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    The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

    I also had a very first EA account to register the first CDs but after we changed our computer some years ago I didn't save the passwords and one E-mail add was gone too. But now at Origin all is fine for me.
  2. Lizzy67

    The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

    I was really not attracted to the Sims 3 and still today. I like though some build and objects now converted for the Sims 2 but for the clothing... Oh my goodness it can be horrible and the pudding face... I fear that Sims of Sims 4 will have more of Sims 3 Sims on the face but in CAS or whatever it will be called there are many possibilities. I don't like simsecret LiveJournal for many reasons but yesterday there was a post there about the old simming days, saying that at the beginning we had no paysites war (true), not very sexy shoes on clothes, the hair looked flat on many meshes, etc. I miss those days when sterlingsims was still a very active forum - I'm still there but registrations are now disabled and nobody posts anymore. With the many Sims I made myself, the clothing textures and so on, a few object recolours, it would be too dumb to leave the Sims 2 for good. I know a few who abandoned the Sims 2, made the great move to Sims 3, even trying to recreate their Sims 2 Sims into S3 (I guess it was a hassle lol !). I might still be ready to play again with just a minimum of CC for lots. Basically the Maxis objects take me back to my starting experiences of the game and they were great times with my daughter, husband, trying to share the same computer when we still didn't have Internet connection. I don't know how many Sim families I played with in the old days but there were a bunch !
  3. Lizzy67

    The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

    Broomhilda, I'm 50 of age, not so old. I'm not afraid of Internet and all now virtual. Right it's often too much to handle. But once I had to buy a digital copy of the last Sims 2 SP because the CD was damaged and I got an error message saying that it's an invalid copy. So I had no other choice. I'm not a video games freak and Sims 2 is all I like because it's fully customisable and creative (as I recolour, retexture most clothes, jewels, etc.). So this game keeps me creative and I spend many hours browsing iInternet to find clothes pics and such, then crop with my digital program, improve my skills to add details on an outfit (small peices of lace, pearls, buttons for a shirt, etc.). I wish I could mesh but Milkshape doesn't like me and I tried hard even three months ago to try adding sexy shoes to some clothes meshes but I just failed hard. If the game didn't offer the possibility for us to customise, I would have left it aside already from the early days, because the game itself when you know how it works with families, careers, etc. it might become very boring at the end. People creating spend more time now creating than playing the actual game. But it keeps the Sims 2 alive, thanks to creators of SimPE, CEP, Milkshape mainly. I hope tha tthe Sims 4 would be a good mix of Sims 2 and Sims 3 and what is important to me is to have in the near future high quality CC for Bodyshop - for which it's above all for the Sims 2 (sorry but Sims 3 custom outfits and make up scares me away... and reminds me of Second Life pixel stuff).
  4. Lizzy67

    The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

    Now I'm totally with that Collection but would anyway keep the CD copies for my daughter, in case she would like to play again the Sims 2. I'm still under Windows 7. I'm a bit scared of Windows 8, as some reported issues with it for S2 and possibly S3.I also always played with a PC having a hardrive (? not sure how to call it in English), meaning it's not a laptop. I would like to get Sims 4 as well but will wait what the new players would say about it on their gaming experience, before purchasing. Sims 4 is planned to be downloaded from Origin and also with a product code and connection to Internet is part of the official requirements recently published. I fear that in the next years getting a game in physical CD or DVD format will be some kind of obsolete.
  5. Lizzy67

    The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection!

