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  1. Nonni

    BoGo Twikkii

    Version - Sims 2


    This is my second vacation lot in our vacation lots challenge. It was built on the beach of a vacation destination, Twikkii Island. I am so thankful for all of the creators and the lovely things that they have shared with the Simming Community. I thank God, the One and Only Matchless Creator for leading me to Sims 2. I am blessed with such remarkable and tolerant friends that I have found here.
  2. Nonni


    No, all EPs and SPs were installed when I created this lot.
  3. Nonni


    Version - Sims 2


    Lot size: 2 X 3 Price: $47,947 Thanks to My Lord Creator and to the following artist for their wonderful work: 4ESF Outdoor Rocks Dorien Doo-Wop Building edges Lethe_s Mortar and Pestle Macarossi Plants and Rocks Marvine Spiral Stairs Ladder -Maylin- Antique cooking fireplace Bookcase Michelle Floors Fireplace Invisible refrigerator The Epic Fountain Terrain Paint Wallpaper Roof Misc. Recolors Rebecah Trash Can Sandy ATS Country Kitchen items sunni9676 Fireplace recolor Taroo Wall Lamp Bathroom Items TheNinthWave Smaller Weeping Willow
  4. Nonni

    Castle Berry Kitchen

    Version - Sims 2


    Castle Berry Kitchen Price: $42,193 - Lot size: 2X2 Many thanks to the following creators: *please note that some links may be lost due to sites closing/hacking* Kate "Eponymous Garden" Fern http://www.parsimonious.org Khakidoo Shrubbery http://www.modthesims.info/browse.php?f=410&showType=1&gs=0&showAll=1&u=325636 Lethe_s mortar and pestle http://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=72971 Marvine rocks and waterfall http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=275659 MaryLou and Numenor Hacked Coat Hook http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=225251 Maylin Antique Cooking Fireplace http://linna.modthesims.info/download.php?t=234925 Michelle Terrain Paint ML-N Hacked Coat hook recolor Wooden Juicer recolor Chess set Wallpaper Door recolor Roof Mini Desk TNW rock toilet recolor Rebecah Trash can recolor http://www.simsafe2.com/index.php?app=uportal Floor - exclusive atssandy ethnic bathroom items exclusive atssandy country kitchen items exclusive Invisible refrigerator exclusive Beck's Crib and changing table recolor - exclusive Loveseat recolor Dining Chair recolor Table recolor Window recolor -exclusive Lord Darcy The Garden Swing of Bliss and Harmony http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,11573.0.html Rebecah Wooden Juicer Craftmeister's Pine Double Bed http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/1473-craftmeister-double-bed-requested/ Diving board and pool ladder Trash can http://www.simsafe2.com/index.php?app=uportal BecksOneTileChangingTable and Crib http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/399-one-tile-crib-n-changing-table-castaway-style-base-game-compatiable-i-include-a-version-for- Sandy / atssandy Shower http://www.aroundthesims2.com/objects/sets_bathroom/009/index.html country kitchen items http://www.aroundthesims2.com/objects/sets_kitchen/index.html sunni9676 recolor of Maylin Antique Cooking Fireplace_RedBrick http://www.sunni.us/medieval-maylinstove.htm Taroo medieval bathroom and torch http://www.tarox4sims2.de/moebel.html TheNinthWave Terrain paint http://www.sapphiresims2.com/showthread.php?t=41225 rock toilet http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/1470-rock-toilet/ Deer Wall Hanging TV - exclusive Smaller Weeping Willow http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/698-smaller-weeping-willow/ Ygg fern http://assimilatedsims.com/forum/index.php?topic=506.0
  5. Nonni


    This lot is now updated and ready for public view. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Nonni


    Version - Sims 2


    Lot size: 5x4 Price:
  7. Nonni

    Therapy Ball Chair (for Aloha Kay)

    Great work and congratulations on a good meshing job!