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  1. MollyEllen1996

    Guess Who's Back?!

    I have just logged back in after my brief return on 16th June... Now I have an awfully heavy heart to realise that I logged back in too late, missing Nonni's message. I don't know what else to say at this time, I'm just upset with myself for not finding time to return sooner. :'(
  2. MollyEllen1996

    Guess Who's Back?!

    Guess who's back... Again!
  3. Well, look where on the internet I've ended up again!

  4. MollyEllen1996

    Guess Who's Back?!

    I've done lots & lots I guess I have just posted some real life pictures, so if I make that a regular thing, I'm sure y'all can keep up with me again from now. ;)
  5. MollyEllen1996

    Guess Who's Back?!

    Oh wow, thank you two (Sorry for the late reply... password issues) So then, how've you all been?
  6. MollyEllen1996

    Guess Who's Back?!

    Hello everyone! It's me! 'Mogirules'... Molly! As I type this post, I am loading The Sims 2 Double Deluxe onto my new(ish) laptop for the first time. :D So, it's been over 2 years... How are you guys?!
  7. MollyEllen1996

    Cheats (and links to Cheats)

    OK I didn't buy it! It's too expensive & I thinks Sims 2 is better...
  8. MollyEllen1996

    Cheats (and links to Cheats)

    Me too! I'm going to buy it now!
  9. MollyEllen1996

    The Boss!

    Cool life!> (By the way, how come I didn't even notice when we got 5,000 members?...)
  10. MollyEllen1996


    Ooh, yum, PIZZA! What's your favourite type?
  11. MollyEllen1996

    Petunia Mae Witherbottom

    She's back now! :D/>
  12. MollyEllen1996


    Thanks y'all!