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  1. Ok, I admit Dave and I are a tad bit on the weird side. But today was just weirder than usual. He got the groceries and was looking for the milk pitcher.....I told him to look for it in the *middle of messy* I have no idea where that came from. It just popped out. Just now Jake was tormenting Squeak, an everyday occurrence, so nothing weird there. Then Dave comes over to me with a patch of Squeak's hair he removed from Jake's mouth. He hands it over to me and tells me to place it in evidence. I happen to have an empty plastic bag on my desk, so I put the patch of hair in it. According to Dave he is the *Investigator* and I am the crime lab employee who analyzes the evidence. The crime is *Hair Pulling*, the victim is Squeak and the perpetrator is Jake. I have no clue when this will culminate in a trial as we don't know who will be the judge and Jake has no money for a lawyer. You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it sure does help.
  2. MissionMouse-Update

    Just to keep you all informed, I have been quite busy reorganizing my pattern collection. I have discovered that it is actually a lot more extensive than I had thought. I'm in the process of downloading TheSims2 Ultimate Collection, having uninstalled Sims4 to correct a glitch between package files and my PSP program. Once Sims2 is installed, then I am going to re-install Sims4 and see if my problem has gotten resolved. I am hoping that the re-installation of Sims4 can be completed by this coming weekend. Then I hope to resume uploading content for both games. However, with regards to Sims4, I will only upload EA content and NOT any creator content. Most of the creators for Sims4 have a TOU that states you are not allowed to upload their mesh with your recolours. Some TOU's even do not allow you to recolour the item at all. What does one do if they like the mesh but the colour choices leave a great deal to be desired? Oh c'mon, we have all come across a wonderfully designed mesh but wouldn't use that particular pattern to dust our coffee table with....Personally I find that kind of TOU simply too restrictive. Any recolour of any mesh is a sincere compliment to the original creator because you actually have to really love that mesh to want to put in the work and thought and time to recolour it. A different pattern or a different texture can really have an effect on some clothing. Affinity has a policy of including the mesh in with the recolours to make things easier for our members. I personally will not send our members hither and yon in search of meshes that have a habit of disappearing after a time. It is frustrating and time consuming. I have always given credit to the original mesh and creator. In fact I have *fangirled* several creators that just make me swoon with their fabulous creations. Anyone that knows me knows that I only recolour things I am deeply enamored with. Certainly all of my recolours have been my way of honouring the original creator in the case of ALL recolours I have done for Sims2. It's also been my belief that once you download anything that I recoloured it then belongs to you, the downloader. If you like it but want to embellish it, tweak it or even add something to it, then by all means feel free to do so. I'm tickled pink if you have something I recoloured in your game. Even after all this time it still gives me a thrill when something I've done is downloaded. I have hundreds of CC for Sims4 but due to the restrictive TOU's I cannot share them. I will do private recolours within my area of capability if I am sent PM's requesting them, but I cannot post them for general downloads and for that I am truly sorry. At the end of the day this is really just a game we play for whatever reasons we choose to play. Anything that is made to enhance our play is a bonus. For people like me who cannot quite grasp all the intricacies of creating, then recolouring can give us immense satisfaction and a real sense of achievement. In fact I prefer to recolour rather than play the games. When experimenting with different patterns, and combinations of patterns I feel like I can change an everyday dress into a garden party type dress. Sometimes it even works that different textures can change an everyday dress into an alluring evening dress. You can add a shiny belt or a jewelled belt and get a totally different outcome. I've used embroidered images I found on the internet that I put on pillows to make them unique. The fact is design possibilities are endless and only restricted by one's own unique taste. That's what makes this so much fun for me. Thanks to Rebecah for taking me under her wing and teaching me to recolour I can finally give back to a community that has given me so much enjoyment. I have had some health issues and some family issues that have had an unwanted affect on the time I have had to make things to upload but with the prayers from my Affinity Family and with God's grace most of those issues have been resolved. I still have a very demanding dog that needs my time and attention but in the last year and a half, we have gone from a 5 cat household to a one cat household and those passings have left me bereft at times. And now for a wee bit of comic relief....I don't pay any attention to my birthday or my age and someone asked me recently how old I would be this year. To my utter shock I had no idea, so out came the calculator (I never was any good at math) I'm 58, I'll be 59 this September and then the BIG OLE 60 next year. Seriously I didn't think I was that old.... because I almost said I was 54 or 55. The not being good at math is no joke, I failed it my senior year in high school and by failed, I mean miserably failed! And yet I worked in the banking industry for 23 years and was very good at my job. Go figure.....
  3. MissionMouse-Update

