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  1. Mission Mouse

    Anyone else seen Stan and Ollie at the cinema?

    They did this hilarious skit- Who's On First I don't have the video version, only the radio one. They are infinitely funnier than the 3 Stooges.
  2. Mission Mouse


    I was so excited when the outfits for 5th Avenue were converted for Sims2, and now I found they have also been converted for Sims4.
  3. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    Does anyone here like a dessert called *Apple Crisp* ? Cool hack---add a box of jello butterscotch pudding mix, the kind that you cook, not instant. Add it to the dry ingredients. Don't have a whole chicken but want to make chicken broth? Poach chicken breasts and add to the water any spices and chopped veggies and onions. Strain the liquid, mash the veggies to a liquid, strain mixture , and add to the strained liquid. Best ever chicken broth. It also makes an excellent base for chicken gravy. Since it's home made you control the amount of salt. Want to give your egg salad a bit of zip---add a teaspoon of mustard, djon, honey, spicy-whatever kind you like.(Also works for deviled eggs) I add mustard to my tuna salad dressing too, but don't use dry mustard powder unless you like the burn. My next recipe I'm trying is Orange Marmalade Chicken. It's baked in orange juice with orange marmalade on the top and sliced orange on top of the marmalade. Apparently you can also do this with a pork roast as long as you score the top of the roast and put the marmalade inside the scores. Also I am going in for major dental surgery at some point, all my top teeth have to be removed because of recurring abscesses. Due to my intense fear of needles, I have to be put under and because of my sleep apnea it will have to be done in a hospital.
  4. Mission Mouse


    They use Ad.Fly because it pays them for the advertising but a lot of times the advertising is filled with malicious stuff. It's just a way to profit from creating stuff for the game. I'll send you the three files I have in a PM. Michael has a friend that creates for Sims4. At some point he's agreed to come here and teach me how to mesh clothing. Mostly I just want to learn so the in-game outfits I like, but are too short for my taste, I can lengthen. BUT if I do get good at it and I do make my own original stuff, the one thing I will NOT do, is deny permission to include the mesh. The other thing I've come across is absolutely beautiful cardigans, BUT they are in the *accessory* category. That makes little sense to me, although I think I know why.....you can't put 2 tops on top of each other so this is a way to get around that. Still not sure if I want to recolour those.
  5. Mission Mouse


    GAH!! I found two lovely outfits but the size is not 1024 X 2048. NO!. For reasons I do not understand the size is 2048 X 4096.... The another one I absolutely love shows up great in the game, but not in S4S. I even messaged the creator because some did some recolours and I can't figure out how they managed to do that, when I can't get it to show up to recolour at all. So far, no response. Then there are the creations I just HAVE to have, hidden behind ad.fly. I can get around that but it's frustrating. I hate when creators use ad.fly and then also have this box come up that claims you have to *whitelist* their site in order to continue on to get the download. I figured out a way around that annoyance too. However that might make it difficult for someone else to figure out, so if it is, I'm going to let them PM me for the mesh. No one should have to *whitelist* ANY Sims creation site. That can open up your computer to malicious software and damaging viruses. To me, doing that is downright nasty. I do have some stuff that is finished and as soon as this cold lessens it's grip I'll be uploading them. It's just that this constant sneezing and coughing is making an awful mess on my screen. I know...TMI
  6. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    I tried some new recipes and they were so good. Roasted honey glazed baby carrots, a deep dish apple pie and cut up seasoned potatoes. All of them are now added to our regular meal rotations. This Christmas I also made the turkey stuffing in the crock pot and it was awesome. Instead of stuffing the turkey with the usual bread stuffing, I put a cut up onion, 2 chopped up apples, some orange zest and salt and pepper, with some pats of butter. The turkey came out super moist and really tasty. I have to be honest though and tell you my gravy didn't ever thicken. Yeah, Christmas dinner and NO gravy......👎 I wasn't going to let my gravy go to waste, so I put it in the slow-cooker, added all the turkey bones, 2 cans of chicken broth and 1 cup of water and let that cook on low overnight. Took all the bones and globs of fat out in the morning and made turkey soup. I added a bag of mixed vegetables, and Dave added some pearl barley and we let that cook on high for 3 hours. Then Dave boiled some egg noodles and added them to the mixture. Apparently now this is the turkey soup that Dave wants from now on. I'm going to have to make two versions the next time because in place of the barley and noodles, I prefer wild rice. Somewhere on the internet I found some cool ideas for pork chops too. We used to always have them with applesauce on the side, but next time we have them, I'm going to bake them on a bed of brown rice sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins. We also replaced the applesauce on the side with apple butter. Wow, we loved that. I've also been looking into getting an *Instapot* I've done a lot of research and found some really tasty sounding recipes.
  7. Mission Mouse


