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Jake on rare occasions will do something different that we have not noticed before. Tonight was one of those occasions. :o

I don't know why, but Bailey never barked to be let outside. He just went and stood at the door. I suppose Jake picked up that behaviour because he has never barked to be let out either,

I was in the kitchen making myself something to eat and Jake wanders in. I'm kinda busy and didn't see that he was at the door. All of a sudden I hear this gigantic BURP!! :55: Since Dave isn't home yet and I know that sound didn't come from me, there is only one culprit capable of making that noise. I look over and sure enough there is Jake at the patio door. I asked him if he made that noise, he just wiggles his butt and then turns back to the door.


I think that's just a funny coincidence but later he did it again. How sweet, this is how he's going to let me know he wants outside from now on???  :insane:

I can just imagine how well that will go over when we visit family and Jake pulls that stunt. :ROLF:

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:ROLF:  I needed that laugh so bad. Thanks. We've been back and forth to Dave's dad's so much that poor Jake isn't sure where he lives anymore. Thankfully he hasn't farted at Dad's yet.

We are at home now and just waiting to hear if we have to go back. Toni has 7 daughters so I can never get the names straight as I don't see them that much, but they are going to take turns for the next while and I hope it goes well.

He's waiting for Dave to come home. He keeps walking over to the side door and then looking back at me like I can make Dave magically appear. Then when Dave doesn't appear I get that super sad face and he sighs and lays down on the sofa. I also think he's overtired from all our back and forth visits to Dave's dad. Jake hasn't been getting his usual afternoon nap because there has been too much going on. We are home today and so we got our nap, but I think he's still confused about all these comings and goings. He's also not used to riding in a car with someone else driving other than Dave. I really hope we can stay home tomorrow.

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