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  1. frogz2007

    Adoptable EA skunks? - The Sims 2

    Ah, wait.. I just realized something: The skunks aren't like the penguins; They are some hybrid between a cat and an animated skunk. Long ago I tried to make the Skunk selectable and he had every interaction which a cat has available (provided controlpets on is enabled). The game has both Stinky and some weird looking skunk-like cat named *NPCSkunkSkin.
  2. frogz2007

    Functional Soap

    Wonderful! This'll be very useful for those times when I have Sims out on the town for long periods of time...
  3. It is absolutely imperative that you do NOT mess with Grim or any of the other NPC's who's character files are located in the objects.package file, as they are integral to the game and how you play it. For instance, Santa Klaus (that's how the game spells it. lol) is a universal NPC, just as Grim Reaper is, so there's only one Santa and the game will summon him when needed. When you add any of them to a household the game is bound to mess up. As for the Tricou family: Judging by what you've described, it isn't the Tricous who caused it. It sounds like either some conflicting CC or your neighborhood (or install) is messed up. I had a similar issue with vacation destinations and the phones: My Sims would pick up the phone and then put it back down. Even after removing all of my CC (I moved the Downloads folder to my desktop) the issue still occurred. I didn't ever do any game-corrupting actions to do this. It was a fresh install of the Ultimate Collection from EA's Origin service. On a side note: Don't resurrect any of the Specter ghosts if you ever thought of it. They are very messed up ( a few of them even have the wrong gender and age flags! Melissa Sims, a teenage girl, is recognized as an adult male and she has no aspiration or personality points, from what I recall). If you get annoyed by them, just move their graves to a cemetery (I add the largest empty lot template to the very edge of the Strangetown map so it's pretty much out of sight.
  4. frogz2007

    Adoptable EA skunks? - The Sims 2

    Would it be possible to make a mod which is like Rebecah's adoptable EA penguin mod, but for the skunks? If anyone would maybe consider this idea, I'd be very thankful.
  5. frogz2007

    Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

    This is absolutely wonderful and is a brilliant addition to the game! Too bad there are no buyable skunks!
  6. frogz2007

    What's Happening In Your Sims 2 Game?

    Sure, no problem! And post a picture of Jessica's new makeover when you can
  7. frogz2007

    What's Happening In Your Sims 2 Game?

    Stefy89, the red haired girl in the background is Brandy Collins, Jessica's step daughter. And thank you MaAlet!
  8. frogz2007

    What's Happening In Your Sims 2 Game?

    Call me crazy, but I only play strange town just because Jessica Ebadi, a townie, is there. She is so pretty (in a non creepy way) Isn't she pretty?
  9. frogz2007

    French Braid Wanted!

    I saw Nighat Caliente has an unused French Braid hairstyle. It is hard to tell, but the front looks taller. Could somebody recreate this?
  10. I would like the following to be made: I would love to have these hairs made.
  11. frogz2007

    What's Happening In Your Sims 2 Game?

    Well, my beloved Jessica Ebadi got ate by a cow plant, but luckily I had a picture of her so I can remember her :'( She does this pose whenever she is idle. It cracks me up! '
  12. frogz2007

    Melissa Sims Hair Wanted!

    I am in love with this particular hairstyle, but nobody seemed to have made it. The mesh AND textures were deleted, but there is 1 photo of it. If somebody could remake this and have it in the same (or similar) colors it would make my day! I'd do it myself, but have no idea on how to do meshing or make 3d models or texture them.