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    Version - Sims 4


    This is another base-game dress, so it doesn't require a mesh. I have so many co-ordinating patterns and I love the way they offset each other with this dress design. There are 100, yes you read that correctly, 100 different dresses. They were made using Sims4Studio with patterns from Spoonflower. Happy Simming Everyone!
  2. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 4


    I found some cute patterns depicting a rain theme and thought they'd make fun raincoats for the Simmie's children. Since this is a *Seasons* in-game item, no mesh is required. Obviously you do need the Season's expansion. The patterns I use are at Spoonflower and I use Sims4Studio to make the clothing. I hope your Simmie's children have fun splashing about in the rain! Happy Simming Everyone!
  3. Mission Mouse

    Do Not Try This

    I accidentally spilled boiling water on myself, it has not been a fun experience at all. My left knee and my abdomen are a sight to behold! However it is not a sight I shall share-- It is true that a burn is very painful <done a lot of that. It's also been very difficult to sleep because nothing can touch those areas or it makes me scream. The slightest pressure on those areas is just unbearable. So a sheet or a blanket resting on me is a feat to get right so it's not on those areas. I have also learned that it is possible to cry your head off while a dog tries to wipe the tears away at the same time. In fact that has been the least difficult part so far. At one point Jake was a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up so he snuggled in under my neck and whimpered. All I can do now is keep an eye on the burns and make sure they don't get infected. Thankfully the cup with the boiling water didn't spill on my laptop, now that would have been a disaster!!
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    Version - Sims 4


    I wanted more variety for this blazer. It's such a versatile piece of attire that it cried out for more colours and patterns. There are 58 different blazer patterns to choose from so I am hoping there is something in there for everyone. No mesh is needed as this is a recolour of a Base Game article of clothing. They were made using Sims4Studio with patterns from Spoonflower. Happy Simming Everyone!
  5. Mission Mouse

    So, what's new with you?

    OK...I am going to turn 60 this year and I still LOVE Barbie. I have a rather huge collection. We've been busy as well, which has cut into my Sims creations. It has also been unusually hot here and Jake seems to prefer being indoors. He's been attempting to dig his way to China and seems to not be bothered about getting a proper passport. He's gotten a few *Reckless Running" tickets. We shaved him a few weeks back and now he demands to sleep UNDER the covers. The house next door sold for $300,000.00 and that is just ridiculous. They have the same house as we do and believe me, these houses are not worth that kind of money. I shudder to think what their mortgage payment is. They keep to themselves but are nice. Jake has adjusted to having Michael here and when Michael goes somewhere for a while and then returns, Jake gets almost as excited to see Michael as he is to see Dave. I have also learned how to categorize clothing for Sims4, which I didn't realize I needed to do until I wanted to recolour the "Business Suits". For some reason I really like suits all of a sudden. Dave's wrist is all healed and he's been back to work for the last 3 weeks. I'm rather enjoying that.
  6. Mission Mouse


    Just to keep you all informed, I have been quite busy reorganizing my pattern collection. I have discovered that it is actually a lot more extensive than I had thought. I'm in the process of downloading TheSims2 Ultimate Collection, having uninstalled Sims4 to correct a glitch between package files and my PSP program. Once Sims2 is installed, then I am going to re-install Sims4 and see if my problem has gotten resolved. I am hoping that the re-installation of Sims4 can be completed by this coming weekend. Then I hope to resume uploading content for both games. However, with regards to Sims4, I will only upload EA content and NOT any creator content. Most of the creators for Sims4 have a TOU that states you are not allowed to upload their mesh with your recolours. Some TOU's even do not allow you to recolour the item at all. What does one do if they like the mesh but the colour choices leave a great deal to be desired? Oh c'mon, we have all come across a wonderfully designed mesh but wouldn't use that particular pattern to dust our coffee table with....Personally I find that kind of TOU simply too restrictive. Any recolour of any mesh is a sincere compliment to the original creator because you actually have to really love that mesh to want to put in the work and thought and time to recolour it. A different pattern or a different texture can really have an effect on some clothing. Affinity has a policy of including the mesh in with the recolours to make things easier for our members. I personally will not send our members hither and yon in search of meshes that have a habit of disappearing after a time. It is frustrating and time consuming. I have always given credit to the original mesh and creator. In fact I have *fangirled* several creators that just make me swoon with their fabulous creations. Anyone that knows me knows that I only recolour things I am deeply enamored with. Certainly all of my recolours have been my way of honouring the original creator in the case of ALL recolours I have done for Sims2. It's also been my belief that once you download anything that I recoloured it then belongs to you, the downloader. If you like it but want to embellish it, tweak it or even add something to it, then by all means feel free to do so. I'm tickled pink if you have something I recoloured in your game. Even after all this time it still gives me a thrill when something I've done is downloaded. I have hundreds of CC for Sims4 but due to the restrictive TOU's I cannot share them. I will do private recolours within my area of capability if I am sent PM's requesting them, but I cannot post them for general downloads and for that I am truly sorry. At the end of the day this is really just a game we play for whatever reasons we choose to play. Anything that is made to enhance our play is a bonus. For people like me who cannot quite grasp all the intricacies of creating, then recolouring can give us immense satisfaction and a real sense of achievement. In fact I prefer to recolour rather than play the games. When experimenting with different patterns, and combinations of patterns I feel like I can change an everyday dress into a garden party type dress. Sometimes it even works that different textures can change an everyday dress into an alluring evening dress. You can add a shiny belt or a jewelled belt and get a totally different outcome. I've used embroidered images I found on the internet that I put on pillows to make them unique. The fact is design possibilities are endless and only restricted by one's own unique taste. That's what makes this so much fun for me. Thanks to Rebecah for taking me under her wing and teaching me to recolour I can finally give back to a community that has given me so much enjoyment. I have had some health issues and some family issues that have had an unwanted affect on the time I have had to make things to upload but with the prayers from my Affinity Family and with God's grace most of those issues have been resolved. I still have a very demanding dog that needs my time and attention but in the last year and a half, we have gone from a 5 cat household to a one cat household and those passings have left me bereft at times. And now for a wee bit of comic relief....I don't pay any attention to my birthday or my age and someone asked me recently how old I would be this year. To my utter shock I had no idea, so out came the calculator (I never was any good at math) I'm 58, I'll be 59 this September and then the BIG OLE 60 next year. Seriously I didn't think I was that old.... because I almost said I was 54 or 55. The not being good at math is no joke, I failed it my senior year in high school and by failed, I mean miserably failed! And yet I worked in the banking industry for 23 years and was very good at my job. Go figure.....
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    There are so many pretty outfits I have seen and so many that are not so scanty. It's my age again, I just don't care for mini skirts on the adults and elder women. That is not a negative comment directed at ANY creator, it is merely a reflection of MY personal tastes. In my teens and early 20's I most certainly did wear mini skirts. I even wore a bikini, although only twice because it made me too self-conscious. So most of the CC items I will upload will be on the modest end.
  8. Mission Mouse


