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    Gobs of granddaughters! and my own cherished babies.....

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  1. Red Sonja

    1930's WPA house

    Version - Sims 2


    I am sorry for the long absence... Tons of different projects have me going in multiple directions.... In keeping with my current retro/these are the houses that mean the most to me theme.... This is the house I grew up in in Kentland, Indiana... My parents are still there, and will, hopefully, be there a long time. Enjoy!
  2. Red Sonja


    You really do a beautiful job.... ooooh....pretty !!!
  3. Red Sonja

    WFS Nostalgia Beds Maxis Bedding

    I totally agree! Beds that can't take Maxis bedding are not worth the trouble. Thanks, Gina and Thank You, Mission Mouse!
  4. Red Sonja

    Retro Mesh - For Nonni

    The classic ladies "walking shorts"... My mom had tons of these with coordinating blouses when I was a kid. (she probably still has a drawer full!) very nice job!
  5. Red Sonja


    Red Sonja was a comic book "Warrior Princess"... but Nonni always called me Lisa or "Red"... My last conversation with her was a couple of weeks ago. I was comparing this site to a group of ladies getting together to share favorite recipes and asked if we should be forming our own chapter of "Red Hat Ladies".... She was all for it if she could have red shoes as well.... ... Dear Nonni... someday, we will dance together through the Halls of Heaven wearing purple hats... and ruby slippers....
  6. Red Sonja

    Nonni's Last Upload

    Gina.... Abbii and her '57 Chevy convertible look like they would be right at home visiting the Texaco station! I had been wondering what I would dedicate in Nonni's honor.... but you answered the question for me.
  7. Red Sonja

    Retro Texaco Service Station

    Version - Sims 2


    A vanishing part of Americana... the service station... I found several pictures on the net and tried to stay as faithful as possible to the original building designs.... I found tons of memorabilia for the decals...everywhere.... LOL Enjoy!
  8. Hi Red, are you ok? We have sent flowers to Nonni's family from all of us here at Affinity. Plus the uploads Gina and Rebecah and I have in the works, we are dedicating them to Nonni when we upload them. If you would like to join in, please do so.

    1. Red Sonja

      Red Sonja

      I spent a little time notifying folks at other sites....  We all loved Nonni! and I, too want to make something in her honor... just have no idea what yet! lol  Where did she live?  If she was close enough, I'd like to go to her services, if her family doesn't mind...

    2. Mission Mouse

      Mission Mouse

      She lived in Bellevue, Washington

    3. Red Sonja

      Red Sonja

      darn!  that would be a 3day trip.....

  9. What happened to Nonni, miss mouse?

    1. Mission Mouse

      Mission Mouse

      She passed away in her sleep last night.

    2. Red Sonja
    3. Mission Mouse

      Mission Mouse

      Talking to Rebecah now


  10. What happened to Nonni?   

    1. Rebecah


      Oh, Red you should have been added to the messages.  Nonni passed away in her sleep the night before last.  We are all broken hearted.

  11. Red Sonja

    Happy Birthday Red Sonja!

    Thank You, Marbi! It was a very good day... and I'm looking forward to the best year!... Miss Mouse.... that is so incredibly cute... OF COURSE, it's from you! Gayars , Alet and Rebecah... I hope that you have at least as much joy in your lives as you have given me... BIG GROUP HUG!
  12. Red Sonja

    'Mother' as an occupation

    It is infuriating to observe the disdain that most hold for the job title of "Mother".... The majority of society holds no respect for those who are ..."Just a housewife"... or "Just a Mother".... Why is that? Is it because you don't need a degree or any special license? Is it because the perception is that you didn't have to "work" to achieve the status? I spent many years as a single, working Mom... and I felt cheated on a daily basis because I was not able to be with my babies on a 24/7 basis. I've seen women who were true superwomen and seemed to be able to do it all.... and I've seen those who were so negligent in child rearing that they didn't deserve the privilege of having children in their care... When all is said and done, I will count myself as a decent, successful human being if my children can honestly say that I was a good Mother.....
  13. Red Sonja

    The Courthouse Square

    Version - Sims 2


    A common sight in New England and the Midwest is the Classic Revival style of courthouse. It fits easily into retro and contemporary neighborhoods. Instead of a civil war memorial.... I chose something a bit different. The cannons are naval deck guns that you might have seen prior to the Revolutionary War.... They were converted pirate cannons from TSM..... Enjoy!
  14. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!! 

    1. Red Sonja

      Red Sonja

      Thank You, Sweetie Girl!  I have been working on your downtown lots.... Hope you like what I've done so far!

    2. gayars


      Don't worry I do! :)

  15. Red Sonja

    JS Louis Bedroom Set - Updated and Repaired

    Thank you for seeing the potential with this set. It appears to have "great bones" . I need to see if I can "flesh it out" just a bit more than the original creators.