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    • Rebecah

      Private Messages   11/10/2017

      I have finally restored most of the private messages in a separate database.   Click Here and log in.  You should be able to find your messages.  That is all I have there for now.  Most images and files should be   You must open this message to use the link.
    • Rebecah

      We are still here! :)   11/13/2017

      It looks like all our hard work paid off, as we were not shut down yesterday.  Thank so much for all your help!


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You are a South African bush pilot working for Blue Sky Aviation. 

You fly in some critical medical supplies; enjoy a quick lunch at the hospital. 

It's a stifling 100 degrees in the shade and you're eager to get back aloft to the cooler upper atmosphere.


On the way back to your aircraft, you discover that the only bit of shade within 1 mile has become very popular. 


You start estimating the distance to the aircraft door and wonder... 



'Do I feel lucky today?'









Isn't THIS awesome ...

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This will be one of my most favorite funny pictures! I love it and I really appreciate the hee-haws you have given me today. :slapLaugh:  :ROLF::slapLaugh:

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