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  1. gayars

    Happy Birthday Rebecah

    Happy birthday!
  2. gayars

    Wonky Paint Program

    awesome! sounds like you are making progress
  3. gayars


    yeah and when you learn, teach me! :D
  4. gayars

    Wonky Paint Program

    UGH there was a recent windows 10 update that, along with a common AMD driver, that is messing with people's games as well, it is causing crashes and stuff, due to running out of memory, It is making windows 10 (the update) not release standby memory properly so the game is running out of memory, and the AMD driver is doing the same, on other peoples computers. I suspect that the later Nvidia cards having a problem is caused by the same thing, but haven't been able to prove that yet. I figured out a solution to those people who are having problems getting the 4 gb patch read by their computers, and Jessa figured out the standby memory problem. I suspect the two issues are interrelated actually. I wonder if it was the same update that messed with Corel? Sorry I haven't been back btw, as we are in the middle of buying a house, and trying to get moved before the grandbaby is born. The good news is they accepted my offer, so let's keep fingers crossed the inspection goes off without a hitch, and we are able to sign papers and get in before the baby arrives! The baby will be here around the 1st of June, and the house won't be empty til May 25th!
  5. gayars

    Wonky Paint Program

    There is also an image cropping tool as well. Could you try that instead?
  6. gayars

    Wonky Paint Program

    hmmm could it be your mouse?
  7. gayars

    Happy Birthday Marbi

    Happy belated birthday!
  8. gayars

    Happy Birthday LilSister

    Happy birthday!
  9. gayars

    Wonky Paint Program

    Ummm what does it do exactly? Can you just save them to a folder and then get them from there? I haven't had my full dose of coffee yet so forgive me if I am misunderstanding the obvious.
  10. gayars

    Cinnamon Placemats

    Version 1.0.0


    This is Sherry's placemat from her Cinnamon collection. A friend of mine asked me if I wouldn't mind fixing it, because while it is beautiful, it didn't place correctly on the table. Soo I went ahead and fixed it for her and made a few recolors of it too! The white shown is the original. It was evidently cloned from Echo's doormat, and I believe it to be base game compatible. She did a wonderful meshing job, it just needed a little better placement when placing on the table
  11. gayars

    Happy new year :D

    Aw miss you too!
  12. gayars


    Aw how beautiful!
  13. gayars


  14. gayars

    Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Jake is such an entertaining dog :D
  15. gayars


    I haven't in a while due to not being able to play. If you want me to share downloads however just let me know:)