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Ein"s Custom Content!

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So here it is and I'm so very excited!


We'll start with the adult clothes...




So this was the very first thing I recolored. I like pastels, especially since I am playing spring in my game.




This is the second thing I did adding a little texture to the shirt. I actually kind of love this shirt a little. I would so wear it.




Ye-ouch! Yeah you can't an omelet without scrambling a few eggs. The red blob on the jacket was supposed to be a rose...not so much. I have no clue why the shoes look so odd, but yeah, I learned that if I wanted to add something I really need to learn to mesh. I have Milkshape downloaded but haven't played with it yet.


So now on to the kids stuff!




So this was the first thing I did. Just basically stuck the picture on to the undies, which I also use as pjs (to me it looks like a shorts and tank set you would wear during summer)




Sooo I have a couple of First Communions coming up, and I absolutely adore this dress! So I added a very subtle texture to it, and made it white (now if I could figure out how to make my wedding veils for all ages I would be so happy!)




Here is another one this time with a stronger texture. I'm not really too keen on the sleeves, so I'll either fix that when get meshing down or I'll find a mesh to use (provided I find one that allows you to use the mesh for recoloring)




*sniffles* Oh look it's... Bing Bong! I adored Inside Out! So this is first shirt I made. I whitened the two-toned t-shirt, and the just added the picture of Bing...*takes deep breath* Bong *bites knuckles* Excuse me I have to go a minute!!!




Admittedly I'm not a "Frozen" fan at all, but, striving for reality, I imagine some of my little girl sims would like it, so this is the first shirt in my "Frozen" line. Added Elsa there, and played with the hue/saturation to get that kinda icey bluish color.







Here are a couple of Olaf shirts too.




So yus, this is all the clothing I've done so far. Next time I'll show you the objects. It's rather addictive. I think I spent most of my day Monday looking up textures for Photoshop and pictures to add to clothing (got a bunch). So yes! If I can ever figure out how to package things I'm going to upload my stuff. Maybe someone might enjoy them too! ^_^


Anyways hope you enjoy these.



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Wow, you are doing awesome! I will give you a bit of a hint that I got from CatOfEvilGenius at MTS.....she told me to be careful using white as it will have a glare in the game.

But I really thing you did a perfect job with your First communion dresses. