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  1. Pierre


    thank you marbi
  2. hello to all, i do not have an actual update yet but i am letting everyone know that i have my own site call delightful sims that is sim related as well as related to games on consoles like playstation 4 xbox1 ps3 ps2 3ds xbox 360 so everyone is welcome here is my site button as well everyone is welcome <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Delightful Sims Affiliates"></a>
  3. Pierre


    even do i also miss nonni i have a feeling that up in heaven she has meet and became a good friend to my grandmother up and heaven and they they are having a cup of tea toghter playing cards and scrabble up in heaven.
  4. Happy Birthday!


    1. Pierre


      thank you gaygar my friend

  5. hello gaygar my friend just sent you a pm

  6. Pierre


    what i can say about nonni is that she will be miss but her spirit lives on in all of us and i am posting this song in detecation to nonni who was a very good friend as well as simmer mary did you know by pentatonix
  7. Pierre


    have you tough about making for male sims kids and little girls sims some retro T-shirts?
  8. Pierre


    super cute gaygar
  9. Hello marbi,

    you are welcome to make for your game if you need new sims my grandmother and her family with my blessing if you need new sims in your game

    1. Marbi


      Thank you so much. I haven't played sims 4 in a long while but if I start it up again I will have your family in mind. I am mostly playing sims 2 now and I am not good at making sims in that game so I use the ones the comes with the game.

      Thank you again

  10. Pierre

    Happy Birthday, Sugah!

    Happy bithday sugah my bfff and enjoy your special day
  11. Good idea will be in the work in a bit right now i am playing my mom simself and my simself as a kid
  12. need help and idea to create a nice sims4 family

    please see my thread here and give me some ideas as well thank you



  13. Hello to all of my afinaty sims (*simmingfamily) and bfff, i am in need of ideas to create a nice sims4 family and create there home that i would be happy to share with everyone via the gallery for simmers that plays the sims4 thank you for any ideas in advance
  14. Hello to all of my affinaty friend and bfff and simming family i am glad to be back and love the new look of the site
  15. You got on!

    1. Pierre


      yes i did thank you