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  1. croiduire

    Vintage Crib and Changing Table Set

    This is adorable. I can't wait to use it!
  2. croiduire

    Toddler Picnic Table N Chair

    I have used and abused your first table unmercifully (EA high chairs are just ridiculous!) but my mommy brain cringed a little every time, imagining trying to clean food out of all the crevasses in the original table. I can't believe I missed this update--it's perfect! Is it recolourable?
  3. croiduire

    Laundry Tub

    This is adorable, and I will definitely use it, but I am wondering if there is a way to disable earning money for doing the washing? Unless one is playing the village laundress, that just doesn't seem believable to me.
  4. croiduire

    Djs Wardrobe Wrangler (The Newest One)

    Do you mean with amythestfenix, Gwenke, hokadk47, HugeLunatic, and Mourne?
  5. Beautiful. Are they seasons compatible?
  6. croiduire

    Djs Wardrobe Wrangler (The Newest One)

    Is Wardrobe Wrangler still available anywhere? The link earlier in this thread, and (as near as I can determine) all the JFade links are dead (DJS Sims, Neighbourhood 99, Ambular's Artifacts, etc). Anything from The homepages still work, but all the links are dead.
  7. croiduire

    Indian Style Ladder

    Thank you. This is great.
  8. croiduire

    Animated Water Wheel Mill

    This is remarkable, very impressive work. I do have two questions: one, would it be possible to vary the speed (perhaps toggle between fast and slow, both to simulate the ebb and flow of the river, and to spare the computer when there's a lot of other activity going on), and two, to turn off flour production? A dozen bags in autumn from grinding your grain seems reasonable to me, but not constant 24/7 money production.
  9. croiduire

    Medieval Treadmill - University Required

    This is very impressive. Does it develop fitness at the same rate as the Uni treadmill? (And a huge thank you for taking out the fall-flat-on-their-faces animation!)
  10. croiduire

    Playable Flutes

    *jaw drops* That is a child. A child actually gaining creativity from a period item other than that everlasting easel. That. That right there. I am in awe. *hands shaking with joy, mashes download button and GLOMS flutes*
  11. croiduire

    Updated - Chandler for Sims 2

    Wow. Just wow.
  12. croiduire

    Knitting - Yarn Ball - Free Time Required

    This is amazing! Much respect.