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    Bible study, nature, hiking, blogging, dogs, playing 'The Sims 2', interior decorating, writing, & hanging out with my dear husband.

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  1. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    Hope your games get fixed soon so you can enjoy this new EP..It's pretty awesome! I just need to settle down with one sim and start my doggy rescue dream life! I must say, it takes a little while to train the dog in the picture..and I/she almost gave up..but making progress. However, at this rate it will take forever to meet new strays! They don't seem to just appear on the lot like in previous sims games..You gotta go out and look around for them. Hmm, maybe that will change the longer I play. I just watched 'Cinderella' on NETFLIX, so now I want to recreate it with TS3 (because there's horses..and somewhere I think a cinderella coach CC). Yep, my simming play style seems to be all over the place!
  2. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Good luck with that..There's nothing like a puppy pout!
  3. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    That snooty lady gave my sim a dirty look! I'm trying to make friends with the first what if he's a little dirty!
  4. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    I love Honey and Morris! I just started a new game, this time I'm adopting all the strays! Well, not 'Me"..but the Sim I've made, lol! (Livin' vicariously)
  5. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    No snow here..and we are in the snow-belt of our state! This year I will be missing my sweet Sasha whenever I see a snowbank, as she loved to lay in them.
  6. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    It's finally here..Well, almost.... CATS AND DOGS new EP will be released on November 10th! Check out the new trailer :