. But if I download them, they are new sims and the tombstones remain. So I will just delete (with a long tutorital I know in simpe) them. But before downloading I'll try myself the thing you tried (random sim with know everyone cheat, I didn't think about that before!) Anyway, now I'm going in-game and later I'll tell you if I succeded or not, but thank you very very much for the ideas and the hassle you have gone through with uploading, I appreciate it
  3. Nope, I'm aware, I didn't mess up with the tombstone and such. Anyway, except the deceased family, Jon had another teens (which are townies), and only they can ressurect him via the ressurect-o-nomitron. But the problem is that, every of those teens and also the Tricous themselves cannot move to another lot by "find own place" or the townie teens (which I sent to uni) cannot move out after drop out/graduating, as the taxi wouldn't come. The weird thing is that this happens only with them. I'm going to try moving out another sims with no relations to them to see if it is really just them who can't move out.
  4. Hi there, sorry I haven't been here for a LONG time, but my life has been changing in all the ways possible and I hadn't that much time for simming (and when I had I chose only to play). Anyway, I've got a big complicated problem recently whose fix I can't find... Maybe some of you know the Tricous. If not, they're a premade (dead, unfortunately) family in Downtown. I'd really like to ressurect them, and found many, apparently easy, tutorials on the internet, but it seems like my game DOESN'T want them ressurected!!! I've tried twice, and both times failed for almost the same reason. The 1st time, three months ago or even less, I've tried the more "cheaty" way. Brought one of Jon Smith Tricou's other teens in one of my households with testingcheats. Seemingly, Jon was ressurected successfully. BUT HE WASN'T ABLE TO MOVE OUT!!! I've tried hard: find own place - on all objects possible, but the taxi didn't was like he just read the newspaper, put it down, and did nothing. I've checked for errors, but there were none. I've got annoyed and gave up. Now, I said to try the less cheaty way. I've moved one of the Jon Smith's teens to uni and wanted to drop him out immediately, move him in a house and ressurect the Tricous. Eh, seems like that wasn't possible, too. Firstly, I've tried dropping out on the phone. No errors, but the taxi won't come. Never. It's like he didn't call at all (even though he got the memory of dropping out) Then, I cheated so he'd graduate, but the same thing, no taxi would ever come. And I'm desperate, I don't know what to do because I really want the Tricous in my game (if you don't know who I'm talking about, you should check the sims wikia, they are a really interesting family). I'd really really really appreciate your help
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