    oh my gosh, I knew I had some projects on the go but I couldn't find all of them. I found them today when I was looking for something totally unrelated to Sims.
  4. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I've never lived anywhere where tornado's were something I ever had to think about.
  5. All of Sims4

    Does anyone else here have all of the game expansion packs and stuff packs for Sims4? I'm just curious because I keep getting any new release but only for recolouring purposes. Michael wants to try and learn how to recolour.
  6. Ella's Oath

    What image site are you using and in what format are your pictures? I'm too lazy to loof for a image hosting site and upload PNG images directly from my laptop. OK, that Robert needs a good smack, although I don't condone violence....... Ella is so beautiful and Michael is so handsome.....*sigh* Awesome update!!!
  7. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Holy Weather.....we actually were under a tornado watch last night. First time ever that has happened to me. Thank you Heavenly Father for keeping us safe.
  8. MissionMouse-Update

    Every single night at 3am, Jake wakes me up cause he has to pee. Sometimes I don't go back to bed right away like I should. I see the laptop and it calls to me.
  9. MissionMouse-Update

    So....I tried 1 final time and found out what I was doing wrong. For reasons beyond why I did that, I was using the wrong file. body~stdMatNormalMapTextureName body~stdMatBaseTextureName I think I should not try and make my templates after midnight. I was using the *body~stdMatNormalMapTextureName*. If you look closely you can see the greyed image cuts off part of the cowl.
  10. MissionMouse-Update

    I tried 15 times and nothing I tried worked. I need to find a similar outfit with a draped top and see if I can figure it out from that.
  11. MissionMouse-Update

    I scrapped that middle one, the legs look terrible! I also found some teen outfits converted from adults but I am having a weird problem with one. If all I do is change the hue and saturation I can make the outfits recolour the correct way, but the template I made is somehow wrong and I can't seem to figure out what is wrong. I know it's just me, but just changing the hue and saturation is not the way I like to do my creations.
  12. Ella's Oath

    Wow, you are incredibly gifted with storytelling. I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment.
  13. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Brad, the single father next door, had his dog Harley get sprayed by a skunk last night. His two dogs are husky mixes, so they are quite a bit bigger than Jake. Apparently it was quite the experience bathing Harley, especially since it was around 1am. There is a reason I never let Jake out into the backyard once the sun sets. Well we do go out there but Jake is never by himself, I am always right there. Once in a while Dave will make a fire pit and we sit outside enjoying the fire. When we do that we keep Jake on a leash to keep him safe. Dave has today off, so he's home......I am trying to get him to go for a long ride on his motorcycle. I'm trying to work on some Sims outfits and he keeps interrupting me.....
  14. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    So somewhere here I posted about two rats trying to make a nest under our bar-b-cue on our deck. We thought we had managed to scare them off, apparently not Jake was going at the bar-b-cue, so I knew something was there, but I thought maybe it was Chippy. Nope, it was the female rat hiding behind the gas cylinder. I just don't want rats on my property and I don't want them breeding anywhere near our home. Dave had Brad from next door come and take a look at the rat and she is one of the live rats his roommates had, so obviously rather than be a responsible pet owner, they turned the rats loose. Brad doesn't know how many rats they had or turned loose but these creatures breed rapidly and if they manage to be successful we could have a serious problem at some point. Now we don't really know what to do, while we could set a humane trap and then release the rat far away, it seems a bit cruel to do that to a possibly domesticated animal. Our humane society only takes cats, dogs and rabbits. While I admit that I loathe these creatures, I cannot kill them, nor will I let Dave kill them. I am hoping that both rats could be caught in a humane trap and then find a proper place for them. Since they have now been exposed to possible diseases I don't want them anywhere near Jake. What puzzles me is them returning to a place that they know has a dog, although they cannot possibly understand that Jake being part Jack Russel was bred specifically for killing rats.
  15. All of Sims4

