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  1. MissionMouse-Update

    Just to keep you all informed, I have been quite busy reorganizing my pattern collection. I have discovered that it is actually a lot more extensive than I had thought. I'm in the process of downloading TheSims2 Ultimate Collection, having uninstalled Sims4 to correct a glitch between package files and my PSP program. Once Sims2 is installed, then I am going to re-install Sims4 and see if my problem has gotten resolved. I am hoping that the re-installation of Sims4 can be completed by this coming weekend. Then I hope to resume uploading content for both games. However, with regards to Sims4, I will only upload EA content and NOT any creator content. Most of the creators for Sims4 have a TOU that states you are not allowed to upload their mesh with your recolours. Some TOU's even do not allow you to recolour the item at all. What does one do if they like the mesh but the colour choices leave a great deal to be desired? Oh c'mon, we have all come across a wonderfully designed mesh but wouldn't use that particular pattern to dust our coffee table with....Personally I find that kind of TOU simply too restrictive. Any recolour of any mesh is a sincere compliment to the original creator because you actually have to really love that mesh to want to put in the work and thought and time to recolour it. A different pattern or a different texture can really have an effect on some clothing. Affinity has a policy of including the mesh in with the recolours to make things easier for our members. I personally will not send our members hither and yon in search of meshes that have a habit of disappearing after a time. It is frustrating and time consuming. I have always given credit to the original mesh and creator. In fact I have *fangirled* several creators that just make me swoon with their fabulous creations. Anyone that knows me knows that I only recolour things I am deeply enamored with. Certainly all of my recolours have been my way of honouring the original creator in the case of ALL recolours I have done for Sims2. It's also been my belief that once you download anything that I recoloured it then belongs to you, the downloader. If you like it but want to embellish it, tweak it or even add something to it, then by all means feel free to do so. I'm tickled pink if you have something I recoloured in your game. Even after all this time it still gives me a thrill when something I've done is downloaded. I have hundreds of CC for Sims4 but due to the restrictive TOU's I cannot share them. I will do private recolours within my area of capability if I am sent PM's requesting them, but I cannot post them for general downloads and for that I am truly sorry. At the end of the day this is really just a game we play for whatever reasons we choose to play. Anything that is made to enhance our play is a bonus. For people like me who cannot quite grasp all the intricacies of creating, then recolouring can give us immense satisfaction and a real sense of achievement. In fact I prefer to recolour rather than play the games. When experimenting with different patterns, and combinations of patterns I feel like I can change an everyday dress into a garden party type dress. Sometimes it even works that different textures can change an everyday dress into an alluring evening dress. You can add a shiny belt or a jewelled belt and get a totally different outcome. I've used embroidered images I found on the internet that I put on pillows to make them unique. The fact is design possibilities are endless and only restricted by one's own unique taste. That's what makes this so much fun for me. Thanks to Rebecah for taking me under her wing and teaching me to recolour I can finally give back to a community that has given me so much enjoyment. I have had some health issues and some family issues that have had an unwanted affect on the time I have had to make things to upload but with the prayers from my Affinity Family and with God's grace most of those issues have been resolved. I still have a very demanding dog that needs my time and attention but in the last year and a half, we have gone from a 5 cat household to a one cat household and those passings have left me bereft at times. And now for a wee bit of comic relief....I don't pay any attention to my birthday or my age and someone asked me recently how old I would be this year. To my utter shock I had no idea, so out came the calculator (I never was any good at math) I'm 58, I'll be 59 this September and then the BIG OLE 60 next year. Seriously I didn't think I was that old.... because I almost said I was 54 or 55. The not being good at math is no joke, I failed it my senior year in high school and by failed, I mean miserably failed! And yet I worked in the banking industry for 23 years and was very good at my job. Go figure.....
  2. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Anyone in the mood for a zippy dog???? Anyone????
  3. Ok, I admit Dave and I are a tad bit on the weird side. But today was just weirder than usual. He got the groceries and was looking for the milk pitcher.....I told him to look for it in the *middle of messy* I have no idea where that came from. It just popped out. Just now Jake was tormenting Squeak, an everyday occurrence, so nothing weird there. Then Dave comes over to me with a patch of Squeak's hair he removed from Jake's mouth. He hands it over to me and tells me to place it in evidence. I happen to have an empty plastic bag on my desk, so I put the patch of hair in it. According to Dave he is the *Investigator* and I am the crime lab employee who analyzes the evidence. The crime is *Hair Pulling*, the victim is Squeak and the perpetrator is Jake. I have no clue when this will culminate in a trial as we don't know who will be the judge and Jake has no money for a lawyer. You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it sure does help.
  4. MissionMouse-Update

