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  1. Charity322

    Climbable Tree

    I did include the animations in the file I attached. I was actually wondering more if the anims might work for human sims who wanted to climb as they're shaped more or less like orangutans. The cat tree anims would probably be better for cats. If you decide to have a go at it then let me know if I can help!
  2. Charity322

    Climbable Tree

    I'm still looking for a climbable tree for cats and possibly sims as well. I've been playing Castaway Stories again and I noticed that orangutans can climb a particular tree and move from place to place in it and even sleep there. I extracted the tree with SimPE, but I have no idea how the tree might be used in Sims 2 or if it's even possible. There are special animations for the orangutans and I don't know if they could be converted either. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with it. orangutantree.rar
  3. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    Actually it's quite funny. What I noticed was that instead of the cake batter in the mixing bowl I had fresh fruit. Upon investigation I found out that the cake batter and the toddler mush use the same texture. So something that replaces one replaces both. So the next time you feed your toddlers mush, just remember that's pure sugar. XD
  4. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    The french fries and the fruit cocktail are the only ones that don't work at all for me. The sim takes empty space out of the fridge and the action cancels. I actually found the chicken noodle soup to have exactly the same appearance as the corn soup. Yes, it's the no EP required highchair that doesn't work at all. The swing does work for me unless the toddler is very hungry; then they pop out of the swing. The booster seat works with no problems. The fresh fruit default? I used to use that until I found out that it was messing up my layer cake. XD
  5. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    Out of curiousity, are the french fries and the fruit cocktail the ones that don't work for you as well?
  6. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    Ah thanks. I didn't know the highchair wasn't updated. Highchaired toddlers are just gonna have to eat mush. XD Ironically, I had a default that replaced the mush with fresh fruit, but it broke my layer cake. That stuff they feed the toddlers is the same texture as they put in the mixing bowl. Pure sugar. XD
  7. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    Can't seem to edit my post. Also, the foods won't work in the custom toddler chair Rebecah made, just the booster seat. I'm not getting any mod clashes, so I don't know what the problem is.
  8. Charity322


    Did anything ever happen with this?
  9. Charity322

    Toddler Foods

    I'm having a problem with the toddler foods here. Some of them work perfectly, but when some are selected the sim takes nothing out of the fridge and the action falls out of their queue. For example, the fruit salad. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this?
  10. Charity322

    Childrens Functional Kitchen Set

    Is there any way to make the oven work with this? is so much prettier. XD I have to stop posting things before I've tried doing it myself. Thanks again for the set!
  11. Charity322

    Sims 2 Toddler Undies

    Purplepaws has some here. Boys Girls
  12. Charity322

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Charity322

    Mini Golf Anyone?

    These might help.
  14. Charity322

    Toddler watch TV interaction request

    Thanks for the answer. I didn't think of the animations as I imagined them just sitting on the floor, but most sims watch TV on couches, of course.
  15. Charity322

    Toddler watch TV interaction request

    Is there any way to make all the regular TVs watchable by toddlers as well?