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    Crochet, embroidery, reading, cuddling my dog Jake, sewing and listening to old hymns.
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  1. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I really do not like canned soups so any soup I eat is always homemade. Yesterday I was chopping broccoli to put in my homemade broccoli soup and a piece fell on the floor. Jake comes racing into the kitchen, dives under my chair and actually eats the broccoli piece......We don't have that 5 second rule in our house cause we have a 2 second dog. I'm completely surprised that he ate the broccoli piece, but what surprises me even more, he begs for more....That is just WEIRD. He won't eat apple pieces but he will eat apple pie.....and he does like some sweet potatoes as long as they have a bit of butter mixed in. He also eats shreddies. He prefers to eat them dry, unlike his dad who needs milk and sugar. It's funny watching Dave and Jake having shreddies for breakfast sometimes. He must have thought I needed a snack when I was in the bathroom, he brought me a pretzel stick....cause he won't eat salty things. I'm not sure where he got the pretzel stick, it's been a few weeks since we had pretzels.
  2. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Yet again the traps are emptied and no rat has been caught. They have teased Dave way too much, he's researching extreme rat catching methods. He's angry with me because I will not permit him to use poison. If any other of the animals that use our back yard sheds for shelter were harmed I would not be able to handle that. The two single fathers next door have moved out, for a while we shall have peace and quiet. Jake is missing the two dogs, he keeps looking for them. We have had a lot more snow than usual and Dave has been shoveling the deck for Jake. Dave has been piling the snow against the fence sections on the deck and Jake has been busy digging into the banks. I'm not sure if he's trying to tunnel his way out or just attempting to make snow forts. Tonight his denta bone apparently said something wrong.....Jake was diving at it and barking at it. It's a freaking treat, he's supposed to eat it not freak out over it!
  3. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I think it's possible the rats have learned this....
  4. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Neither trap has been sprung but then there are also no footprints going between the sheds so we don't know the fate of our unwelcome rats. We have had record breaking cold here and Dave thinks it's possible that the rats may have frozen to death. Most nights it's -30 degrees Celsius and I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit. Just take my word for it, it's REALLY cold. Like being bundled up INSIDE and wearing socks to bed. The best part of this cold----the other day Jake went out to do his thing and came back in covered in snow, walked over to his dog bed that is under my desk and dropped this snow covered ball into the bed. Then he got another one that was dry and went to the sofa and just played with the dry ball. OH C'MON!!! Sometimes I take my slippers off and put my bare feet into that bed. Had I not seen him do that I might have taken off my slippers and got my feet frozen!! The thing is that was actually an impressive move on Jake's part....which in itself is somewhat
  5. MissionMouse-Update

    I cannot believe how many patterns I found. Thing is I still have so many to make because I looked through my projects files and had a yearning to try and recolour Wood for Sims Bavarian Set and SimPlanX-ShabbyChic Set. Neither one is a small endeavor either. I have close to 100 patterns that I am in the process of making because I just love them so much. I've already made close to 500 but I'm not finished making the ones I fell in love with yet. I'm working on a huge pattern collection so I can use different patterns for lots of stuff. My organization of my new patterns is also going very well. It actually makes it easier for me to decide what I want to use when I am recolouring something.
  6. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Dave got some advice from his biker buddies, he modified the trap and has somehow made the dried sausage he was told to use, actually stick to the spring mechanism. He used minature zip ties, so it looks like that rat will have to tug at the meat and hopefully it goes BOOM! Silly start to my day, forgot to put teabags in the teapot, then couldn't figure out why the tea had such a weak taste......then I took my glasses off to give my eyes a rest and walked into a wall.....I wound up having to take an advil for the resulting headache, laid down and got pounced on by a concerned doggie. He stuck his nose in my opened eye, not a pleasant experience, and then decided that the only cure I needed was a complete facial. I'm considering putting a *Out of Order* sign on my forehead and calling it a day.
  7. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    OK, the zippy dog has morphed into some kind of tiny abdominal snow thingie. He is just over the snow. We let him out for 2 or 3 minutes at a time, and in the time he manages to come back in completely covered in snow. The thing is he always runs to me to be picked up and warmed up.....Dave has more body heat than I do, unless I am having one of my hot flashes. I don't mind cuddling the snow thingie than because we both benefit. It's been stormy here for the last 2 days so we couldn't go to Dave's dad for Christmas or Boxing Day. I made a huge beef roast with veggies and potatoes and that was our Christmas dinner. I was a bit ticked off at myself we didn't have any eggs and so I didn't get to make any yorkshire pudding. I love that with roast beef. Tonight we are going to have hot roast beef sandwiches smothered in gravy. Since Dave wanted his Christmas pudding we are going to have that for dessert with a lovely warm rum-butter sauce. He looked over the recipe for the sauce and he told me it needs more rum.
  8. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Oh NO! Absolutely NOT! Dave is so determined to kill this rat that he went back out and bought one of those sticky feet traps.
  9. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Jake is 8 and he has slowed down a tad, but some days he goes at warp speed. Dave has been gone a couple of days now and fortunately I have no idea where the key to the shed is. His first two attempts to catch this rat were not successful. Smart rat ate the peanut butter and the seed train, but managed not to set off the trap. The second attempt the rat left a wee bit of blood behind and again managed to eat all the peanut butter and seeds....I'm kinda thinking that it's possible that Dave may be using too much peanut butter.
  10. Naughty Husky!