    The girls look so adorable. I imagine it was wonderful spending time with your son and your grand-daughters.
  9. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 4


    So.....while looking for patterns and probably being very tired I stumbled across these and I I think they are absolutely hilarious and perfect for our game. This is the *BaseGame* female crew neck T-Shirt so no mesh is required. A HUGE to Spoonflower which is where I found these patterns and a HUGE to Sims4Studio for the tool that made these possible. I do hope you get as much of a kick out of these as I did. Happy Simming Everyone!
  10. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    Yes, you read the title correctly. Dave broke his wrist falling off his bike. He was riding with friends, it was dark, they were on an unfamiliar road. He didn't even know it was broke and waited for quite a while before he finally went to the hospital. He'll be home for a while which should be interesting. This is a man that is a workaholic and doesn't know how to rest. Since he can't really use his right hand for much, I expect he will be going bananas by day 3. As for me, yeah I'll be bonkers by this evening.
  11. Mission Mouse


    Ugh...there are so many outfits I want to do but they are not in-game ones. So does anyone object if I upload the ones I've been working on with a link to the mesh?
  12. Mission Mouse


    Paris??? I admit to being envious. Hope you have a fabulous time and post your vacation pictures.
  13. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    Dave doesn't play any type of computer game. He's back to work and life has returned to our weird normal.
  14. Mission Mouse

    Unused French Braid Hairstyle

    I am so sorry MythStardreamer but no one here does hair. It may be possible for someone at MTS to do this for you, but please specify which game you want it for.
  15. Mission Mouse


    Lisa, I so needed that laugh.
  16. Mission Mouse


    Currently working on outfits from Seasons for children and toddlers. I think I am way too weird because I looked for and found patterns pertaining to rain and lightening for the raincoats. It makes perfect sense to me.
  17. Mission Mouse


    Version - Sims 4


    Finally I have something! I really love the Vintage Dressing Gown, but I wanted more than solid colours. This one was challenging but I am rather pleased with the results. Thank you to Sims4Studio for their awesome program and to Spoonflower, where I get patterns from to use in this game. Happy Simming Everyone!
  18. Mission Mouse

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Happy Birthday Rebecah, may the Lord bless you this year and many more years as well.
  19. Mission Mouse


    Boy oh boy.....for whatever reason Sims4 Studio just didn't like me and wouldn't show any Season's content, even after I updated it. I ended up having to restart my computer and then had my mind BLOWN by some of the cutest outfits I've seen in a long time. I'm in the mood to do some Sims4 outfits, getting a bit bored with Sims2 and need a break. {Not to worry Lach } I am working on some game content so no meshes will be needed. However I still have that one problem, all the patterns I want to use on an outfit. That merge tool in Sims4Studio is awesome!!
  20. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    Dave doesn't need surgery and they changed the diagnosis to a bone chipped wrist. He still can't go back to work because of this bone chip, it depends on if it re-attaches itself or works it's way out. The goal is for Dave to rest that arm and let the chip settle on the bone. I don't see that happening, he's just never relaxing for a long enough time. It does still ache but he says it's bearable. Thanks for the prayers, he appreciates them very much.
  21. Mission Mouse

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    I have no idea why I didn't see is magnificant!
  22. Mission Mouse


    So after a lot of confusion on my part, I finally made something for Sims4. This is just the first recolour, I still have more to go. This is the robe that came with Glamour and it's in the *sleep* section....all the robes in the game are a solid colour, I wanted more of a selection.
  23. Mission Mouse


    Uninstall *Origin* then get the latest Origin and install it. That seems to be the best solution for all those having problems. Also remember to remove ALL installed mods before you make any changes. It is unfortunate that Seasons seems to have borked a great deal of CC. I tried all the other suggestions but Uninstalling and getting the latest version of Origin and installing that one was the only fix that worked for me. Not much new in the way of outerwear in the game, so far I can only find a jacket.....*sigh*
  24. Mission Mouse


    So I got the game working again but now I have a new problem. The game runs fine with some CC, but Sims4Studio doesn't recognize ANY CC. I have already uninstalled the old program and installed the new one and done the restart but nothing fixes this problem. I'm not going to do anything else with it until I get Seasons installed.
  25. Mission Mouse

    Dave broke his wrist

    He's not complaining about pain anymore, I think that's a good sign. He's definitely bored and I can't even give him a honey-do-list. I have resorted to planting Jake on top of Dave to get him to relax, cause you know once His Majesty is comfortable, one is not permitted to disturb him.