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    Christmas Stockings Issue

    I don't see an option in that mod that would help me, sadly. :/
  2. NaterXander


    It would be awesome to have a graffiti kit like in Sims 3. It would be an item that can sit on the ground, but also go in a Sims inventory. When they want to use the kit, you would drag the kit to a wall and it would be a square of tape. I'm assuming you can just use the painting easel animation, but mod out the brush for a can of spray paint. It would look a little weird, but it would be better than nothing.
  3. NaterXander

    Christmas Stockings Issue

    I'm trying to add the Happy Holiday stuff pack stockings to my Christmas decorated house, but there's an issue with them. The game is trying to place them under the floor. I've tried using moveobjects on and it doesn't change anything. Here's a screenshot of the issue. As you can see, I'm currently on the second floor of the home, but the stockings are underneath the floor. Is there any quick fix for this?
  4. NaterXander

    Expansion And Stuff Pack Icons In Buy/build Mode Mod

    Thank you, I didn't know that. I would still prefer an icon on the item like in Sims 3, but this is better than nothing. Thanks again.
  5. Would it be possible to create a mod that adds an icon to each item in buy mode and build mode to show what expansion or stuff pack the item is from? Like they have it in Sims 3. I know there are the collection folders to look through, but it would be nice to have this way as well.