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  1. willwrightfan

    Let's Laugh!

    After Megan and me talking about it during gym, we told Michael that his socks were untied and he looked down. He then tricked Kierra with that. It was absolutely hilarious. Today, I also decided to be funny and trick Megan during lunch... Me: Megan, your epidermis is showing. Megan (looking at herself) : What? HUH? Where? Me: *laughs crazily* Megan..You epidermis is your skin!
  2. willwrightfan

    Mustard Seed

    WOW. That was really great!
  3. willwrightfan

    Mustard Seed

    Same here. *whistles*
  4. willwrightfan

    Mustard Seed

    Yay! This is awesome! *bounces up and down with excitement like a four year old*
  5. willwrightfan


    I hardly knew any of this stuff, so this is interesting. Why is 11 your favorite number?
  6. willwrightfan

    Meshers Get ready!!!!!!!

    Wow. That was really fast.
  7. willwrightfan


    I'm pretty sure she only knows about Grace Kelly because I babble about her sometimes. Even I didn't know some of that stuff about her. She was filling out the answers while I watched and she typed in Giraffe for her favorite animal and I was "say what?"
  8. willwrightfan

    The Boss!

    I fourth that request!
  9. willwrightfan

    Petunia Mae Witherbottom

    4. Who is your favourite creator for the sims 2? Why? No, not one in particular. There are so many talented creators out there, but I would have to say my favorites are the ones who gladly share the talents God gave them. 5. Which is your favourite EP and why? Wow, I don't know! I have yet to play many of the features that come with each EP! 6. Favourite Color blue Number not 50, LOL! Animal Duck? Monkey? Lamb? Food Heart Attack On a Plate! (Fetticini Alfredo) Snack Lay's Potato Chips with Purity French Onion chip dip Season Spring Time of day Early morning, while it's still quiet. 12. Which famous person would you like to meet and why? Well, I wouldn't mind meeting Will Wright, just so I could thank him for giving us a great game. I might also ask how many robots he has. (He loves robots and had one wandering around a city talking to strangers.) Huh. I never noticed it,but we have a lot in common. But I don't really eat fettucini something-or-other. My favorite foods are heart attacks on a plate. LOL.
  10. willwrightfan

    Petunia Mae Witherbottom

  11. willwrightfan


    I love the ocean.I've got to be part fish or something, as much as I love the water. You NEED to see it.
  12. willwrightfan

    Let's Laugh!

    Fansfriend and I are weird sometimes too. Like on Friday, she said something in this weird voice, and I replied in the same weird voice and we started talking like that for a few minutes and she said "Can we stop talking like this now?" in the weird voice, and in my regular voice I said "okay". That made both of us laugh. And then since we love Jasper Hale, when something surprises us or something we either say "Oh My Jasper!" or "Oh Em Cheese!"
  13. willwrightfan

    Mustard Seed

  14. willwrightfan

    Mustard Seed

    Wow. THIS is interesting.