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    Crochet, embroidery, reading, cuddling my dog Jake, sewing and listening to old hymns.
    I absolutely loathe shopping, unless it involves some kind of craft or is a book store.

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  1. Mission Mouse

    Royal Wedding

    Yes I got up at 4am to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married. I thought it was a beautiful and touching wedding and I am so happy for them. I loved how they constantly held hands and especially that they both now wear wedding rings. I am NOT a fan of men who chose not to wear one. The one person who impressed me beyond measure was Meghan's mother. She was absolutely beautiful and thoroughly dignified. She teared up sometimes and that made me tear up as well. You could clearly see the love and pride she has for her daughter in her eyes. For me that was magical to see. I pray they have a long, happy and healthy life together and they they are truly blessed by our Lord and Saviour.
  2. Mission Mouse


    I have studied the tutorials from MTS and apparently I need milkshape. I watched a video on you tube and it was just awful, she kept clicking in and out of places without an explanation of why. This is NOT going to be easy at all. So if I can actually master this there are just so many outfits I want to show-swap.
  3. Mission Mouse


    I totally HAVE to learn how to shoe swap because I have found 3 awesome shoes that I want to use. You already know about the Cat Flats but there are 2 more shoes I just adore.
  4. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    Oh congrats on buying a house, it's a wonderful feeling. I remember it took me a few weeks of actually living in our house before it really hit me, that the house was ours! 21 years later I still love my little house. Now that I know this new way of making patterns, I can make quite a few in a day if I stick to it. Today wasn't so productive because I had to get 3 fillings at the dentist. I do have a lot of clothings that I am also working on. I have to switch back and forth between the clothings and making patterns so I don't get bored or lose interest. This new way of making patterns is so much faster. Michael wants me to download Sims3 and make him some stuff. He's been playing Sims3 for a couple of weeks now. Yeah, I need to learn how to make things for Sims3 because I just don't have enough projects on the go as it is. OH!! I also figured out the correct sizes of the pictures I usually take for my uploads. Solved my own problems after adjusting and readjusting the sizes like a gazillion times.
  5. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    Well forget that previous post, the wonkiness just kept coming back. I was so angry I uninstalled the program and then after a restart I re-installed it. Guess what? Yep, that pesky wonkiness is still there so I now think that a windows update has messed with my paint program. The good news is I went to their support page, didn't find a solution..... then I went to the tutorial section and lo and behold, I found the solution. The bad news is that the shape selection tool simply doesn't work at all anymore, which means the *cut and paste* also doesn't work. Now I just use the *move* tool and then use the arrows on the keyboard to place sections to make a pattern. I'm to admit that doing it this new way is actually a big improvement.
  6. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    I have found the solution. I had to go to their discussion section and read about a gazillion topic titles. As for that *crop tool*, I am totally not able to understand their instructions. I think that one of Microsoft's updates for Windows 10 may have had something to do with my problem. There were pages devoted to that topic.
  7. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    The wonkiness has returned. I cannot get the cut tool to cut the size I want for my upload pictures. Is there anyone who can ? These are 512 X 512 images but I usually cut a rectangle size and it just won't let me. I am using PaintShopPro-2018.
  8. Mission Mouse

    Celebrate Jesus!

    One of my favourite Bible verses. Happy Easter and may our Lord bless you all.
  9. Mission Mouse

    He Has Risen

    May Everyone have a blessed Easter!
  10. Mission Mouse

    Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I think I finally found a picture that explains the rat problem.....
  11. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    Well the wonky was actually me It's fixed now and I am going bananas in BodyShop.
  12. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    It won't let me *cut* the picture the size I want. Usually you can just use the cutting tool and draw over the picture to get the size correctly but mine cuts off at weird places. I think I may try my previous version and see if that one works.
  13. Mission Mouse

    Wonky Paint Program

    So I found a few new to me things and did my usual thing but then!!!! My paint program has decided to go severely wonky when I want to cut and paste the pictures I use in the uploads. It's driving me nuts cause I cannot figure it out. Sometimes it's fine and does what I want but mostly it won't. Do I have to un-install it and then re-install it?
  14. Mission Mouse

    Happy Birthday LilSister

    Happy Belated Birthday LilSister. I am so sorry I missed it, I hope you have many more wonderful and blessed birthdays.
  15. Mission Mouse


    I went into SimPE and realized that I've forgotten how to use it..... So I did some research and am trying to decide what do do next. I still have some outfits to finish up and still a ton of new patterns to make. At this time of the year I struggle with SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder which tends to interfere with my creative interests. My focus and ability to concentrate are somewhat limited, but I am trying to do some creating everyday. I try and spend at least a bit of time outside to get some sunlight which is supposed to help lessen the symptoms.