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  1. SandySimmer

    Red's Quilts

    Thank you so much, these are beautiful!
  2. SandySimmer

    MM-QuiltCollections (6 through13)

    Yay!! More beautiful quilts-thank you!
  3. SandySimmer


    I really love this livingroom, thank you for the beautiful recolors!
  4. SandySimmer

    MM-RC-Ikea Sofa AND CassandreCurtain

    Beautiful! Thanks so much! Also, are the recolors in the picture in order of the numbered sets? Like is Set 1 the light bliue? MissionMouse-reply--The only way I could reply to your question was to use the edit function, I looked into my files and the light blue one is in Set 2.
  5. SandySimmer


    This is one of my favorites also!! I must say your recolors look fantastic!! Thank you SO much!! I also love how you did the pillow designs, beautiful!!
  6. SandySimmer

    MM-QuiltCollections (1 through5)

    Oh thank you SO much!! I love bedding, I love quilt bedding, and I love the ones you've shared here!!
  7. SandySimmer

    BB Pistol

    Thank you Nonni!! she is SO cute-and those eyes!!
  8. SandySimmer

    Recolors of Anubis

    Beautiful, thank you!!
  9. SandySimmer

    Pierre's Bedroom Set

    Looks great, well done!! Just realized I don't know where to look for Becks bed-We need it so our bed will look like your picture?
  10. SandySimmer

    Meadow Set

    Ah!! Beautiful and I love every single thing-Thank you!!
  11. SandySimmer


    These are so cute, thank you!
  12. SandySimmer


    Those are very pretty, thank you!
  13. SandySimmer

    Family Home for Christmas

    Yes, that's it! Thanks for your reply and again thanks for the beautiful house!
  14. SandySimmer

    Career Reward Bookcase

    These look great! So nice to have a chhoice, thank you!!