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  1. gayars

    Buyable Teddy Bear Stand

    Version Sims 2


    This is a buyable teddy bear stand. It is found in the shopping/miscellaneous area in the Community catalog for $150. It is also available in residential lots in general/miscellaneous, so you can use it in home businesses. The bear is right next to the regular teddy bear for $49 if you don't want to go to the store. This is another clone of the perfume stand so NIGHTLIFE IS REQUIRED. This can be used in open for business owned businesses, but was mainly intended for unowned ones. "Known issue" due to using perfume carrying animations, the teddy bear is carried on its side, facing the sim's belly while going to the checkout. A big THANK YOU to Celebkiriedhel (here or here or here) for the teddy bear texture! Didn't she do darling work?
  2. gayars

    boy short pjs

    Version - Sims 2


    These are some short pjs for summer wear for boys. Base game mesh. They come in an all in one download. Thanks to my friend Jules for the pictures. She had requested some character pajamas here while back, especially minions, so I made these with her in mind. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection bodyshop.
  3. gayars

    Teen Boy Outfits

    Version - Sims 2


    These are 6 new outfits for teen boys. The black sweater with turquoise shirt requires Apartment Life. The blue plaid shirt outfit requires Apartment Life. The 3 hoodies outfit require H&M. Boston Red Sox outfit requires Teen Style Stuff. The Hoodies and Red Sox jacket are marked for everyday and outerwear. The other two are just everyday. Available individually and as a collective download. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.
  4. gayars

    Activity Table Recolors

    Version - Sims 2


    These are recolors of the Freetime activity table. This requires Irma's replacement mesh, which is included in a folder with the recolors, although you may also download it here along with other recolors. There is a Pooh recolor, a Mickey recolor, a Superman recolor, and a Hello Kitty recolor. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and Simpe. Thanks to Irma for a great replacement mesh that allows us to recolor the table! ***Just to avoid confusion I wanted to mention that this is a DEFAULT REPLACEMENT MESH so that the Freetime table can be recolored. It will cause the activity table to have an asterisk.***
  5. gayars

    Crib Mobile Recolors

    Version - Sims 2


    These are recolors of one of my favorite things, Rebecah's crib mobile. For years I wanted recolors of this wonderful item and finally decided to tackle it myself. They are now all in one folder, along with the crib mobile itself.
  6. Version - Sims 2


    These are recolors of Rebecah's wonderful hammer and peg toy. The freetime version is included. I absolutely love and adore this toy but never had enough recolors. Nonni had made these wonderful wooden ones that I always used in my medieval game, but as far as I know, those are the only other ones out there. I decided to make more modern ones with bright colors for my modern day folder. They are all together in one folder now. I didn't make a solid green one, as the original is a solid green, but otherwise there are wooden plus main color, and solid main color pairs for the rest of them. I used the freetime version of it, although I don't believe it makes any difference. Please correct me if I am wrong. Made with Simpe and Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. Thanks to Jules (again) for the pictures.
  7. gayars

    Teddy Bear Recolors

    Version - Sims 2


    These are recolors of the base game teddy bear. There is a Xmas (Santa) teddy, a Gingerbread man teddy, a Pooh Bear teddy, a Nautical teddy, a Hello Kitty teddy, and a Shrek doll teddy. They are available as a collection. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and with the use of Simpe and CEP. Just wanted to add a thank you to Jules who took ALL the pictures for me
  8. gayars

    Toddler outfits

    Version - Sims 2


    Here are some cute toddler outfits. My friend Mission Mouse especially was wild for the Pooh one, so I am uploading them early. 2 of them, Hello Kitty and Superman, use a special mesh by Kalynn06 which per her policy, is included. One of them, the Winnie the Pooh one, is a base game mesh. The Hello Kitty is girl's only, Superman is both, and Pooh is boys only. Available as one download with all of them, mesh included. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. Credits: Jules, my favorite photographer ;) and friend who provided the pictures and cute models.
  9. gayars

    Toddler Outerwear

    Version - Sims 2


    These are toddler coats I made from the seasons meshes. They all fall into both toddler boy's and toddler girl's outerwear except for the Hello Kitty one, which is under girls only. They are categorized as outerwear only. They use the Seasons coat mesh. There are two variations of the Thomas Tank engine and the Superman ones. There is a blue and gray Thomas Tank and a blue Thomas Tank, as I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best. There is also a Superman coat with the Superman logo in the front, and one that doesn't have the logo in front, as I couldn't make up my mind there either. They are available as a collective download. Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.