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  1. Jottiz

    Pet door TS2

    Oh thought i responded...must have forgot to sent or somethig. However I just found one Thanks for the help
  2. Jottiz

    Pet door TS2

    Hello! I would really like some sort of door, just for pets! Not just a ordinary one you can lock and some, but a smaller one, like a cat door or a "half wall" doorway/arch or something. Have anyone seen anything like this for TS2 or have the knowledge to make one? I know i read somewhere how one could manipulate the gender specific doors... Thanks on beforehand
  3. Jottiz

    Functional Soap

    Works wonderful! thanks again
  4. Jottiz

    Gain hygiene from swimming - sims 2

    Wow super thanks gayars!!! Thank you so much
  5. Jottiz

    Gain hygiene from swimming - sims 2

    Wow, sounds super! Thank you!
  6. Jottiz

    Gain hygiene from swimming - sims 2

    The spa hot tub from bon voyage does rais hygiene so yeah i could do that, and the invisible shower in waterfall work too (actually have that mod already). But I still wish for the originally mod request though. Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. My request for a mod is one that allows sims to gain hygiene from swimming in pools and the ocean. I have looked for this for a while now and could not find it for TS2. If this mod somehow is complicated (i dont know) maybe a "wash option" in the pool/ocean is easier? I am making a family who is suppose to look stranded and therefor wish not to add a shower or hot tub, transparent or not. Hope someone wants to make something like this! Happy modding PS: I have all the sims 2 installed