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  1. I didn't install the update myself..I hope you can get the issue solved!
  2. I hope so too! Marbi, that was so much fun! I wish my laptop didn't break down back then so I could've continued. Nonni sure seemed to enjoy it.
  3. I shoulda said thirties n forties. *edit: The camps were from 1942-46 i know what you mean.. real life has more than enough challenges.. playing Sims is supposed to be a fun and relaxing game. In fact i love it when funny little things happen unexpectedly in this game!
  4. Oh no!! Are you gonna re-install The Sims 3? I was having freeze issues with it so much since getting my pc fixed, I've given up on that one.
  5. Sounds very interesting! your theme and era sorta reminds me of the dreadful stories of the Japanese interum camps..survival during wartime during the forties n fifties. Good luck with it!
  6. It was before any of the people in the family died, but I think it may have been after she found one of our cats dead under the house..I know I remember that I had some very curious drawings to explain to her teacher that year. Praying for more good days for you.
  7. Well today the word must be out there in the neighborhood among all the animals..Buddy ran outside thinking he could catch another squirrel or chipmunk but the alert was sounded and they all took off before I could even get the door opened! That deflated his ego a little bit!
  8. I hope you are feeling better, Marbi! Jeff and I were going to go camping this week, but the weather has been far too wet and chilly which really does a number on my back and arm. Jeff has RA so it is not good on him either. I know you will get back into the swing of things before too long..just don't give up on it!
  9. Yep, me too! One of our daughters used to bury her naked dolls in the backyard..We were a bit worried about her for awhile, but she turned out to be a great mom when she grew up, and I'm pleased to say her little ones are always dressed cute with their hair nicely done for school everyday, lol! But that option to dress the dolls in game sounds really sweet, Gina! I hope you get to feeling better and can have some enjoyment in making this new project which will also bring much enjoyment to the rest of us as well!
  10. I do like the apocalyptic themed games, but the last time I got into it was when I had slower internet and could not keep up with it fast enough. Then my main laptop crashed and all was lost. It is hard to get back into the swing of things after that happens. I'll give this subject some more thought and if I come with any ideas I'll let you know..but for now I'm afraid I got nuthin. But please, if you decide on a theme keep us updated!
  11. Shhh..Don't tell Jake, but... Buddy killed a squirrel this morning! I have a big dog with an even bigger ego now...Seriously, he has caught chipmunks, but never ever a squirrel! I know he wants me to be proud of him..he actually is strutting around the house today like Mr. King Kong or something..but I am not happy about the killing of another animal! I mean, gosh I really thought I raised him better than that! I always glance outside before I let him out and there has been this little red squirrel under the bird feeder that takes his good old time to run away so I always jiggle the door to make noise before letting Bud out, but Jeff let him out this morning and did not remember to look first ...Good Heavens, I hope next time it's not a bear out there!
  12. 7220
  13. This does sound like a good idea. I wonder if you could just customize a cat then to make it look like a skunk?..although it won't be able to spray. Rebecah did something similar for me with making a pet dragon out of a bird a couple years ago.
  14. So...Did he flush? lol