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  1. I have two more versions of this outfit on the go. So eventually there will be 3 different styles of this Rockabilly dress.
  2. I put a foam piece in the basket of my bicycle and Morgan would sit in it and we'd go for bike rides. When I'd go visit family Morgan always came along. He liked to drive cause he'd sit in my lap with his front paws on the steering wheel. He absolutely loved sleeping in paper bags. He was a really awesome cat and I still miss him very much.
  3. It is 101 degrees here today. Jake wanted outside so badly that I let him go and two minutes later when I checked on him he had kinda melted. Pip stuck his nose outside and decided not to go out. I am so grateful for central air making our home cooler in the summer. I am working on doing some laundry and Jake seems to want to help, however grabbing a pair of my undies and then racing off with them is not what I consider helping. It does make for a good game of chase and I've learned to block both sides of the couch so he can't hide things there. I'd hate to pull the sofa out only to discover 50 pairs of undies.... When we moved from the apartment to our house, we found like hundreds of bottle caps, rolled tiny tinfoil balls and I don't even know how many pens and pencils under the sofa, the stove and the fridge. That was courtesy of my beloved cat Morgan. Cat toys didn't appeal to him, but a rolled up ball of tinfoil made him go He had this thing for foam earplugs....I'd throw one, he'd chase it and bring it back and I'd have to throw it again. He was an awful lot like a dog. I also had this barbie size hockey net and Morgan was always the goal keeper. He won more games that I did.
  4. I'm sorry it was beyond my capabilities, but gayars will do an excellent job. Actually this is a terrific request, I'd rather like the invisible one.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that after having the game installed with the discs, and then switching to Origin and downloading Sims2 that file sizes for some things have changed? I kid you not, most of the things I had before I got the laptop for recolouring clothing were size 1024 X 1024. I have a bunch of projects to finish up and this is the second time I have gone into Body Shop and my file is 1024 X 1024, but the file in the game is now 512 X 512. I don't understand why the sizes changed, but I double checked and the original file IS 1024 X 1024. Yet in the game that same file extracts to size 512 X 512. I figured out that all I need to do to fix this is to replace all the files sized 512 X 512 with the originals I had before Sims2 Ultimate Collection. I just find this extremely weird.
  6. I was at I Can Haz Cheesburger and saw this.....and I drink tea....
  7. Thanks gayars, this one is beyond me.
  8. Darn near fell off my chair laughing so hard. Dave spent the better part of Saturday creating interesting aromas. It got so bad I told him to go for a ride on his bike. That did NOT solve the problem, just shook the gas so he could make a lot more of those aromas. On Sunday he had to work but when he came home seems those aromas were still being created. Since girls do NOT fart, they *Fluff*, I never have that problem.
  9. I'm not sure I know how to do this, but I'll give it a shot. Which one do you want, the global one or the non-global one?
  10. I still don't really know what they are. They just look like chimney tops to me.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    I'm finally back on track. Today's outfit comes to you from GoS, one of my favourite sites for Sims2 content. These are recolours of their *Teen Rockabilly* dress. The mesh is included with the recolours and contains the *AF & TF REQUIRED* files. Do not remove those files or the recolours will NOT show up. I have all the game packs and stuff packs and these outfits were made using Sim2 UltimateCollection. I hope your teen girls like these new outfits. Happy Simming Everyone!
  12. When we still had Bailey it was impossible for me to eat an entire apple by myself. Bailey loved apples. Jake neither likes fruit nor vegetables, he is a meat hound. Once in a while he will eat some sweet potatoes (also called yams) To fool him, I mash the meat and sweet potatoes with vegetables and fortunately he has never caught on. The weird food Jake likes---cooked cabbage. He won't eat it raw but he devours it cooked.
  13. I have 18 Sims2 outfits to make in Body Shop and 3 more to finish in paint shop and then I will start uploading. I like to have a bunch ready for Body Shop because I hate going in there for just one outfit.
  14. Today it is beyond quiet here at home and that is UNUSUAL! Jake has not once tormented Pip and Pip is not yakking at the top of his lungs. This is completely weird for me, to have the house this quiet. Jake keeps going over to the gate at the side door and then sighing when Dave doesn't appear.