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  1. Awe..That kitty looks like she has Groucho Marx eyebrows!
  2. Girls "fluff'..I gotta remember that one.
  3. Funny..As I read this Bud is laying on my bed "creating some interesting aromas"
  4. 7313
  5. I only have all (3) of the EPs and two game packs so far. There really does not seem to be much variety thus far IMHO. I hope Michael succeeds in his efforts. Edit: 7/14.. Just bought the Backyard stuff pack..I Like! I might take advantage of the summer sale and get a few more. The vampires look so creepy, I don't think I will get that one though!
  6. I love spinach salad too, and weirdly, so does Bud..but that boy loves oranges too, which I've never heard of with a dog before!
  7. OH MY! I"m really late on this one..Please forgive me, Rebecah!! I pray you had a nice birthday, and you are managing to stay cool this summer..God Bless!
  8. I got all the EPs for 4 (so far)..and a couple other packs, and I am convinced that the franchise is out to nickle and dime us to death! At this rate I will have to live another seventy years to get everything in the Sims 4 that the sims 2 and 3 has. (Though 3 is unplayable if you use all EPs at once!} And with four, you have to remove all cc whenever they patch the game..which is often! And then you wait and see what still works. For me: #2 = Fun to play Love all sims and pets, weather etc...Little extras like the penguin, and pick-pocket, etc.. #3 = Fun to build and decorate..and I LOVE the horses! (but NOT the sims) #4 = Fun to build and make sims.
  9. It's actually pretty common. Some think it may be because they randomize sims from your gallery..I had to check to make sure I hadn't played this household in this world and forgot, but it was not the issue. It was the third time I encountered it in the game..only once was it because I had forgotten a sim previously played. It is sort of funny to see, and I did try to get them side by side, but the playable sim would not budge. That's another thing I've noticed with this game..the simmies do not mind me very well! Last night I played worked for many hours on this household..I had them start a nature-themed store, grow veggies, fish, and collect stuff..but when it was time for them to finally elope (after many sim hours of courtship), the game got hung up during the ceremony. It went on for more than 7 sim hours..where they just stood there swaying while the wedding song played over and over and.. .. I had to use Task Manager to get out of the game without being able to save. I read there is another bug where they children go to school and never return..I am not looking forward to that one either.
  10. I am going back in game to (rectal-fy} this problem right now..
  11. Yep, I'm almost beside myself (literally)! Watch out, people..This game is full of dopplegangers!
  12. I know, that is just too gross! They say they are "fertilizing" that's #2! (I couldn't find an emoji that illustrates the level of sick that makes me feel, lol!)
  13. Yeah, and they PREFER to use the bush too.
  14. A ROSE IS A ROSE, BUT A BUSH CAN BE... SO MUCH MORE! So I loaded up my new house, and placed my sims on the lot only to discover that a couple of the landscaped bushes by the front porch are actually special bushes that came with 'Get Together'..Specifically, they are used in the more remote areas where groups can meet for when.. well, nature calls, or when the Sandman visits! I wish I would have known this before I uploaded this lot to the gallery! Does that mean this lot should be listed as a four bedroom, five bath house instead of a two bedroom three bath?