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    A white squirrel! How neat! I have never seen one! I haven't seen a chipmunk since we left Pennsylvania when I was a teen (decades and decades ago). I used to love watching birds when I lived by the lake in the country (in the 90s). Woodpeckers are interesting to observe. I still enjoy bird watching, but don't see near the variety where I live now.
  4. Sugah


    Hahaha! "My computer ate itself!!!" What a hoot! Too funny!
  5. Sugah


    I'm in north Texas. We didn't experience any repercussions from winter storm Jonas. Mouse, that's hilarious about you comparing your pooch to the Energizer Bunny on Red Bull! Hahaha! I love it!
  6. Sugah


    Cute! I really like it. Both for our adult Sims and our senior ladies. Good job!
  7. Sugah


    Oh, my! Umeki is absolutely beautiful, Nonni. She's SIMply lovely. And awwwww ... So precious as a toddler!!! Thank you for sharing this Asian beauty with us.
  8. Pierre, I am sorry you were having a rough go of it. I am glad you are doing better now. We certainly have all had our share of crummy days and I agree with Nonni. It's nice to be able to vent and share your burdens with others who care. Big Hug!
  9. Sugah

    Summer Tea Party by amythestfenix

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing, Nonni.
  10. Sugah


    Very nice! I like it. Good collaboration, Rebecah & Mouse!
  11. Sugah


    Darling mesh! Pretty recolors!
  12. Sugah

    Sarita Ajani by LilSister

    Oh, I agree with Nonni, LilSis. Sarita is quite the exotic beauty. WOW!!! Fabulous job on the Sari, too.
  13. Sugah


    Oh, Alet! Mimi truly IS a lovely Sim!
  14. Sugah

    LilSister's Sims 2 Album

    What a beautiful family and fabulous family portrait, LilSister. I can see why you love them!!!