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  1. Awesome!
  2. I have it started
  3. I will try an do this tomorrow as it is my day off! Well hopefully sigh. Mine keep getting messed up lately. I may wind up working after all! But still should find time
  4. Yep totally innocent here too.
  5. Mm I am going to have to do this one. Regular recolor doesn't work. I have to change the shrub because hydrangeas aren't recolorable. It calls on the hydrangea in game. Which means if you try to recolor you get a blank file (I know because I tried and then looked at the file )
  6. Well different cultural terms probably.
  7. nice! going in the retro folder
  8. Oh my... I bet that creates some interesting aromas around the house...
  9. Have a very Happy Birthday! and a wonderful year
  10. Haven't a clue however feel free to make the mesh and I will stick it in a file for you.
  11. Woul the texture file for adults work in the teen one if you built dxt? And replaced the teen one with the adult version?
  12. Lots of soup, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs I guess! Well with any luck, once this is all done you will feel better! (((HUGS)))
  13. Absolutely!!!!
  14. Ugh at least coleslaw was good...
  15. ((((BIG HUGS)))) I don't blame you
  16. Btw Photobucket has cut out linking with it's free accounts :/
  17. Oh no! I never had a fancy enough wedding to have to cater
  18. 7286 This one is for baby Zane who just got his baby angel wings. :'(
  19. Awwww keep us posted!
  20. BIG HUGS and give him hugs and kisses for me!
  21. feel free to make one... :D
  22. Don't have any pictures yet. I am planning on attempting a gif but haven't ever made one yet. I am well on my way to getting my project done. I took a long break from anything complicated because I was ill then had a family situation, that while still somewhat ongoing has at least simmered down somewhat. Mitochondrial diseases are no fun, so when I hit a crash (low spoons) state, my mind doesn't work well enough to do complicated. If it took more than 2 days to do, it wasn't going to get done during that period. Just a short explanation as to why no modded objects have been done since Christmas. However, my brain is back from vacation So I will be presenting a dress a doll very shortly. I am using Rebecah's awesome baby doll in the dress and making it where toddlers and children can change both hair and clothing Eventually I will do the little boy doll as well, but no promises as to when because I will probably be burned out on dolls after this lol. OTOH I might right away while I still remember how :D