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    Word Fun - NEW

    stairs to heaven
  2. hedgekat

    Word Fun - NEW

    numbers runner
  3. Thank you. Can never have too many beddings.
  4. WOW!! I was thrilled with the neighborhood deco windmill but I am ecstatic with these. I am currently playing a game set in the Victorian era in a rural area. In order for my sims to have running water they must provide it themselves, which means building a water tower on their lot and having some kind of pump to get the water into the tower. A wood-burning steam pump requires a lot of sim labor to keep the water tank filled. A windmill will reduce that labor a lot. The farm I lived on as a child had a small windmill. It didn't provide water in the house but it did keep the cows water tank filled. Thanks for making these.
  5. hedgekat

    Neighborhood Deco Farm Windmill

    I've been looking for one of these for a long time. Thank you.
  6. hedgekat

    Updated - Animated Rocking Horse

    I have an extended family living in one household with 8 toddlers. I placed the rocking horse in my upstairs nursery for the older toddlers who could walk upstairs because there was too much competition for it in the downstairs nursery. Imagine my surprise when I found the crawlers still managing to ride the horse. I watched for a while and realized that the toddlers were teleporting onto the horse from any other room in the house rather than walking or crawling up to it and then 'hopping' on. My solution was to only use the horse in smaller households. They sure do love it. AT least they got off on their own when they acquired a body point, which is more than they do with the Maxis toddler toys. You do such wonderful work. I don't have quite all of your creations yet but I'm working on it. I do have alllll of your farm animals. They really make my medieval hood realistic and self-sufficient. .
  7. hedgekat

    Retro Mesh - For Nonni

    Have to have these for my selfsim. I've been wearing shorts this length since back in the ...50s? 60s?. And the socks, gotta have socks. Love them. Yep, I still wear socks with my shorts and sneakers. Thank you.