    I do a lot of cutting and pasting and it's kinda cool with this new version. Then again it might have been in the old one but I never played around with it to see. This one is just clearer for my poor old eyes.
  5. MissionMouse-Update

    Oh wow, I totally love * Corel PaintShop Pro 2018* Now that I've got a few things figured out, it really is much more user friendly except for burying the *undo* button.
  6. Christmastinytree

    They are so pretty!
  7. It has been awhile

    Awesome, I am so happy you are here again!
  8. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Dave took Michael out shopping and got him some much needed clothes. He hopes to find a Harley Davidson outfit for our grandson. Since Jake has Bailey's Harley outfit, Dave decided that his grandson absolutely has to have one too. Back when I was still working, at Christmas I would pick one customer that was in a home for the elderly and I knew had no family and bring them to our house for Christmas dinner. I always checked with the home first to make sure it was ok, and then they would keep it a secret until we came and got the person. We never had any kind of a problem and we always had such a blast. I made very sure that the bank never found out just in case they disapproved. We also used to sponsor one family as well, we got all the presents and all the food for that family. If they didn't have a tree we got one and decorations for it as well. Once I couldn't work any more the money situation made that impossible and honestly I miss it a lot.
  9. MissionMouse-Update

    I found some more patterns I thought were lost. I am so cooked out. Tomorrow I am going to make tuna melts, kinda sick of the smell of hamburger browning. Plus tomorrow we are also going to have a huge salad. I am dying for some salad. That is kinda weird cause it's snowing here and I usually want some kind of comfort casserole when it's cold. We are also going to make a carrot cake and frost it with cream cheese icing. I also have a recipe for Bailey's Irish Creme Cheesecake.......but since I just LOVE Bailey's Irish Creme, I am going to double the amount of the liqueur and make myself giddy eating it.
  10. MM-RC-Mel_3t2-cfBodyLuxeClassicNightshirt

    Version - Sims 2


    Mel aka Rented Space is also another of my favourite creators. I think this is such an adorable nightgown for our little girls and I am over the moon for the decorative detailing she did. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these nightgowns were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here-----> SimsFileShare
  11. MissionMouse-Update

    I tried to restore what I deleted but I think that I probably deleted the folder and then emptied the recycle bin a couple of more times before I noticed. I did have some in a different folder so that was fortunate. I make an actual image of the pattern so I have to have 3 versions, 512 X 512, 1024 X 1024 and then 1024 X 2048, the last one being specific to Sims4. So then my paint program started behaving wonky. I finally got so frustrated that I upgraded. Took me 2 days to find out where they hid the *undo* button and 3 days to figure out the *cut* button. The cut button on this new version is way better so it's much easier to cut a 512 X 512 from a 1024 X 1024 and still maintain the exact same pattern but in different sizes. I know there is a way to add patterns to the paint program but I need to see the actual pattern so I know if I want to use that particular one. What takes so long is making the pattern from the image size that I download from a fabric site. To make it seamless, or as close to as I can, I usually have to do a lot of cutting and pasting. I get really excited if I can find co-ordinating patterns and this time around I lucked out and have almost 2000. I also have patterns for chevrons, argyle patterns, plaids, kids, tweed, herringbone, and houndstooth. I probably have 2000 floral patterns as well. It's very time consuming to edit all these images into the correct size. I can do so many and then need a break to get my eyes to be able to re-focus. We have also had Michael for the weekend 2 weeks ago and he is here again this weekend and will probably be here until Wednesday or Thursday. We have made a huge batch of cabbage rolls today, tomorrow it's going to be spaghetti sauce, the next day a hamburger, tomato, shell pasta type of casserole and the day after that we haven't yet decided. Then when Michael goes home he will be taking half of the batches so he has decent food to eat. He's been helping make these foods and I've been teaching him a few tips and tricks. Michael has been in charge of feeding Pip and Pip just adores Michael now. My poor dishwasher has been run twice a day due to all the cooking.
  12. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Dave and I have been talking and we have decided to start a new Christmas tradition. We are never at home for Christmas so we stopped decorating, it was painful for us not to have the kids when they were younger. We hope to find a suitably sized manger arrangement that we can put on a table in our living room. Instead of gifts for the adults, we are going to put up prayers for each family member and also a thank you to God for a blessing we are grateful for, for each of the 12 days of Christmas. The world has lost the true meaning of Christmas and it has become too commercialized and outrageously expensive. If we ever get the chance to have Christmas with our grandson, of course we will put up a small tree and have presents for him but the focus will remain on the true meaning of Christmas. As we get older we realize what is meaningful and important to us and for me that is my faith. Long ago my Aunt made this small embroidered picture which says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." That hangs in my bedroom and has long been an inspiration for me. I've been reading some articles about people that have decided to take the commercialism out of Christmas and go back to its roots. Many of them have small children and the parents do not allow Santa Claus as part of their Christmas. They opted for handmade gifts the children can make and give as gifts. Many of them do still give gifts to friends and family, but they are homemade things or gifts of homemade cookies and other traditional Christmas foods. I do realize that this is not the way to go for most people and that doesn't bother me at all. This is just the best way for us. This is something I have been considering for a very long time but was a bit afraid to make such a change for fear of offending people, which is not my intention. It is something that for want of a better explanation, has been there at the back of my mind that just keeps getting stronger and stronger. In some ways I feel as if I am being pushed by a force to do this and I can only believe that the force is a Holy one.
  13. Sims 4 Cats and Dogs!

