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  1. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    Sorry for late reply. It's okay, Rebecah! I think it's out of the ordinary for everyone, including animators.
  2. LittleLady


    Rest in piece, Nonni! I can't stand to see another passing, which is unfortunately part of life. My grandmama died in 2005 and I will never forget her.
  3. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    Mission Mouse- Okay. I'll go check out Jones and gayars. Thanks!
  4. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    @Rebecah Can you still create mods for the Sims 2 or you no longer can?
  5. LittleLady

    10,000 Angels *12* NEW

  6. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    Maybe someone else can create a new animation of an older sim lifting and carrying a child around and add it as an interaction. "Pick up child" "Put down child"
  7. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    Ooo...Okay. I understand if she is no longer making animations anymore.
  8. LittleLady

    Request (For Sims 2)

    Hello, It seems you are very experienced in animation. I have one request for Sims 2. I want children to be carried by anyone teen or up, much like a toddler. EXAMPLE The adult picks up the small child on the floor and vertically place the the small child on their hip . What you have to do is convert the "be carried" animation/interaction to child and enable "pick up toddler" animation/ interaction for adult/child interaction. I have 0 experience with conversion and animation. You are defiantly fit for this request! I private messaged a request for Rebecah on Mod The Sims.