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  1. Equestrian awards?

    So since I discovered the ridable horse I have made a riding school and club. They have competitions and I would really love some ribbons made. Or if someone knows of something similar that would be spectacular! This has one of the best place to show the different types of ribbons. http://mitziscollectibles.typepad.com/mitzismiscellany/2011/10/beautiful-vintage-award-ribbons.html Thanks so much again. Sorry to be such a bother, lol.
  2. Almost time

    Thank you everyone. I don't think my grief is getting the way. I get up, I do things, I don't really have a lot of the get up and go like I did. I just feel older, like her death aged me, and somedays it is hard for me to get up, but I do. I'm working. I mean I cling more to my dad, but yeah, I son't think it's a bad thing...heck it gave us our band, lol.
  3. Balloon recolors

    Well I uninstalled and reinstalled SimsPE and everything is working and shwoing up, the catch? I still can't get any recolors of the small balloon cluster and the balloon arch to show up...at least the other recolors are though!
  4. Almost time

    In April it will have been a year since my mom died. I'm trying not to think about it, but my mind keeps bringing me back to it. At the same time I feel like I'm stuck on this conveyer belt taking me someplace I don't want to go. I also feel like everyone expects me to be better, like on April the 10th people are expecting me to jump up and go,"Whew well that was rough, glad it's over now! Tra la la!" I'm scared because I know I'm not going to be "better". It still hurts so very much, and I still cry about it at least once a day. I don't know, may I'm just over thinking things. I just wish she was still here.
  5. Balloon recolors

    I have CEP installed, but the files aren't in either folder. Do you think I should just reinstall CEP?
  6. Balloon recolors

    Thanks everyone! I don't have the GMND or the MMAT file, so what should I do?
  7. Balloon recolors

    Ok is the cep folder the one that says zCEP-EXTRA? and if so where does it go? I've got the downloads in the correct folder. Oddly enough the only two download folders I have are in my main game and in my creating game, and I had to install those. It's really odd because it says I have custom content, but when I go and click on it, it's just an exact clone of whatever item I recolored, just without the recolor.
  8. New Crops for Sims 2

    It was and I saw it, very helpful! I've downloaded lots of stuff to play with now lol.
  9. Balloon recolors

    Ok so this seemed to help a bit, it brought me the balloon arch and the smaller balloon cluster, the only problem is NOW the tall one (Poppin Party balloons I think it is) is missing!!! Oh and suddenly none of my downloads are showing up in my creating game! I am so fustrated, and I feel silly because it's just a game, but darnit, it's a puzzle I can't figure out. I don't know if I've done something wrong, or what. grrrrr And I'm sorry I seem to be taking up so much time on here. I feel really bad.
  10. Balloon recolors

    Ok so when I looked at my SimsPE preference area it had check boxes for Celebrations, Mansion and Garden, and Nightlife all grayed out. Links to their folder were missing, so I created the links and LO...the boxes are still grayed out. As I have all the SPs and EPs, this is a touch frustrating, grr.
  11. New Crops for Sims 2

    I'd love to have cotton because where I come from that's a HUGE source of income. I grew up looking at the sun on the snowy fields. I just wish I could download any of the stuff, for some reason the crops won't download for me. :\
  12. Balloon recolors

    I looked under the party section, so like you said maybe it's somewhere else. I shall look as soon as I can.
  13. Ok so I was looking to recolour the balloon arch and the balloon cluster (not the one with the big balloon, but the other, if that makes any sense). But When I went to recolor it in Sims PE it wasn't there...am I missing something?
  14. New Crops for Sims 2

    Thankee! I will definiatly try them! I've been been looking for them everywhere.
  15. Cool

    That's awesome we have a white squirrel that lives in out back yard. The funny thing is that it and my cat Gemma HATE eachother. Gemma will call at the window trying to get out and the squirrel has thrown several pecans at the window and chittered irrattely when Gemma's there. Lol