    I posted a topic here on my experience after installing UC. To reply again : - Yes you have to uninstall all your previous Sims 2 BG, EPs, SPs - UC is only digital There are a few minor changes and what annoyed me is that I didn't find a newly created neighbourhood in the program files > Origina Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. Now there will be a Neighborhoods folder in Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection - between Music and Paintings for me. SimPE runs fine but will shout when you go to the system check or so : it can't find the path to the usual EA Games > The Sims 2 in program files, can't fine sims2.exe. But there's nothing to worry about, SimPE finds the path to the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection in the section where all EPs, SPs are listed. I guess it's what matters. I tested recolouring Maxis objects, custom objects and it works. Bodyshop works as well, also to create projects to retexture. DDO and Sims2Pack Clean Installer also work. And Homecrafter Plus is just fine. If you have some issues, perhaps a good thing is to go and detect Sims 2 icons in the new UC folder in program files, right click, see properties and set compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 2. At least I always did so and I'm still under Windows 7 today.
  6. It seems like the one you mentioned will get UC to be launched. Now I also found out how it will be for custom neighbourhoods : - There's now a Neighborhoods folder in Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Out there I got : - E001 - F001 - G001 - N001 - N002 - N003 and my custom ones - N004 - N005 and also - Tutorial and - NeighborhoodManager.package I think I can go on with all this. Nothing buggy found, but again I don't play much. Some Sims 2 cheats or a few interactions sinces Pets and Seasons have often been glitchy anyway. So I'm used to such things.
  7. I didn't need to do that for the paths. SimPE shows the path to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection where the EPs and SPs are listed. It just can't find sims2.exe inside the UC folders in program files but apparently it's no longer needed. The only "problem" I have now : I never played much Sims families these past years but always had a custom neighbourhood. I had to re-create one, it's N004 but I can't find it anywhere in the new UC folder in program files. However in SimPE when browsing neighbourhoods, mine named LizzyVille shows up there. So I hope to get a clear indication on what to do to have it stored somewhere in the UC section of program files.
  8. You're welcome. I just re-tested recolouring a Maxis object in SimPE and wow I failed. Then I remembered Numenor's very useful tip to enable recolouring Maxis objects (other than paintings), because first they will come up with a red cross icon, each, meaning you can't recolour. So the tip is, and it'd be a long procress, but it's the only one : - Remove all CC from your Downloads folder to make all quicker and easier - Start the game, go in a neighbourhood and on an empty lot. Then browse all Boy Mode and Build Mode categories - Click on each object found, possibly their maxis recolour - And SAVE ! If you find it too long to test this, first try it with the hot tubs, they're 2 from Maxis and the toilets : very small categories. For me it works, and now these Maxis objects got their proper icon showing in SimPE when I launch recolouring Maxis and now also the recolour option with the CEP icon shows up. When Maxis objects have the red cross icon in SimPE catalogues it means you can't recolour them. Eventually a few Maxis items might never be recolourable for some reason and there's no known fix for this except if a mesher can extract as custom, I guess. This is really useful to know. Nothing more to do, even if SimPE doesn't recognise the usual EA Games Sims 2 path anymore. Just don't go download a sims2.exe somewhere : it's useless. So ultimately thanks to Numenor for that little tip : click on object icons ingame to enable them in SimPE for recolouring.
  9. I hope it belongs to this forum section. It's like a tutorial but not totally. So I downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, it works for me and here are some useful tips and details to know. Sorry in advance, it's a long post. The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection - Officially EA Games doesn't support the Sims 2 any longer, and still before that today "offer", most of time you needed to have the CD version of the base game installed. The Sims 2 base game wasn't in the old Download Manager from EA Games. - EA Store doesn't exist anymore, it's all based at Origin. This also means that if you downloaded digital copies of an EP, SP of the Sims 2, they're still up in your Origin Library and your user account from 2008-2009 is kept safe, has been tranferred to Origin. If you lost your account log in password, you can ask for getting a new one, providing that you got a valid E-mail add, of course. - For your CD version copies of the game, including EPs and SPs : no longer any support ! BUT rather safe than sorry : keep those CD-roms, DVDs in case of temp installation but know that the'yre now past. Anyone dealing with some games, knows that it's the most recent version of it that would "work" : meaning that if now you play The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, create neighbourhhods, Sims, interactions, reverting back to the previous Sims 2 game playing won't work because your Ultimate Collection hoods, Sims won't work anymore on the old Sims 2 "gaming configuration". You'd have to re-start all over again, in that very case too : going from Ultimate Collection back to the old The Sims 2 (just for playing). I downloaded first The Ultimate Collection while having still the old Sims 2 with EPs and SPs installed. So the Ultimate did run and override all from the old Sims 2... Wow ! my Testing neighbourhood was no longer there, it's like starting from the very start ! So the best is to uninstall the old Sims 2 and here's a very useful link to help you do so : From the Uninstall