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  1. KittenOnACloud


    Nice! Danger Mouse would have been funny also; he could have had a matching avatar.
  2. KittenOnACloud


    Major Mouse? Danger Mouse?
  3. KittenOnACloud

    Marbi's Sims 2 Game

    Ta Marbi, just wanted to check that the lot has never been occupied? I see some leaves and such laying around as though it's been inhabited.
  4. KittenOnACloud

    Pleasantview Chapel

    Thanks so much for providing a no-cc version. I'm excited to see this lot in action in my little village of Orgo.
  5. KittenOnACloud

    Marbi's Sims 2 Game

    I would love to download this church too. It looks so eerily similar to the one where I grew up! Churches are one of those lots I hesitate building because I anticipate getting that church look to be quite difficult, but some people get it down pat perfectly.
  6. KittenOnACloud

    LilSister's Sims 2 Album

    I realise this is old but Oh my goodness where can I get that big bear?
  7. KittenOnACloud

    Toddler toy poll

    I'd like it now too.
  8. KittenOnACloud

    Toddler toy poll

    No harm in enabling it. Perhaps leave autonomy off however for those that don't want children using it?
  9. KittenOnACloud

    My favorite Horse

    I've never played TS3 as 1. my laptop can't handle it and 2. it didn't seem to have that look I like; but these horse images are just flat out beautiful.
  10. KittenOnACloud

    Toddler toy poll

    Oh man, we are definitely very old.
  11. KittenOnACloud

    Toddler toy poll

    I haven't actually played TS2 with toddlers for quite a while, but isn't there an animation (I think it's used with the xylophone) where they just whack the toy randomly? That could be sufficient for a toy phone possibly.
  12. KittenOnACloud

    Toddler toy poll

    I think what they are called in real life is 'wind up musical TVs' so perhaps name it something like that? Is your TV a new mesh or a recolour of Sofals? This makes me wonder, has anyone yet made one of those old rotary phone toys we had as tots in the 90s and prior? I remember those being at the doctors waiting room.
  13. KittenOnACloud

    Build A Story - 3 Words At A Time *4* NEW

    Her next errand
  14. KittenOnACloud

    Happy Birthday, Miss Mouse!

    Have a wonderful birthday. I just love the variety of ages we have playing TS2.
  15. KittenOnACloud

    Animated Owl Mobile

    Version - Sims 2


    In loving memory of simmer Nonni (February 1948 - August 2016) First off, a HUGE thank you to the following people for making this object possible. NixNivis for permitting cloning of her Starship Mobile to which this mobile takes its animation. Also for the tremendous amount of time and help she gave personally. Gayars for providing the owl textures and her own recolours. FracturedMoonlight for guidance in meshing. This mobile slowly rotates using the pie menu options, "Start Spinning" and "Stop Spinning". It is best placed using the "setquartertileplacement on" cheat. Found under Miscellaneous > Children for 80 simoleans. Recolours can be downloaded separately. Included are pink, purple, red and white by me and lavender, aqua green and turquoise by Gayars. Blue is the owls default colour. Mobile compressed at 301KB. Additional Credits: GIMP,, Milkshape, The Compressorizer and of course, SimPE.