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  1. MaAlet


    Wow! So very pretty! Thank you, MM
  2. MaAlet

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    I always had problems with UC, because of Origin I also found that Sims 3 is quite playable if you have only a few pack in you game while playing - depending on what kind of game you're playing. There are now so many cc available for Sims 4 that you probably will be able to build this wonderful set in Sims 4 too.
  3. MaAlet

    The Throne of God in Heaven

    Oh wow Lisa, this is amazing! You did such a wonderful job! Is this in Sims 3?
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    10,000 Angels New #13

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    10,000 Angels New #13

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    In Remembrance of sweet Nonni
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    10,000 Angels New #13

  8. MaAlet

    10,000 Angels New #13

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    Word Association *4*

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    Word Fun - NEW

    Manner of Speaking
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    10,000 Angels New #13

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    Happy Belated Birthday Alet!

    A very belated THANK YOU! to you all. I am so sorry I stayed away for so long I do miss you all but it seems as if my life is only getting busier and more complicated. I pray that each of you had a wonderful Christmas festive time. May God's multitude of blessings rest on all of you all through 2018!
  13. Hi Alet,

    Just checking in to see how you are doing lately. I pray you and family are all well?

    God bless you~Lisa

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    Build A Story - 3 Words At A Time *4* NEW

    are planning for ...
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    Word Fun *4*

    Company Rules