Windows panel I didn't manage to uninstall all, so you may very well go to Program files, EA Games and delete all the folders in there. Same in My Documents. Don't forget to save your Sims, lots via Sims2Pack, Downloads, well keep always all on an external disk. ____________________________________________________________________________________ All fresh to get Ultimate Collection to work : - First off, the temporary product code until 31 July 2014 is I-LOVE-THE-SIMS. After this date, you need to check your Origin Library where the actual The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection product code is and I'd recommend you to note it down, because it's in fact the licence key for your digital version. Might you get a new computer, having to re-install all over again, just get that code safe in a text document or even in a note book. - After the download process is finished and OK, check in Program files, look for Origin Games > The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection You'll have in order : - Apartment Life - Best of Business - Bon Voyage - Double Deluxe - Free Time - Fun with Pets - Glamour Life Stuff - Seasons - University Life EPs and SPs seem to be dispatched, not in the usual EA Games order though. But note well that Bodyshop is in Fun with Pets > SP9 > CSBin - Bodyshop working damn well, don't download it from anywhere else ! You don't need to log in to Origin to run the game. Just launch from The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection shortcut on your computer desktop (in fact it's Sims2EP9 in Fun with Pets > SP9 > TSBin). Quick checks but on a testing neighbourhood WITHOUT CC : - Settings, change a few to your likes, on an empty lot - Catalogues for Build and Buy and you'll be happy to see that there's new stuff if you previously didn't have all SPs or extra packs WITH CC create a downloads folder, add some Objects CC after having re-installed CEP for Maxis recs as well : - Check back in game, tick the right option to enable CC, this doesn't change - Your CC shows up fine with the custom symbol for each recolour With SimPE installed (manually is often better) and DDS Utilities : - Note well that this time SimPE checking will fail on the usual EA Games The Sims 2 path (not finding it). Perhaps clicking on correct will help, I clicked it out of safety. Most important : now The Ultimate Collection shows up as such for the My Documents path. Don't change it ! - If you're an object recolourist, test recolouring a Maxis Object, test recolouring a custom object. Save as usually, check in game : it should be OK without any major issue. BODYSHOP tests : - First create a shortcut to your computer desktop directly from Fun with Pets > SP9 > CSBin - Launch it without CC, no Sim of yours. Why ? Because the first launch is slow and with only Maxis Sims it will be less a pain. After having added some Bodyshop in Downloads (not all though), with two Sims of yours, the second launching of Bodyshop will be a bit slow but not that long. - You got new clothes and other things, if it's the first time you discover new things from SPs you didn't have before (it's my case). If you're a Bodyshop retexturist, just try and create a project, even with a custom clothing mesh or such. It should work without any problem. HOMECRAFTER PLUS It's always been an add-on, not created by EA Games but provided only by the now gone Exchange. I kept an original copy of it from the Exchange but I know that some forums today provide mediafire or box links to download it. Useful to know : when you re-install Homecrafter Plus, it will create a EA Games > HomeCrafter Plus folder in program files. Let it stay there, as anyway it's always been a standalone item which works still damn damn fine ! ____________________________________________________________________________________ THE POSSIBLE QUESTIONS ABOUT MODS, HACKS, extra unofficial Sims 2 Packs I never used much hacks and such, except those by Numenor and a few by Inge Jones. Nothing by Pescado and crew, and no unofficial SP either. Consequently I can't be of good advice on what to decide to have them work again. The best is to find a forum and ask or to contact somewhere the creator of a hack, mod, tool. Anyway if, let's say I'd have to re-install one Woo-Hoo mod from valdea, all would be in the Downloads folder anyway in such a case. The best is to be very sure that some mods and hacks won't conflict with each other. So personally, I always kept such stuff to a strict minimum and in fact I don't use some hacks very often, as I don't play much, don't write stories, don't create Sims 2 videos (for videos, some hacks are almost a necessity for extra effects, but they're useless for simple game playing). It should be anyway a strict organisation rule for such items : CREATE EXTRA FOLDERS IN A HACKS FOLDER ON AN EXTERNAL DISK AND PICK ONLY TO ADD IN DOWNLOADS IF REALLY NEEDED, on a neighboorhood only for testing, creating ingame screenshots, movies - NOT ON A POPULATED NEIGHBOORHOOD FOR USUAL SIMS PLAYING WITH FAMILIES (because of interactions and Sims memories). Most pose boxes (which are hacked objects) should work fine, but here too if I need them for screenshots I'd take only my big favourites, not all of them added in Downloads. For some tools, proven to work, check again the basic instructions to install, especially if you have to go to Program files and usually to EA Games > The Sims 2. Note very well for some Numenor mods, tools : - The AnyGame Starter only works with CD or DVD versions of the Sims 2. Not with digital copies and Numenor never stopped repeating it ! However AGS is no longer supported. - The Scriptorium needs to be re-installed as after an uninstall the previous shortcuts don't work anymore. If you aren't too sure, scan your buy and build downloads in search for stairs, fireplaces using the Scriptorium, put them in a separate folder and check separately after re-installing Scriptorium. OR just re-create your folders for stairs, fireplaces not needing the Scriptorium, and in such a case only download or re-download such objects not needing the Scriptorium.
  10. Lizzy67

