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  1. Chimney pots >.<

    Stop it! You're Canadian. That's almost British :D
  2. Chimney pots >.<

    I can not believe you didn't know!!!
  3. Chimney pots >.<

    I need chimney pots and can't find them :'( Anyone know where I can get some as decoration please?
  4. Ever cooked 70 chickens?

    Well. They all got eaten lol. Plus all the other stuff >.< Made a 3 tier cake as well and it all went down well
  5. Ever cooked 70 chickens?

    My first day off in ages and I got to cook 70 chickens and half a wedding cake lmao. I think I would have preferred plastering..... If you ever get married don't volunteer to do your own catering haha!!
  6. Dress a doll

    Ok. Never a big thing for me lol but I can imagine the girly attraction to dressing up dolls and stuff. We used to steal the girls dolls and try to couple them with Action Man (GI Joe?) and then usually melt them in some kind of horrific accident involving war games.... (after we had checked them out naked and was very upset to find nothing but bare plastic ) Maybe we can have a meltable Barbie for the boys? :D
  7. Sims 2. The rest are just imitations. Sims 3 or 4 + 500 add-ons and you might get slightly close to Sims 2...until you add CC then they're a million miles behind. I must agree with Marbi. Making houses is more fun than playing the game. Just got back into it and already made over 100 lol complete with my own CC for the walls and floors. <3 Tudor stuff lol
  8. How to give your NPCs a complete makeover!

    Yay I got old psp9 working to lol
  9. How to give your NPCs a complete makeover!

    I've got Wings working!!!
  10. What???

  11. How to give your NPCs a complete makeover!

    This is my Goopy lol
  12. Easing myself back in....or not.

    Thank you ladies No time to check them out now (also can't see them very good on my phone with those broken eyes) but good to know there are still sites out there. Most of the old ones I had in memory are either gone or just bang on about Sim's 3 and 4 and they suck!
  13. Pub Sign?

    Makes perfect sense after 14 hours lol. Gimme beer now! Lots of it.
  14. Easing myself back in....or not.

    Hi Lilsis Always nice to see known faces around lol No idea to be honest. Ever tried making a supermarket? All there is are some dumb fridge freezers and a bread box and nothing matches rofl Drives me nuts!!
  15. Easing myself back in....or not.

    Actually it's clutter I wanted. When you make a community lot it's a bit bear to say the least. Empty shelves or shelves with all the same stuff on them