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    Crochet, embroidery, reading, cuddling my dog Jake, sewing and listening to old hymns.
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  1. MM-RC-Eltanin-cfbodydressshortaline

  2. MM-RC-Eltanin-cfbodydressshortaline

    Version 1.0.0


    Download available These are my recolours of that lovely cutsie dress for girls, made by Eltanin. This is just such and adorable yet feminine dress for our little girls that I am sure your little Simmies will love to wear. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these outfits were made using that version of BodyShop. Happy Simming Everyone!
  3. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    Turns out it was just a temporary fix, the glitch is back, but the game is fine. It could be I got a later version, I forgot that Pets was released so all the updates I got were a few days later.
  4. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I am not the only weird one in our house! Last night Dave was all comfy on the sofa and I thought he was asleep. Then I hear that unmistakable sound of passing gas. Without missing a beat and with his eyes still closed Dave says, "That was a B flat." Since when did he know musical terms? Then he says, "Hang on I may have a chord or two as well."
  5. MM-Walls-Floors-Collection-1

  6. Another First

    I found so many more patterns, damask, toile, children's, far more than I'd probably ever have time to make, but I grabbed them anyway. I even got some just for a giggle or two. I even found some really pretty ceiling tiles. The hardest colour to find is red. It's either too bright or too dark or looks like it should be in those *houses* in Nevada. I got a couple of designs that claim to be William Morris and I will make them, I just find his designs to be way to busy. Now I am looking for some cherry wood for crown molding and baseboards. I rather like the look as I think it gives the walls a classy finish. So I have lots and lots of patterns and I even found some nice plain patterns, but with a bit of a texture to them. I think that might give a wall a wee bit more definition. I think her first name was Judi, at TSR, but she made the most beautiful walls and may of them had gorgeous matching floors. The only patterns I just could not bring myself to get where Art Deco ones. I really dislike that style and I don't think I would enjoy working with it.
  7. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    It didn't do any of that to me, I wonder why it happened to other people. Actually it did fix an annoying glitch that a windows update did to my PSP program.
  8. Another First

    I made Green Eggs and Ham as a matching wall and floor and I really did upload it. I totally do NOT expect anyone to actually use it, I just did it for a laugh. After I finished that set and got it uploaded I started thinking about why I never learned how to do any of this when the game first came out. I was too terrified to try in case I just couldn't grasp the concept. Then I had an epiphany of sorts and realized that had I learned how to do this way back when I may not have found my niche here, so it worked out the way God intended it to from the beginning. I'm having just as much fun doing wall and floors and find that my mind is working overtime on thinking of all the ways I can use the patterns I downloaded. I found so may awesome patterns, a laundry room one, a sewing room one, tons of farm ones for a country kitchen, perfect ones for babies and toddlers....I even found a couple of patterns that I can greyscale and use as a base to make tile floors with a colour that matches the wall pattern I choose. The only one I can't seem to find that appeals to me is one for a study or reading room, so I'm off to search for one.
  9. MM-Walls-Floors-Collection-1

    It's just as much fun doing wall and floors as it is clothing and furnishings. Rebecah you do know you are my inspiration for creating everything. You gave me the gift of your time and taught me with that first painting. Your gift just keeps on giving!!
  10. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    I know but I have Sims2 via Origin now so I figured it was ok. When I went to install Sims2 with my discs the CD's made this awful grinding noise so I got Sims2 from Origin.
  11. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Have any of you seen the cat food advertisement for Whiska's Perfect Portions? El Cheapo {aka:Dave} bought some even though they are a tad bit more expensive than the usual cans he gets. Pip gets one half in the morning and the other half at supper time. Same company, same food but an entirely different result--ALL of the food gets eaten and none is ever left in his dish. With the cans he'd eat half and then cry and cry at supper cause he didn't want to eat the same thing he ate in the morning. Since this new stuff comes in break away units, I can open a different flavour for supper than he had for breakfast. The bonus is that there is no more waste. Jake is the finicky eater which is odd because cats are supposed to be the finicky ones. I thought all dogs like peanut butter, Jake has never even tasted it, he sniffed it and walked away....weird. I always share any kind of meat I am eating with Jake and now Pip has decided that he should get some too. That cat can hoover meat very well. Jake got me up early this morning and I somehow missed taking my usual afternoon nap. Apparently Jake decided that he didn't need to cry for me to join him because when I did go upstairs I wondered where he was and peeked into my bedroom. He had somehow managed to make a cocoon and was sound asleep inside. He was totally as snug as a bug in a rug. I am still wondering how I resisted getting in bed with him. The strange thing is Dave was home and sleeping in his bed but Jake was in my room. I finally got around to installing Cats & Dogs and while doing that realized I had never gotten the Toddler stuff pack. I have all my drivers updated, all of Sims4 installed and even installed the small update for Sims2. Then Windows10 installed an update so I didn't get much recoloured today. On the other hand my laptop is completely updated. We've gone from snow to rain so Mr PoutyPants has required more than his usual cuddles. Since Pip now imitates Jake in many areas, I also had to cuddle Pip. It didn't help that Dave left again for work which always makes Mr PoutyPants appear. I really gotta practice pouting so I can turn the tables on Jake.
  12. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    What's a little dirt compared to the love and affection, besides that dog is a cutie. I bet he/she cleans up great.
  13. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    My Bailey has been gone 7 years now and I think of him every day and I still miss him everyday.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    After days and days of practice I finally got the hang of making walls and floors. I even found a pattern for Green Eggs and Ham and just for fun I had to make that one. I don't actually expect anyone to use it For this particular collection I made matching floors. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these were made using Homecrafter, which by the way adjusts it wall and floor sizes. It's a bit of a challenge for me to see patterns on sizes 256X512 for the walls and 256X256 for the floors. All the walls and floors are $10.00, don't ask me why, I dunno. The download is at If anyone has a problem please PM me as this is my very first time doing this.