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Found 5 results

  1. Version - Sims 4


    My first toddler dress recolors for Sims 4, all 5 dresses are in one stand alone file. I do not understand why EA saw fit not to include toddlers a long time ago.
  2. My First Toddler Recolors Stand Alone View File My first toddler dress recolors, all 5 dresses are in one stand alone file. I do not understand why EA saw fit not to include toddlers a long time ago. Submitter Rebecah Submitted 01/17/2017 Category Sims - CAS Items  
  3. gayars

    Toddler PJS

    Version Sims 2


    This is some toddler pjs I made for Christmas. There is a set of just Christmas ones, in their own zip, the pjs being either boy or girl, and the gown is for girls only. The gown is repeated in the zipped set of Cocomama's gowns as well. The mesh is included. The toddler girl pjs with the my little pony design and the butterfly are base game only, as are the Christmas pjs for boys or girls. The toddler girl pjs are in a zip as well, plus there is a set of all of them if you would rather have those. Cocomama's original set can be found here.
  4. gayars

    Toddler Clothes

    Version Sims 2


    These are some toddler clothes I made here while back for Christmas. The little sweatsuit is boy's only, and is in everyday. The little girls are everyday only as well. I used two different meshes for the little girl's clothes. One is by Cynnix here and One is by Klira here (the little owl outfit). The meshes are included. The little boy's outfit is base game. The girl's clothes, along with the meshes, are in their own zip, and the little boy's is in another.
  5. KittenOnACloud

    Animated Owl Mobile

    Version - Sims 2


    In loving memory of simmer Nonni (February 1948 - August 2016) First off, a HUGE thank you to the following people for making this object possible. NixNivis for permitting cloning of her Starship Mobile to which this mobile takes its animation. Also for the tremendous amount of time and help she gave personally. Gayars for providing the owl textures and her own recolours. FracturedMoonlight for guidance in meshing. This mobile slowly rotates using the pie menu options, "Start Spinning" and "Stop Spinning". It is best placed using the "setquartertileplacement on" cheat. Found under Miscellaneous > Children for 80 simoleans. Recolours can be downloaded separately. Included are pink, purple, red and white by me and lavender, aqua green and turquoise by Gayars. Blue is the owls default colour. Mobile compressed at 301KB. Additional Credits: GIMP,, Milkshape, The Compressorizer and of course, SimPE.