    I am going to have to get back to recolouring some Sims4 stuff.....
  16. Ella's Oath

    This is awesome, can't wait for more. And speeling iz fer chimpz, so have no worries over grammatical errors, no one here is a grammar police-person.
  17. Missing Nonni

    That is such a lovely church. I know Nonni would have loved it very much.
  18. MissionMouse-Update

    Oh by the way, I found out that if I add the alpha files sized 1024 X1024 for the outfits that I made before installing the Ultimate collection. I don't have to redo any of those outfits. I am so glad I am a Virgo cause I never toss the files that I export, so I have all the necessary files I need. I just replace all the 512 sizes in the projects folder with 1024 sizes, the outfit gets made and it's good to go. I know because I tested a few of them in my game on my desktop. All I need now is some drama free time and I'll have lots of new outfits.
  19. MissionMouse-Update

    I'm getting there, slowly but surely. These are the final 3 outfits I am working on before I transfer the necessary files to my desktop so I can take pictures. The first one is From RentedSpace and is for female adults only, the second one is from RentedSpace as well, but is for female adults and teens and the third one is from DeeDee Sims and is a teen female outfit. Naturally I will also enable the adult outfits for elders. Normally I don't recolour such short dresses for teens, but this one is just so cute, I had to. My only problem with my progress is Pip, my cat. He's taken to sitting on my desk and either rests his head on my right hand, or tries to sleep on the mouse. He's killed one mouse, it sticks instead of clicks. So now I have to switch my remaining mouse between the laptop and the desktop, and NO I do not use that stupid scroll pad thingie on my laptop. I hate that thing.
  20. Items for a bedroom suit....

    I remember recolouring this set....the wood was a real learning experience for me. I cannot mesh but I thank you Patty for your compliment.
  21. All of Sims4

    You never know, just as long as the vampires never sparkle, I'm good. Vampires should be like the ones in *Van Helsing*, or *The Underworld Series*, you know the ones that scare you real good. For us older folks, Vincent Price and Bella Lugosi played wonderfully evil vampires. I did rather like *Interview With A Vampire* especially when Tom Cruise got killed (Don't like him at all) and having Brad Pitt as a vampire, well he can bite me anyday.
  22. All of Sims4

    That is the funniest post ever!!!!
  23. Messing with cheat codes!

    Ok that is hilarious. My, my, that is a lovely dress.....
  24. MM-RC-AmaryllRock-a-BillyDressforTF

    Version 1.0.0


    I'm finally back on track. Today's outfit comes to you from GoS, one of my favourite sites for Sims2 content. These are recolours of their *Teen Rockabilly* dress. The mesh is included with the recolours and contains the *AF & TF REQUIRED* files. Do not remove those files or the recolours will NOT show up. I have all the game packs and stuff packs and these outfits were made using Sim2 UltimateCollection. I hope your teen girls like these new outfits. Happy Simming Everyone!
  25. Version 1.0.0


    You need EP02 for these outfits to show up in your game. I know that I have previously loaded this same outfit, but these are NEW patterns. This is seriously my FAVOURITE outfit in the game. I use Sims4Studio to make my creations. Please let me know if you have any issues with this outfit as something wonky happened that I did, but all of these do show up in my game and they do work. The swatch images show the 2 patterns , side by side and they are the ones I put together to make one outfit. All of my patterns come from Spoonflower Happy Simming Everyone!