    Wall Decal/stencil

    Rana, I posted at your forum, now that I know what kind of help you needed on a wall stencil mesh from sims2cri. I tested it and if you wish, I can send you png pics I made for you to "train" in SimPE on this mesh. I hope that out there at your forum my reply is clear enough for you. Thanks for reading there and hugs.
  11. Lizzy67

    Happy Birthday Theninthwave!

    Wishing you the best for a new year in your life, also for future Sims creations. Blessed be.
  12. I hope that it's approriate to post here. First of all : I was in a new born Christians church when I was in my 20's (2 years only, then I left). Later I studied more the Bible in Biblical Hebrew (basics) also with some useful help from people of the Jewish Community in my region in France. I always liked Ecclesiastes 3 for the great Wisdom in it, and letting us know that not all can be static, that all is moving like the seasons, year after year. I often asked myself many questions and still do today : why does this happen to me ? Why this ? why that ? Then maybe the best answer is : there's a time for everything. Meaning also (for me) that we can't feel always happy, we aren't "eternal" on earth, some situations alike people and other beings will pass away. It's an invitation to move on and to not look back like Loth's wife did (she got transformed into a statue if I remember). Perhaps a little bit off-topic in this section, but not that much either. In the Jewish Tradition, karma isn't denied : there are always consequences to our actions and thoughts. There's a way to get untied to some so called negative aspects of karma : let go... And letting go (no longer deal with...) is considered as a much better attitude than only forgiving. It helps to be less obsessed with some situations or some people or even with some feelings. I'm speaking of this all, because also we're in virtual contacts via Internet, at forums or social sites. Well, most of time it's only virtual (even though factual from our acts, writings, leaving a trace). Consequently we know that we can hurt more easily with words than when we meet people physically : so many things we wouldn't do in our actual real life contacts, daily, with our family, friends or working place colleagues. But what is important then ? Where do we place our priorities ? Each time the above Biblical passage comes back to my mind when I think deeper : Yes, such and such of this forum or that social site might be a very good "online" friend. But this or that forum might close, this or that social site might close as well some day - then all is gone. So... eh... the question raises (for me and maybe for others) : how many hours did you spend online and neglected your real life family at the same time ? Whom do you live with ? Spontaneously I also think now of another Biblical passage speaking of vanity, on how so many things we claim important but they're vain. I was kept inside aware like this when for some years I spent many hours at MySpace and didn't even notice during this time that my mom suffered of Alzheimer (she died in August 2011). I felt guilty after she passed away : Oh no ! I neglected my mom from 2005 to 2010 (2010 when I got the announcement that she suffered of Alzheimer, only at this time it got detected). And during this time I was more into virtual MySpace contacts which are anyway lost today... So I lived that... Sorry for perhaps the awkward way I exposed some thoughts here. But I hope it be a useful reading. Blessings
  13. Lizzy67

    House with garage and 3 bedrooms

    Great house, thanks so much for sharing.
  14. Lizzy67

    Body Shape Organization Kit

    I know that it's an old post but wanted to reply anyway. About BSOK, I once installed but uninstalled quickly as I couldn't find the location of the program's database anywhere. In order to classify clothing by bodyshape (Classic Pinup, Rio, etc.), the best is to create a folder for each mesh or by category (CPU and add sub-folders for CPU) and add all retexture packages. It's very long work, manually, I agree but it's rather safe to do. Easier then to handle if you got a mesh to replace with another one (because a mesh needed a fix, for example). I do this type classification for all accessory meshes, the more given the fact that acc. meshes are never added to Sims Sims2Pack but I need to fin them easily. Other than this, don't bother too much with some programs or tools which don't have been proven to be very safe to use or that haven't been updated for many years. I only got Sims2Pack Clean Installer, SimPE and Delphy's Download Organizer and I don't rely much on the rest to recategorise. I hope that my input can help.
  15. Lizzy67

    Happy Birthday, Beckylynn!

    Happy Birthday Becky. Hoping all is well for you.