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  1. AudluvsVegas


    Version - Sims 2


    GENESIS "An A-Frame Getaway" By AudluvsVegas & Furnished By LeeLuvsAud Lot Size- 6x5 Price- $122,656 Furnished- Yes Play Tested- No[/url] Ep's up to & Including (FreeTime) Including items from "Kitchen & Bath" Clean Installer Checked Sim2 Installable Package (rar) Custom Content Included: 8 Walls, 6 Tiles, and 27 Terrains By AudluvsVegas LeeLuvsAudEliteSimBuilders.Com "Eagle River Collection" by LeeLuvsAud ESB Logo?s are NOT in lot file. "ESB COLLECTION" "Custom content NOT included but required" ...To Achieve Pictured Interior. I Stand Alone Television By lara9taylor Lighted Paintings Set and Recolors By lara9taylor Hampton Desk and Recolors By lara9taylor Bohemian Chair Recolors By lara9taylor Centerpiece A Glow By LeeLuvsAud Audrey Hepburn Bedroom Collection By LeeLuvsAud
  2. AudluvsVegas

    Hand Of God

    Version - Sims 2


    Title: "Hand Of God" Category: Residential Furnished: YES Play Tested: NO Lot Size: 5x6 Price: $523,644 EP's up to and including Seasons (CUSTOM CONTENT INCLUDED) Tiles - Walls - Terrains Made by myself, (AudluvsVegas) and are in the Lot package. Alter & Crosses By lara9taylor from ESB Cross and alter NOTE: I have found out over time...that the gold trim strip's that are on the floors.... (maxis, in their brilliance) didn't realize that it could hinder the use of certain objects. A quick removal can solve this, if its a problem.... (Sim2 Installable Package) zip & rar (Clean Installer Checked) (Other... Thank You?s) Alter & Crosses By lara9taylor from ESB, which are included in the lots file. They can be loaded seperately here: Cross- Alter-
  3. AudluvsVegas

    VANGELIS "Dedication Creation"

    Version - Sims 2


    Posted 13 September 2008 - 09:39 PM Dedication Creation...for (V1ND1CARE) Lot Size- 6x5 Price- $321,287 Furnished- Yes Play Tested- No "VANGELIS SLIDESHOW" Ep's Up to & Including (FreeTime) Clean Installer Checked Sim2 Installable Package (zip & rar) Custom Content: 34 Walls, 12 Tiles, and 23 Terrains By AudluvsVegas This was built with minimal space occupied, for your Sims to find more than comfortable... with that said.... there is a ton of space to expand into as well. NOTE: Erase the street clean of its tiles...(moveobjects on) in order to take full advantage of the terrains fully during game play... have fun. "Vangelis Wall Set"