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  1. LadyAquanine73551

    Animated Rideable Horses

    Thank you for making the horses, Rebecah . I love horses, and my Sims do too. This will make their experience so much better.
  2. LadyAquanine73551

    Animated Farm Pigs

    I didn't expect to like this set because of the pigs, but they're actually cute up close. I made a married couple of Sims based on Taran and Eilonwy from Disney's The Black Cauldron, and they have a pig pen in their back yard . In the movie, there was a magic pig named Hen Wen (not sure why you'd name a pig that ), so I pretend that their girl pig is Hen Wen. She has a male pig that lives with her, and they have little piglets once in a while. Taran and Eilonwy are mostly vegetable farmers, but once in a while, they'll harvest some pork and include that in their shop. They also pet the pigs and check up on them every day. I'm glad the pigs aren't affected by weather. They're tough animals .
  3. LadyAquanine73551

    Buyable Teddy Bear Stand

    Awwww . That's so cute! Someday, when I play a modern Sims 2 game again, I'll have to include this in the toy store. That's cool that you made this.
  4. LadyAquanine73551

    Updated - Animated Goats - Milkable

    Thank you for making these animated animals. I use them quite often in my game. It's fun seeing my Sims interact with them, and it's also a nice, quick way to get food or money. I also like that you can use these farm animals in several time period themes, like modern, medieval, Victorian, 18th century, or even in a Middle Eastern setting. Again, thank you for putting so much hard work into these.