    I've seen that meme only with a cat. We wouldn't dare put up a tree with Jake
  11. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    There was a reason for Jake being so zippy, that rat from the summer is back and has made a home under our sheds. He even has this path going back and forth between the two sheds. To say Dave is furious would be an understatement. Since the second shed is much larger he keeps his precious Harley in it and he will not tolerate a rat using that shed and possibly damaging his bike. So off he went to Canadian Tire and he purchased two large rat traps. The thing is rats and mice are truly not fond of cheese, if you are serious about trapping them you use peanut butter and seeds. Fortunately Dave will be home for the next couple of days as I have informed him that I WILL NOT check those traps. I have also told him I DO NOT want to hear if they are successful traps or see the results. He told me a friend of his has a snake.....I told him to BE QUIET! Whatever happens with these traps is in the * I don't need to know* category. He know understands the rules if he wants to remain in the land of the living.
  12. MissionMouse-Update

    I am in the process of still finding patterns. It's amazing the sheer number of patterns I have downloaded in recent days. Plus I am also much better now at placing them in categories. The ones I named *Fleur* are just one colour that was available, the ones I named *Floral* have the same pattern in various colours, and then there are my *Sets*. Most of them are co-ordinating patterns, but some patterns I have paired up with linens. The trick is to find a pattern that repeats and then to download the right size. If I just download the image directly from the page I get size 173X173, which means a lot of copying and pasting, but if I click on the pattern image I get size 470X470 (usually, not always) and once I copy and paste that into a 1024X1024 blank template I may wind up having to resize it to a 512X512. Then there are patterns that I named in honour of my beloved departed pets and one set I named after my beloved Aunt Viola. Others are self explanatory, like the musical notes, swirls, plaids, chevrons, argyles, houndstooth, and tweeds. I even have some cat ones and some I picked specifically for toddlers and children. I am actually having as much fun making patterns as I have when I recolour something. I think the older I am getting, the weirder I am getting.
  13. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    *sigh* I just don't understand why no one is interested in a zippy dog......
  14. It has been awhile

    I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle, I hope playing the game can cheer you up a wee bit.
  15. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I am so hoping that the snow we have now stays for Christmas. We haven't had a white one in ever so long. Jake is having the time of his life rolling in it, pouncing in it and just generally running in it. Pip-eh- not so much. He sticks his nose outside, once in a while attempts to put a paw on the deck, but that cold snow on the deck has no appeal whatsoever for Pip. I sit on a kitchen chair and Pip jumps up onto the table and sits by me and we watch Jake's antics. I'll never understand the appeal of a dog burying his head in a bit of a snow bank.....that is just nuts. Dave thought I needed some new Christmas music so he bought me a Michael Buble CD. It's nice, I do love Ave Maria, but generally I am not a Michael Buble fan. The thing is there was an Alan Jackson and an Elvis Presley Christmas CD and Dave knows how big of a fan of those two I am, but he picks Michael Buble...... Now something very strange has happened today and yesterday and it's actually nice but I don't know what the heck is going on. For the last 41 years I have been a customer of Bell Canada. They offered a perfect cell phone plan for David for his job and since no one else in Canada has ever offered anything even remotely close we have just stayed with Bell. Now they don't offer that plan anymore but they also cannot take it away from us. So anyway, for the last two days I have gotten parcels from was a set of awesome earphones. The second parcel was Canadian made chocolates, haven't tried any yet. I guess you have to be a customer for 41 years to be a what Bell calls a *Bell Privileges* client. I have even been given my own dedicated line to a customer service rep.....Like WOOP WOOP, I get my very own non-English speaking technician!!!!! I mean last year I didn't get anything like this from Bell so that's why I said you must have to be a customer for 41 years. Oh yea....anyone in the mood yet for a zippy dog?????