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A warning to fellow simmers!

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I recently had to contact EA because I was locked out of my Origin account. :sweat:  ..Because I had not signed in for a long time, I was unaware that my account had been hacked into more than a month ago! :o

  :sherlockholmes: What they did was used my password (by using a device that picks up on key strokes), and once they were in they changed my security settings and requested a code be sent to their cell phone number...This meant that once I tried to log in using my password as usual, I then needed to provide a security code (number) that was sent to somebody else's cell phone.  

I tried to contact EA via the Origin website, :police:  which created a problem as I had to be able to log into my account first. :scare3: So I ended up sending them an email asking for a call back. 

I was VERY impressed with how the technician handled my case quickly and efficiently. He explained how this sort of thing has been happening not only to EA, but to other companies as well; and he guided me step by step to change my account in order to help prevent this from happening again. 

He was also able to look into my account history and see that someone had been playing my Sims 4 game for some time now. (and that "somebody" was not me). :hmm:

If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to set your security settings in your Origin account to what is called a two-factor security code. You may then choose to have your code sent either to your own cell phone or to your email every time you log in...It is a bit more time consuming then just using your password alone, but it will help keep hackers out. Although I have taken further measures with my own account in order to try to prevent anyone or anything from picking up on my "key strokes"...I don't know if it will work, but I am hopeful.

I just want to add one more thing...I had always heard so many complaints about EA's tech support, and I was very hesitant to contact them...I found the technician to be a very pleasant and knowledgeable person who took care of my problem very quickly, and I feel confident that EA is keeping track of my case that I filed with them even now.


~God Bless~


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Yes MM, you should log into your Origin account and make sure nobody has been in there and changed anything around, especially if you have any games in your queue... Like TS2 Ultimate collection, or anything bought from the store. I hadn't been logged into mine for so long, and did not have the two factor security code or (login verification) turned you should make sure yours is turned on. That way nobody can hack your account because you will get a code sent to your email or cell phone that will allow you to login (your choice).

Once you have done this you should make sure to allow origin to recognize your computer and that way you won't have to keep entering the code. EA will send you an email if someone tries to login from another computer besides the one you use (and asked them to recognize) A window should come up the first time you enter the code successfully and it will ask you to check the box to "recognize this computer".

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