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  1. celticlass


    I have severe PTSD and at times need much encouragement to try something new. Nonni encouraged me for several months to come to this forum. She told me what a wonderful heart Becca has. And when I did venture over here she was sure to welcome me. Nonni always had a kind word for me and much encouragement. I look forward to spending eternity in heaven with her. What an absolutely amazing woman!
  2. celticlass

    Pedicure Bath Chair

    The place where the sim puts their feet while in the pedicure chair. Since it has water I called it a foot bath since I don't know the actual name.
  3. celticlass

    SDA Medieval dresser converted to a sideboard

    There are some beautiful recolors at the Keep. Will this set pull those textures?
  4. celticlass

    Pedicure Bath Chair

    Is there any way to add an animation for someone to put their hands in the water with the wash hands animation as an option? It would be great for my lady's maid and for community lots too! And some medieval recolors would be wonderful! Plumbob Keep has lots of nice medieval recolors as well as stone and copper recolors for the foot bath. I wish I knew how to recolor furniture.
  5. Thank you for all of your hard work and your wonderful creations. 

  6. celticlass


    Nonni went home to be with the Lord? When? I loved her dearly. Is it too late to take part in the memory board?
  7. celticlass

    Baby Dragon Pet

    These dragons are adorable. But the colored tables won't work for my medieval game. Is there any way to get some wood colors instead? l have never learned how to recolor or I would try to recolor the cage table myself. But I love these little dragons so much more than the others. I love that they live on branches and look free. My Dragon Lord sims would love to try this out!
  8. celticlass

    Long Time

    Sorry I have been away for quite some time. I have had so much happen since I lost my Heidi 2/2/14. One bright spot is that I have a new companion pet. Another Miniature Schnauzer - this one with floppy ears. I named her Anya. I did lose both of my parents within 16 months of one another. My dad actually died on my birthday last March. With the holidays here, I'm grieving the loss of my father. Interesting...he abused me as a teenager in more than one way. He became a Christian just after I did and asked my forgiveness. And shortly before he died, he told me I was always his favorite. It's been tough and still is, bit I will try to keep in better touch in the future.
  9. celticlass

    Skill Learning Game Table - FT or AL Versions

    I love using this table for my non educated sims. I would really enjoy a few wood recolors. Oak and walnut and mahogany would be nice. I wish I knew how to do those recolors myself but with the wood textures, it sounds a little intimidating.
  10. celticlass

    New Job

    Thanks. I appreciate that. This was interesting and definitely seems God appointed. I had truthfully given up hope of finding a job. My Mom asked me to go to her bank at the last minute. I wouldn't ordinarily ask if someone was hiring, but I really felt compelled to do so. On top of that, this bank hasn't had an opening for 4 years. They were going to hire internally (someone moving to the area) but it didn't pan out. Another teller had recently taken family leave and will be gone for some time because her husband has cancer. They were hurting for someone. Even the woman who gave me the application mentioned that this seemed like God's perfect timing. That didn't keep me fro being anxious as I waited through the process. I did great the first two weeks (it was 22 days). But it's difficult to truly trust God when doubt comes crashing in. And since this was all directed by God, I have to trust that He will give me the strength and the courage and the energy to make it through.
  11. celticlass

    New Job

    A few weeks ago, I went to make a deposit at my mother's bank for her and asked if they were hiring. I had been looking for a job since October, but I haven't found anything in this area. That day, they had me talk to someone at the branch. I had an interview that lasted for almost 2 hours! Then, I was told they would call in a few days. A few hours later, they called with an offer. Then, I was sent for drug testing and a background check. I just heard this afternoon that everything came back, and I start Monday! WOO-HOOO! I haven't worked since my neurosurgeon put me out on disability because of the spinal cord injury in 2009. 5 years is a long time. Thankfully, this branch isn't anywhere near as busy. And the manager knows my brother (is a distant cousin of my sister-in-law) and knows my father (who taught math at the only high school in this county for many years). Good and bad things about living in a very small town. I do have a lot of anxiety. I tend to be a perfectionist, and with PTSD, it can be debilitating. I have been working on trying to accept that all I can do is give my best. Although my best is far less than it used to be because of the spinal cord injury, it is all I have to give. And if God is happy with it, then I should be, too. Now, to get used to doing school full time and working full time and trying to find time for me somewhere in all of that! I think being very busy will be a good thing for me. I like being busy.
  12. celticlass

    TSM Harvest Goddess Centerpiece

    Thank you so very much!!!
  13. celticlass

    Completed: Harvest Goddess Resized

    I love the Harvest Goddess statue from TSM, and Evanesco converted it for TS2. I really need this sculpture as a centerpiece. You can find the Harvest Goddess statue here It's the third post down (her pics aren't showing) and the third download in the post. It is marked Harvest Goddess. If you need an idea of the size, The Ninth Wave resized the Grey Lady Sims2 statue as a centerpiece here,107491.msg1565816.html#msg1565816. I would appreciate this more than you know.
  14. celticlass

    New Smart Milk - Recolorable

    I clicked for the recolors, but it said I don't have permission to view the file.
  15. celticlass


    Sorry that I have been away so long. So much has happened.... Everything I own was stolen. Instead of looking at what I no longer have (and no insurance to replace), I am thanking God for the lack of stress involved in keeping up with the storage unit and having to trade food stamps for the monthly cost. (Count Your Blessings) My mother's first cousin who lives here and was close with our family died Easter morning. We helped her husband empty the house so he could move to Arizona with his daughters. I did finish my first block of college classes and am carrying a 4.0. Doing well in my second block of classes. One block is two classes that are 9 weeks long. Next block I will be taking Algebra and Algorithms. Fun. I haven't done math in ages. And although my father was a math teacher, with his Alzheimer's, he currently can no longer add and subtract. He is even coming to me to help with simple critical thinking. My son is in jail -- and this time, at least, I know he didn't do it. He is to be released soon and has asked to come here. He usually has more than one option available to him (he's a survivor). But my son is not saved, does not believe God exists, and abused me a few years ago when he was in my home in Louisiana. So, there are problems there. But maybe the Lord will use this to reach him. Last week, I had to make a deposit for my mom at her bank. I used to be a bank teller before my spinal cord injury. These branches are very slow by comparison. So, I don't think the neuropathy will be an issue -- I have more feeling in my hands now than I used to. To make a long story short, I filled out an application on Thursday, was called Friday, interviewed for an hour and forty minutes on Monday, was given an offer 2 hours later, filled out paperwork Tuesday, went for drug testing today, am waiting for drug testing and background check. Praying that the background check won't be a problem because I have been in the mental hospital for the PTSD -- was admitted against my will twice. But my psychologist said she will give a character reference if needed. The manager also knows my brother quite well and is my sister-in-law's distant cousin. Oh! I was able to use my student loan to get a new computer. I posted my needs and wants and budget at the Keep, and Sunni found an HP Envy 15 (I think) with a nice NVidia GeForce graphics card for me. It is so nice to actually SEE everything. The textures are beautiful -- and I don't have much downloaded yet. Still setting up my game so I can write a story! (Hoping to use it to break this awful writer's block so I can get published -- I was so close before the PTSD.) I did buy a domain and have the blog. Just have to set it up when I have time. Whew. I've been busy! But in all of this, although anxiety has gone through the roof at times, I have healed far more with the PTSD than previously. I am making HUGE strides forward! There was a time I thought I would never be emotionally or mentally well. I am so glad that I was wrong! I miss my Heidi very much. But if I am able to get this job, I will be able to eventually get another companion dog. Heidi can never be replaced, but it would be nice to have another dear pet to love and to be loved by.