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  1. I started a 1920s hood. Have been doing everything but playing in it. This after my retro hood crashed and burned... (it got corrupted).. I had a backup of it, but it was rather old, and I have a back to the future one I started which is meant to be one where you can have different time periods in the same folder. I just can't get into any of them. I am in the mood for something different, but for the life of me I can't figure out what I want to play. I have done medieval, I have thought about Victorian, but it is a little too close to what I have already played. The problem is, there isn't enough content out there for some versions and that would mean I would be doing nothing but creating to a time frame. Which is fine, but when I play I just want to be able to play, not try to, and realize there are too many gaps for immersion. I would even just take on a challenge, but none of them are lighting that spark. I thought about doing a castaways type hood again. That might be fun. I liked it last time. Perhaps that is the key, to try playing a different culture, and doing it that way. I could do an Oriental/Asian type theme. Anyway, suggestions would be really appreciated
  2. yes I have built my little Castaways a very nice treehouse I will have to add in all the new sliders :D
  3. interestingly enough, I was referring to different folders, so the Oriental one would have been more ancient, and the 50s would be more "Happy Days" inspired. I didn't think to put that image together. I always have this "idyllic" existence in my sims, where war and prejudice don't exist. Everyone lives happily ever after.
  4. well... I have decided to do castaway style.... again... with an alternate of oriental. I have a 20s hood and a retro (50s) hood, a challenge hood, a contemporary hood, and some test/build/create ones. I would do medieval again, IF I hadn't lost my medieval backups folder along the way, when my last computer crashed and burned.
  5. Don't have any pictures yet. I am planning on attempting a gif but haven't ever made one yet. I am well on my way to getting my project done. I took a long break from anything complicated because I was ill then had a family situation, that while still somewhat ongoing has at least simmered down somewhat. Mitochondrial diseases are no fun, so when I hit a crash (low spoons) state, my mind doesn't work well enough to do complicated. If it took more than 2 days to do, it wasn't going to get done during that period. Just a short explanation as to why no modded objects have been done since Christmas. However, my brain is back from vacation So I will be presenting a dress a doll very shortly. I am using Rebecah's awesome baby doll in the dress and making it where toddlers and children can change both hair and clothing Eventually I will do the little boy doll as well, but no promises as to when because I will probably be burned out on dolls after this lol. OTOH I might right away while I still remember how :D
  6. get to feeling better soon!
  7. Aw poor baby that is a dog for you
  8. Did somebody die around the time she started that, or she go to a funeral? I ask because my son had some weird reactions after watching his sister be buried. And thank you I am having good/bad days. I am almost done with it, just want to add a few more "wardrobe choices" :D
  9. hahahahhaha we had a funny moment in our house this morning. The cat was using the toilet when my daughter went in to use it, and she was complaining she was kicked out of the bathroom by the cat :D Then she complained because she said the least he could have done was flushed....
  10. Yes. I DO miss her!
  11. Yes! I always thought it was a missing piece in the sims game for them not to be able to do that!
  12. ok Jottiz what is it you want the door to do exactly? keep them out, or just allow cats and dogs in and out? or what?
  13. Yeah that is just... Bizarre....
  14. Awesome!!!!!
  15. Happy Mother's Day for those of us who celebrate it today
  16. Ok I sent the play test version
  17. Working on it I am sorry, personal life got away from me for awhile now, and left half finished projects lying around everywhere on my computer! If it took more than 2 days to do, you were out of luck! However,stay tuned, I will be sending you a play to test version very soon ;) That and a surprise for the site
  18. Why on Earth....
  19. Pip is something... :D
  20. our PlayStation 4 went out last weekend due to the storms.
  21. However they have default programs set on theirs to open that particular one. There is probably just a file icon if they don't have one set. It literally is just the icon for what you have associated with that particular file. And that varies from person to person.
  22. No....darn cat. He needs to learn that next :D