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  1. MaAlet

    Sims 2 UC

    I don't know the game. I'll Google it Maybe some day I'll join you
  2. MaAlet

    10,000 Angels New #13

  3. MaAlet

    Sims 2 UC

    Good point! that may well be. The game is still in my Game Library - do not know if it's still downloadable though. Will have to try.
  4. MaAlet

    Sims 2 UC

    I can not understand either! Are the just "jealous" because Sims 2 are still so popular? I admit Sims 3 and 4 are fun to play, but sims 2 are still the better planned and programmed game.
  5. MaAlet

    Sims 2 UC

    Urge EA to continue sale and/or distribution of The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection on Origin Please sign and share link with your simmer friends
  6. MaAlet


    Gorgeous! Sadly I do not have Seasons
  7. MaAlet


    Wow! This is really gorgeous!
  8. MaAlet

    AF-Dress Recolors

    Beautiful recolours! I like this dress a lot - I just wish I could get a longer version
  9. MaAlet

    White wall and White Floors

    Thank you, Beck! I'm definitely going to use this!
  10. MaAlet


    Karen, I love these colours! Thank you, so much!
  11. MaAlet

    Do Not Try This

    Awww MM, you really have my heartfelt sympathy! I hope you have something like Burnshield dressing to use on the wounds! Hugs
  12. MaAlet


    Wow! So very pretty! Thank you, MM
  13. MaAlet

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    I always had problems with UC, because of Origin I also found that Sims 3 is quite playable if you have only a few pack in you game while playing - depending on what kind of game you're playing. There are now so many cc available for Sims 4 that you probably will be able to build this wonderful set in Sims 4 too.
  14. MaAlet

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    Oh wow Lisa, this is amazing! You did such a wonderful job! Is this in Sims 3?