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  1. jlouis

    Kiddies Computer

    Thank you for everything you do.
  2. jlouis

    The Courthouse Square

    Great work with limited means, perfect in my game, thank you.
  3. jlouis

    Washer and Dryer

    Rebecah is an angel and a genius, I love her.
  4. jlouis

    For the kiddies

    Très belles recolos, merci beaucoup.
  5. jlouis

    Retro Texaco Service Station

    This station suits me perfectly, thank you.
  6. jlouis

    Teddy Bear Recolors

    Great thank you.
  7. Very belles recolors, thank you.
  8. jlouis

    Dining Table with Extendable Bench

    Good work, thank you.
  9. jlouis

    Buyable Water Wiggler with Added Features

    Thank you for the amusement of my children.
  10. jlouis


    Nonni thank you for this house that I particularly like, because I almost always play with lots of 10x10, and thank you for all links.
  11. Very good idea and work, thank you.
  12. jlouis

    Nonni's Noodles

    Thank you Nonni.