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  1. Climbable Tree

    I did include the animations in the file I attached. I was actually wondering more if the anims might work for human sims who wanted to climb as they're shaped more or less like orangutans. The cat tree anims would probably be better for cats. If you decide to have a go at it then let me know if I can help!
  2. Climbable Tree

    I'm still looking for a climbable tree for cats and possibly sims as well. I've been playing Castaway Stories again and I noticed that orangutans can climb a particular tree and move from place to place in it and even sleep there. I extracted the tree with SimPE, but I have no idea how the tree might be used in Sims 2 or if it's even possible. There are special animations for the orangutans and I don't know if they could be converted either. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with it. orangutantree.rar