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    Bible study, nature, hiking, blogging, dogs, playing 'The Sims 2', interior decorating, writing, & hanging out with my dear husband.

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  1. NeverForsaken

    My newest Sims 4 house

    Thanks, Marbi
  2. NeverForsaken

    My newest Sims 4 house

  3. NeverForsaken


    Me too! And I'm not even weird.
  4. NeverForsaken


    Very classy! Thanks, MM
  5. NeverForsaken

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Happy belated Birthday, Rebecah!
  6. NeverForsaken


    How wonderful! I hope and pray you have a safe and fun vacation, Marbi!
  7. NeverForsaken


    I have faith in you, MM..I'm sure, thanks to you, we will soon have some pretty clothes (and furniture?) for your simmies in TS4!
  8. NeverForsaken


    It's so pretty..Keep up the good work, MM!
  9. NeverForsaken

    Dave broke his wrist

    I'm glad he doesn't need surgery! I bet it is really hard for him to not stay active. So, as he started playing 'The Sims' yet?
  10. NeverForsaken

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    Awe..Thanks, MM!
  11. NeverForsaken


    Somewhere there is a poll by one of the sim gurus asking whether a farm-style game pack would be something people wanted..I really can't recall the details, but if you did a google search you might find it. They mentioned the cows and chickens like the store pack for the sims 3..Horses would be great, but everytime someone suggests that, they say there's not enough room in the sims 4 worlds. I think they could at least provide an equestrian center for riding..and just keep them in the stalls/barnyard on the sim's home need to travel in an open world which I guess caused many glitches. My game is starting to really lag, so I don't know if I'll be able to continue playing for much longer either. I only play with Pets, Seasons, World Adventures, and Supernatural..all necessary to produce a working farm..I turn off all the rest of the EPs, but evidently there's still too much to run smoothly.
  12. NeverForsaken


    Just a short video clip of a (rainy) morning on the farm! This is my first video share for the game..I promise I will practice and get better at it, lol..Also, my game is jerky like that whenever I try to move the camera around anyway..I was mostly trying to follow all the sounds of the farm as I heard them. I hope you enjoy this peek into a little bit of my gameplay! Video-77.avi
  13. NeverForsaken


    I just started playing with my farm again! Here we see Peaches being sprayed by the tractor..(Notice the fish jumping in the background) She seemed a bit startled (by the fish?) and quickly climbed out of the pond!
  14. NeverForsaken


    I haven't had any problems with loading TS4 since the last update..but I still can't load TS2 UC! (Can't recall exactly when that started, but it's been awhile now. MM: That's probably a wise decision to wait until after the new install of 'Seasons'. So far the only S4 add-on I didn't buy was the 'My first pets stuff'..I just didn't see anything worthwhile about that one..I think it's a shame the ability for sims to interact with a rodent-type pet was not included in the first place..not to mention rodents and reptiles out in the world. Since I mostly enjoy decor items anyway..that pack just didn't appeal to me as far as new buy/build items..I hope 'Seasons' brings more of everything in order to justify the high price tag. I guess we'll find out soon. BTW: I didn't pre-order 'Seasons'. *EDIT* As soon as I finished this post I went and pre-ordered 'Seasons'..Honestly, I am not a person who likes to shop or spend money frivolously but when it comes to 'The Sims'..I dunno what's wrong with me! Oh, and there was yet another Origin update I hope my game still works too. *Another EDIT* Oh Brother After the update ?finished? I tried to start the game but got the message that it needed an update..I clicked on *update game* in the said that the file was missing! I was given the option to "choose another file" on that error message box, so I selected the 'installation file' and then the update seemed to have started..but not really..It said the update was "in queue"..and if I cancel the update the game will not play without will not give the option to play without updating. I've tried closing and restarting Origin..but now it says "login not available at this time" over and over again..But if I open my TS3 game I am still logged in and it will even load the game! Now it appears I cannot play the (TS4) game at all! I am seriously debating cancelling/returning my order..or should I wait until launch day and hope for the best? I know the return policy allows for 24 hours after first launch. *Final Edit* I guess it was just an incredibly long update..All's well!
  15. NeverForsaken

    Dave broke his wrist

    Did Dave find out if he needs surgery yet? I'm praying for a full recovery without it~In Jesus' name~Amen