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  1. MM-RC-AmaryllRock-a-BillyDressforTF

  2. Invisible Stay-Things-Shrub

    I have it started
  3. Invisible Stay-Things-Shrub

    I will try an do this tomorrow as it is my day off! Well hopefully sigh. Mine keep getting messed up lately. I may wind up working after all! But still should find time
  4. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    How funny!
  5. Chimney pots >.<

  6. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Yep totally innocent here too.
  7. Invisible Stay-Things-Shrub

    Mm I am going to have to do this one. Regular recolor doesn't work. I have to change the shrub because hydrangeas aren't recolorable. It calls on the hydrangea in game. Which means if you try to recolor you get a blank file (I know because I tried and then looked at the file )
  8. Chimney pots >.<

    Well different cultural terms probably.
  9. MM-RC-AmaryllRock-a-BillyDressforTF

    nice! going in the retro folder
  10. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    Oh my... I bet that creates some interesting aromas around the house...
  11. Chimney pots >.<

    Haven't a clue however feel free to make the mesh and I will stick it in a file for you.
  12. MissionMouse-Update

    Woul the texture file for adults work in the teen one if you built dxt? And replaced the teen one with the adult version?
  13. MissionMouse-Update

    Lots of soup, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs I guess! Well with any luck, once this is all done you will feel better! (((HUGS)))
  14. MissionMouse-Update