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    Hello From Myhatty

    you probably have seen me before but i come from safe sims and i met a bunch of great friends there and i am a nerd i love scifi and comics and video games i currently home studying and looking for a job i am 19 im from the uk and i am a little crazy sometimes
  2. myhatty


    1. How did you find your way to SS2? through jon aka ninth wave who introduced me to maalet who then introduced me to safe sims then to so many of you guys 2. Why did you choose the screen name you use? oh this old story well i was 11 and trying to get a account with the old official sims forum and i was a antue who saw her niece every weekend and one weekend i had alice in wonderland my Favorite book on desk and she use to say "my" claim things and she was stealing the book saying my book and i randomly burst out saying my hatter in retaliation and in "slang terms" you use a y to replace a er and when i was thinking a user name i had this memory and used it and since i been stuck with it for 8 years i still amazingly enjoy it 3. When / How did you start playing the sims games? i was 10 years old and i found "the sims" on sale and it was quite cheap and deiced to try it out on my super old computer i had at the time 4. Who is your favorite creator for the sims 2? Why? through the years i had a few but honestly my Favorite is probably all of friends creations and i know how hard it is for them to get something right 5. Which is your favorite EP and why? university was my Favorite due to it was the first and first ep i ever got given and expansion pack were such a unique idea in the fact you could add stuff to your game that was official stuff 6. Favorite Color / Number / Animal / Drink / Food / Snack / Flower / Music / Season / Time of day? Colour: purple Number: i always had a thing for the number 101 being a tech nerd i always liked the promise of 1s and 0s being written as a code which is then what makes up programs such as sims and when i was younger the expression give more than 100% was used a lot when i use to try and 101 is more than 100 Animal: penguins i always liked how they looked so fancy like little waiters and when sims 2 seasons came out the little penguin trying to reach fish mounts is so cute and the petting of them and them talking to snowmen they so silly its cute Drink: coke aka coca cola i been drinking it since i was young so its my go to drink i guess Food: pizza you can put anything on a pizza and it tastes good Snack: i use to snack a lot as a child but as i grew up i don't really enjoy snack food much but only snack food i like is american candy called peanut butter cups Flower: i not really a flower person but i guess pink roses as they have a lot of meaning to me and my family Season: winter i was a winter baby and i love the coldness of the weather the rain the snow and the snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a hot chocolate (hot coco) and Christmas and Halloween and a uk only holiday called "bonfire night" Time of day: night i always loved late night its quiet and and relaxing as everyone else is asleep apart from Americans who are midday 7. What is your biggest dream? to become a game developer to give back all the experiences i got back to people as a repayment to prove video games are not bad 8. What do you fear the most? myself i have suffered with depression for a long time and even though it been getting better its hard to trust myself in terms i randomly get ideas in my head and i automatically act on them even if there not good for my health 9. What is the most important thing in life for you? happiness same as before there rare times im genuinely happy and i savoir it 10. What is the last book you have read / movie you have seen and what did you like about it? book: "the fault in our stars" by john green its a great and emotion fulled book john green is a good writer for teenagers some of his work might be taken wrong by the very closed people Movie: brave by pixar amazing film i went with a friend and we enjoyed it might be a kid film but it teaches such good lessons like you dont have to get married just for royalty you should marry for love 11. Who do you admire / respect and why? i respect everyone because everyone has a past, future and a right now and who am i to judge and disrespect there life in terms of admire i got to say the one person i admire to be like is my late mother she raised 4 kids on a tight budget and raised us all to be so open minded and clever people when/if i have kids i want take her lessons and teach them to my kids 12. Which famous person would you like to meet and why? i dont really like famous people but if i had to choose id say matt smith i am a huge doctor who fan and enjoy his doctor 13. Where in all places on earth you'd like to visit the most if you could and why? america, i love tons of american food and people and places i think it be a good place to one day say 14. If you had an extra hour each day, you would... use it to play more video games as i learn so much from a good story in a game 15. Do you have a special message for SimSafe2 members? ?hi you are awesome people and everyone i know from this site has turned out to good friends
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. myhatty

    Nick (Santa) Claus

    Version - Sims 2


    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Nick (Santa) Claus Santa Claus is one in a million he lives his life giving and not taking he is unknown ton many but to the mythical myhatty she knows him personally and he approves this sim Happy Christmas xoxox (By the way I know about the miscolour skin I have a default replacement) Traits Family-oriented Friendly Good Good sense of humour Workaholic Lifetime wish Seasoned traveller favourite Colour: Red Food: Cookies Music: Classical Everyday
  5. myhatty

    Mrs Claus

    Version - Sims 2


  6. Thank you for making me a friend, Rhi. That was a most welcome surprise and made me grin from ear to ear. Yay!!!

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    New EP?

    i got it personlly it not worth the amonut they want
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    Click on me to watch video :)

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    How to make a custom career

    yes u do kay
  10. myhatty

    How to make a custom career

    yay you helped me so much!!!!! i love you!!! *ponders*maybe ill make a video tutirol verison just for people who cant be bothred to read
  11. myhatty

    Kriselt we are so simmler its freaky mmmmmmmm chicken pie why 8 though?
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    everyone loves purple here nice answers though fan
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    yea americans stores are intersting but i think id alos like to go to japan as u can be yourself there and no one stares at u or judges you
  14. myhatty


    any teenagers who have mental health issues like me