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  1. MM-RC-Sailor Dress CF [Skell]

    OH CUTE!!! "snatches up for to put in my folders :D "
  2. I am so sorry, I missed your actual birthday. I hope it was a very good one!
  3. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    I used to have this little black dog, who stood outside one time, wagging his little tail, while we called frantically, in the dark, and wondered why we didn't just go get him. Never mind it was dark, he was black, and we couldn't see a 4 pound wonder
  4. MM-RC-DeeDee-3t2SupernatualVictorianDress-CF

    thank you! adding these to my historical hood now!
  5. MM-RC-Skell-cfbodysamanthadress

    Thank you!
  6. http://sims2packrat.tumblr.com/post/158502314561/trappings-dropbox-files-reuploaded They uploaded Trapping's stuff on dropbox links
  7. MissionMouse-Update

    Oh nice! So glad I could help
  8. MissionMouse-Update

    Ok I will send you the mod that fixes it.
  9. MissionMouse-Update

    Oh no! What is the problem with the bodyshop?
  10. Ella's Oath

    "waits patiently for the inspiration to hit :D "
  11. Ella's Oath

    awwww so he did get his cure after all! and evidently Olivia is his? :D
  12. Stranger than normal day at our house.....

    they spill drinks all the time?
  13. Ella's Oath

    Well at least it isn't life threatening!
  14. Ella's Oath

    Hope Bud is better