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    Crochet, embroidery, reading, cuddling my dog Jake, sewing and listening to old hymns.
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  1. Mission Mouse


    Version 1.0.0


    So.....while looking for patterns and probably being very tired I stumbled across these and I I think they are absolutely hilarious and perfect for our game. This is the *BaseGame* female crew neck T-Shirt so no mesh is required. A HUGE to Spoonflower which is where I found these patterns and a HUGE to Sims4Studio for the tool that made these possible. I do hope you get as much of a kick out of these as I did. Happy Simming Everyone!
  2. Mission Mouse


    Currently working on outfits from Seasons for children and toddlers. I think I am way too weird because I looked for and found patterns pertaining to rain and lightening for the raincoats. It makes perfect sense to me.
  3. Mission Mouse

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Happy Birthday Rebecah, may the Lord bless you this year and many more years as well.
  4. Mission Mouse


    Boy oh boy.....for whatever reason Sims4 Studio just didn't like me and wouldn't show any Season's content, even after I updated it. I ended up having to restart my computer and then had my mind BLOWN by some of the cutest outfits I've seen in a long time. I'm in the mood to do some Sims4 outfits, getting a bit bored with Sims2 and need a break. {Not to worry Lach } I am working on some game content so no meshes will be needed. However I still have that one problem, all the patterns I want to use on an outfit. That merge tool in Sims4Studio is awesome!!
  5. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    Dave doesn't need surgery and they changed the diagnosis to a bone chipped wrist. He still can't go back to work because of this bone chip, it depends on if it re-attaches itself or works it's way out. The goal is for Dave to rest that arm and let the chip settle on the bone. I don't see that happening, he's just never relaxing for a long enough time. It does still ache but he says it's bearable. Thanks for the prayers, he appreciates them very much.
  6. Mission Mouse

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    I have no idea why I didn't see is magnificant!
  7. Mission Mouse


    Version 1.0.0


    Finally I have something! I really love the Vintage Dressing Gown, but I wanted more than solid colours. This one was challenging but I am rather pleased with the results. Thank you to Sims4Studio for their awesome program and to Spoonflower, where I get patterns from to use in this game. Happy Simming Everyone!
  8. Mission Mouse


    So after a lot of confusion on my part, I finally made something for Sims4. This is just the first recolour, I still have more to go. This is the robe that came with Glamour and it's in the *sleep* section....all the robes in the game are a solid colour, I wanted more of a selection.
  9. Mission Mouse


    Uninstall *Origin* then get the latest Origin and install it. That seems to be the best solution for all those having problems. Also remember to remove ALL installed mods before you make any changes. It is unfortunate that Seasons seems to have borked a great deal of CC. I tried all the other suggestions but Uninstalling and getting the latest version of Origin and installing that one was the only fix that worked for me. Not much new in the way of outerwear in the game, so far I can only find a jacket.....*sigh*
  10. Mission Mouse


    So I got the game working again but now I have a new problem. The game runs fine with some CC, but Sims4Studio doesn't recognize ANY CC. I have already uninstalled the old program and installed the new one and done the restart but nothing fixes this problem. I'm not going to do anything else with it until I get Seasons installed.
  11. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    He's not complaining about pain anymore, I think that's a good sign. He's definitely bored and I can't even give him a honey-do-list. I have resorted to planting Jake on top of Dave to get him to relax, cause you know once His Majesty is comfortable, one is not permitted to disturb him.
  12. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    I get up this afternoon, and in our driveway are the friends that rode with Dave last night and they are all helping to fix his bike. They brought parts and tools and the bike is now fixed. Dave may be off work for a while but he will get what we call here-Short Term Disability. There is a slight chance that he may need surgery because of the place the break is at, but we are not worried about that until the complete diagnosis comes in. He sees a fracture specialist sometime this week, for now his right hand is in a stabilizing cast. Thanks Lil Sister, all prayers are gratefully accepted.
  13. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    Yes, you read the title correctly. Dave broke his wrist falling off his bike. He was riding with friends, it was dark, they were on an unfamiliar road. He didn't even know it was broke and waited for quite a while before he finally went to the hospital. He'll be home for a while which should be interesting. This is a man that is a workaholic and doesn't know how to rest. Since he can't really use his right hand for much, I expect he will be going bananas by day 3. As for me, yeah I'll be bonkers by this evening.
  14. Mission Mouse


    Has anyone else had problems loading Sims4? Both Michael and I had to do all these steps to get it to load after the Origin and Windows update.
  15. Mission Mouse


    I pre-ordered it just so I might have new outfits to recolour.