    Thanks to Rebecah I now know how to make my recolours show up as 1 item with selectable colours. What a huge improvement over every outfit showing up individually. I also discovered that when doing unisex clothing you have to select the female catalogue picture and save and then do the same for the male catalogue picture. It's been a bit of a learning curve for me but I think I have things figured out now. I also have quite a few Sims2 outfits to finish up in bodyshop so I expect to be fairly busy for the next couple of months with uploads. Michael gave me a thumb-drive so he gets the stuff before anyone else. Kinda makes him my guinea pig.
  8. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    We didn't make it to the party. The dispatchers at Dave's work messed him all up. They knew about his party and then made him go on another run. He was so angry when he got home, he refused to do any runs between Christmas and New Year's. He's been home for nearly 1 week......
  9. Mission Mouse


    I am choosing the Sims4 CAS, so what is my problem and how do I fix that cause I have more stuffs. I feel like such a bother today. Don't worry about getting back to me until after Christmas, as Christmas is almost here and everyone is so busy getting ready. On Monday I am pre-cooking the vegetables, potatoes and making devilled eggs. Oh I almost forgot, have to make the family Christmas pudding or Dave will be disappointed. On Christmas Day, all I have to do is make the stuffing, put it in the bird and then bake the turkey. Dave also loves apple pie and I found a recipe that looks very tasty, so we may have 2 desserts. You can never have too much food at Christmas
  10. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 4


    So....after driving Rebecah my brain kicked in and I got these right. They are recolours of the Holiday Sweater using mana-tea sims patterns as inspiration. They show up correctly as one item with recolours, not individual items. They are a match with the Male's Holiday Sweaters using the light colours for the women and the darker colours for the men. They should be pretty toasty for the Winter Season and I hope your Simmies like them. A huge to mana-tea Sims for the inspiration and to Spoonflower for the patterns. An even bigger to Rebecah for her patience in teaching me how to do these the right way. May all of you have a healthy, happy and Blessed Christmas.
  11. Mission Mouse


    I also edited the file to take out the link.
  12. Mission Mouse


    When I clicked on the link it went right to the sweater, the male is wearing a plain red sweater and the female has on an orange coloured trim with a pattern sweater. The major problem with Sims 4 stuff is that the creators do not want their meshes included and as much as I dislike that policy I have to respect it. What I will do, is if the mesh turns up no longer available, I will send it via a PM.
  13. Version - Sims 4


    I have uploaded a corrected version where the sweaters show as one item and selectable recolours. Sorry about that. Finally I have something. It's one-half of a set for Females and Males and this is the Males sweaters recolours that I made. Jake 🐕 would like you all to know that he helped by constantly begging to get on the desk I hope your Sims guys will love staying all warm and cozy in this Winter Season. Thank you to S4S for their amazing tool to create Sims4 content, and a special thank you to Spoonflower for all the patterns I use. May all of you and your friends and family enjoy a happy, healthy and Blessed Christmas.
  14. Mission Mouse

    A First for Me

    You made me so loud, I woke up Jake. Things have been so busy here, been trying some new recipes and I am actually going to a party tomorrow with Dave. I have to make honey-garlic meatballs and I also want to make my tuna-macaroni salad and deviled eggs. Dave's friend Paul was in a horrible accident and for a few days it was touch and go. He's recovering but it's going to be a long process and the party is for him and his wife. When Dave had his accident with his bike, Paul came to his rescue. I kinda want to also make some lasagna for them to take home so one day when Sandy is not wanting to cook, they have a home-cooked meal.
  15. Mission Mouse

    Beck's [JA]Amelia Crib - Converted to a Toddler Bed

    This is totally awesome, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!