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  1. Harleyboy

    Sunset Valley Christian Church

  2. Harleyboy

    Animated Owl w/Custom Sound

    rebecah i'm learning to make new load screens for sims 2. great owl
  3. Harleyboy

    Spring Rider Frog - S3 Conversion

    very good.
  4. Harleyboy

    Spring Rider Horse - S3 Conversion

    pretty good work.
  5. Harleyboy

    New Animated Donkey

    love it. can you teach me how to dio animated things?
  6. Harleyboy

    Animated Water Wheel Mill

    love it. i have request. can u make lightning rod animation like frankenstien.
  7. Harleyboy

    Animated Dove with Custom Sound

  8. Harleyboy

    Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lantern Table Lamps

    yup i've been busy helping my sis-in law before her thyroid removal surgery 10-30-13. cool lights.