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    Flo Broke Clone

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello all, this is a clone i've kept to myself for a long time. Please notify me of any quirks or bugs, i know the nose is not entirely exact as it is not turned up all the way as i have noticed today. The cc makeup is not included (i dont know how the makeup may work if any cc is on the sim. so please tell me of any issues) or the grey cardigan. Just the original outfit is on her. I have added both Flo portraits. The clone is the grey cardigan. Original is the green shirt obviously. Sorry that eyes and nose may not be 100% exact but have fun with her. I am sorry i was unable to get a picture of the clone in game.
  2. MythStardreamer

    Unused French Braid Hairstyle

    Hello everyone, if anyone possibly could make the unused french braid from the sims 2, It is the hairstyle Cornelia Goth has at first before appearing, as well as Nigat Caliente. I cannot make it myself. Thanks Everyone.