    Oh no, and that doggie is so adorable.
  14. MM-RC-MDP_sk-mesh

    Version - Sims 2


    Here is another of my favourite creators, MDP. She does some amazing things and you really should visit her site. This is called the "cinnamon blouse" and I think it is quite elegant looking. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these were made using that version of Body Shop. All the recolours are also elder enabled, meaning they will show up in both the adult and elder categories of your game. Download here----> SimsFileShare
  15. MM-RC-2B-CFPoodleSkirt Descarfed

    Version - Sims 2


    NathanialRoyale de-scarfed this child version of the *Poodle Skirt* and instantly it became a *must have* for me. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these outfits were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here-----> SimsFileShare
  16. MM-RC-DeeDee-3t2SweaterSweetheart-AF

    Version - Sims 2


    We are back at DeeDee;s Sims2 tumbler account where she uploaded this gorgeous dress and sweater set. Yep, another cardigan.... I firmly believe our Sims can never have too many cardigans to choose from. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these outfits were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here-----> SimsFileShare
  17. MM-RC-DeeDee-TrappingCutieDressBarefeet-AF

    Version 1.0.0


    I am such a fan of DeeDee sims. Here is another one of her lovely creations, a nightgown for our ladies. As with all my adult clothing, this has been elder enabled meaning it will show up in both the adult and elder categories of your game. I have The Sims2 Ultimate collection and these nightgowns were made using that Body Shop. Download here> SimsFileShare
  18. MM-RC-DeeDee-TrappingCutieDressBarefeet-AF

    I kinda want one of the flannel ones for myself. Thanks Rebecah
  19. MM-RC-fakepeeps7_cfcardigansweatersjeans

    Version - Sims 2


    FakePeeps at MTS has an amazing collection of children's apparel and I love recolouring them. Since we all know how dear to my heart cardigans are, here are more. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these outfits were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here-----> SimsFileShare
  20. MM-RC-migamoo-kidsmf-untuckedtop

    Version - Sims 2


    I fell in love with this top when I first saw it as an adult blouse. Then when I found it had been converted for little girls I was ecstatic. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these tops were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here---> SimsFileShare
  21. MM-RC-migamoo-kidsmf-untuckedtop

    Version -


    I fell in love with this top when I first saw it as an adult blouse. Then when I found it had been converted for little girls I was ecstatic. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these tops were made using that version of Body Shop. Download here---> SimsFileShare
  22. Climbable Tree

    Maybe PM gayars and see if this is something she can do with her partner at MTS.
  23. Happy Belated Birthday Alet!

    Happy belated Birthday from me too. Hope you had a wonderful celebration.
  24. MM-RC-Eltanin-cfbodydressshortaline

  25. MM-RC-Eltanin-cfbodydressshortaline

    Version 1.0.0


    Download available These are my recolours of that lovely cutsie dress for girls, made by Eltanin. This is just such and adorable yet feminine dress for our little girls that I am sure your little Simmies will love to wear. I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection and these outfits were made using that version of BodyShop. Happy Simming Everyone!