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  1. Levini

    Pass the Salt

    Do families still eat together around the dining table? Tbh, My family doesn't unless it's a very special thing, moslty because it involves bringing the other table out, which is a pain in the neck to do. Should parents ban cellphones from family time together? Well I don't think so. for me I usually wind up getting distracted by a movie or whatever's on TV if we're watching something anyway. Are basic good manners out of fashion, and only for old folks? Well, No but I don't think it's anything wrong with texting while eating or with family. I'm sure as long as you don't stay stuck to your phone the whole time it's ok.
  2. Levini

    Climbable tree for cats

    Hmm... I thought I remember seeing something like that for TS2. I know something like the pic above exists for TS3, but I was unsure if it got converted.
  3. Levini

    My Sims 4 houses

    Ah, I get that, It's nice to not have to deal with CC and the various issues. but to be honest Sims 4's styling really negated much of the CC need since they actually did somewhat decent with matching stuff up right.
  4. Levini

    Been a long time - a Reintroduction

    Hello LilSister It's nice to meet some new faces. And Thank you Nonni, I've been doing so good lately and I hope you're doing the same
  5. Levini

    Been a long time - a Reintroduction

    Mission Mouse, I did at some point, but I moved to Sims 3 and Tumblr after a small while. I still Have Sims 2 with some Mods up at MTS, but they're only small modifications.
  6. Levini

    My Sims 4 houses

    From what it looks like, it sounds like a mix of Sims 2 OFB with Sims 3 Ambitions, which will be a good combination... On the other hand I do wonder how it will affect the modding end of the game, since I do anticipate CAS CC being broken if they do make clothing shopping a thing and it's likely furniture will break too. @Marbi, Outdoor Retreat was actually okish. I did like some of the content they added and it gave something to do I suppose. I would agree with you that it wasn't worth their pricing on it though, but I would say to totally check it if it's on a good sale.
  7. Levini

    Been a long time - a Reintroduction

    hey MaAlet! Call me how you want I don't mind. I actually have my own CC tumblr for TS3 stuff but for TS4 stuff I'm planning to upload to the Sims 4 Studio forums. I figure keeping my games separate will do me better and allow both to shine more.
  8. Hey all! Some of Ya'll might know me from like forever ago, but it's been such a long time I kinda feel the need to reintroduce and I guess get myself back to places I've missed. So here goes! I'm Levini here, but Elsewhere I go by the name of DemonWolf. Real name's Vincent (Used to be Jim to those who knew me good, but I've since changed it) Sims Wise, I'm a TS3 and TS4 creator. TS3 wise, I do almost everything from Objects to CAS, with my specialty being Hair Retextures and edits. TS4 wise I'm working with the Sims 4 Studio team, helping test the program and running the forum there. I have dabbled in TS4 stuff, but I have yet to put any solid things out. Non-sims wise a lot has changed from 4 years or so ago. I did graduate High school and am about to be going to an online college for my degree in Education after an unsuccessful gap year of not finding any work. I'm in a Long distance relationship that's 4 months away from a year. We're hopeful to move in together soon. I suppose for those who know me you'd like to see how much I've grown so here's my Graduation pic, and here's a photo after cutting my hair. There goes for a re-intro... hope to get to be happy to come back and hope to reestablish contact with friends and meet new peeps
  9. oi! I havent reintroduced myself! Well.... What do you want to know?
  10. Jim-Jim is BACK!!!

  11. Thank you for the bday wishes Jim!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Levini

    The SimGym Mini Trampoline

    lovely Job Alet I love it
  14. i know I wish Jon was here to help ... he helped a little but congrats on feeling better