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  1. Here is a small update to the Sim Manipulator(the mod). Firstly a bug was fixed that caused the Social menu version of setting the Social motive will no longer cause a error when using it on all sims on lot. And lastly the remove homework feature will also remove college assignments, I would like to thank Marhis for that small piece of code. There are also a couple of new mods that were uploaded. The first one being No Restricted Food For MiniFridge, Which allows any type of food to be taken out of the mini fridge and prepared. The second one being No Auto Grab Cake From Cow Plant, Which completely stops sims from autonomously grabbing the cake bait from the Cow plant. Sims can still be directed to grab the cake by the player. Also a new menu is added to the Cow Plant that allows you to force any sim on the to lot grab the cake. You can find the content shown here and other content at
  2. Aaroneous

    Word Association *4*

    Maple Syrup
  3. Aaroneous

    Word Fun *4*

    Hand Purses
  4. Aaroneous

    SimPe problem

    Are You by chance using the Ultimate Collection EA gave out awhile back? If so that could be Your issue. If You're willing to fiddle around with SimPe You get it to work with the Ultimate Collection. I made a fix for SimPe for Ultimate Collection which You can find Here.
  5. In Today's update there is an update to the Sim Manipulator. With this update the Sim Manipulator it can now manipulate: Weather - Which includes changing the weather(from rain to snow for instance), change the outdoor temperature, Smite sim(lightning strike), change the current season the current lot is in, Precipitation Intensity(how heavy Precipitation is coming down), add/subtract/set amount days in current season, and Set Accumulation Level(sets how much snow and hail is on the ground). Funds - At this current point in time can only add or subtract funds and is separated into menus for Hundreds, Thousands, Ten Thousands, One Hundred Thousands, and Millions. There are a few a other changes under the career menu You can set how much money sim earns from retirement(They have to be already retired). You can also choose to unlock just one career reward object(before the only option was all of them). Also under the Buy menu You can buy: Open for Business craftables can be bought. Includes robots, flower arrangements, and Toys. Free Time craftables can be bought. Includes sewn and pottery objects. Fish can be bought. Includes the Golden Trout, Boot, Bass, Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Small Bass, Small Catfish, and Small Rainbow Trout. Harvestables plants can now be bought. Includes Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, Pole Beans, Strawberries, and Cucumbers. When buying harvestables a dialog will appearing asking about what quality harvestable You want. Mr.Mickles the Voodoo Doll can be bought. vacation maps for the secret lots on each vacation location(Mountains, Beach, Asian). And finally there are a few fixes for the Sim Manipulator: The Buy menu will no longer appear twice if only University is installed. Sims will no longer be unable to learn the vacation skills from the Sim Manipulator if they already learned the Dragon Legend. The Buy menu will no longer give You false unable to buy dialog when the current family has the money to buy the object. You can find the content shown here and other content at As I said before... Life went a bit crazy this year, But everything has settled down now. And I should be comming around more often now. Edit to add: My mod Spell Labels had to be updated to be compatible with the new version of the Sim Manipulator. So please redownload it.
  6. Aaroneous

    Tearing My Hair Out!

    If You have Windows set to auto update then it could have download the graphics card drivers. If memory serves me correctly, The Shadows setting can only be changed when You are on a lot.
  7. Aaroneous

    Tearing My Hair Out!

    Have You recently updated Your graphics card's drivers? Because to me that looks like a bug that shows up for NVidia and AMD drivers made in the last couple of years. It seems to only affect sim shadows, All other shadows are fine. Usually just setting the shadow setting back to medium will fix the issue.
  8. Aaroneous

    IF !

    When You recolored the outfit did You keep the edited image(s) in it's project folder? If not put the image(s) back in their project folder. The tool tips are a description that pretty much all Bodyshop items have, They will appear in CAS or Bodyshop when You hover over the items with the mouse. The tool tips are optional. To import clothes(and other Bodyshop items) into they game there should be two buttoms below the tool tips. One will be am X and will close the current project, The other button will be a folder with a arrow pointing at it and will import the project into the game. The imported project will appear in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SavedSims.
  9. Aaroneous

    IF !

    Personally I find meshing to be easier then recoloring(espeaially objects), But the UV mapping for the mesh can be a pain.
  10. Aaroneous

    Hello Everyone

    Thank's for the greetings everyone. Yes I am the same Aaroneous that created the Sim Manipulator. Matter of fact I don't think I have ever met anther Aaroneous online. At this current point in tine I can not add a signature Nonni, It says I need more posts. I would presume it's some sort of measure agaist the spammers.
  11. Aaroneous

    SimPE Question

    What I mean to say. Is say for instance You create one recolor for an object and then decide to create anther recolor for the same object. If You leave the first recolor open in SimPe and then create anther recolor of the same object, Then it would cause SimPe to act up. The easiest way to prevent that is to go to File and then select close, That should prevent SimPe from acting up. Hopefully that makes more sense.
  12. Aaroneous

    SimPE Question

    I am not sure if it's the same problem I have or not, But it may be worth metioning. I do remeber that if You are creating multiple recolors for the same object and when You leave the previous recolor package open, It can cause SimPe to act strange(crashing, refusing to re color the object, etc). From my experience just closing the previous recolor package will prevent SimPe from acting up.
  13. Aaroneous

    Hello Everyone

    I am Aaroneous. I have been playing The Sims since the first game came out, But I pretty much strictly play The Sims 2 these days. I also make my own mods when I am not playing the game, As well as a amature recolor and mesh maker. Well that's about it for now, Looking forward to meeting everyone.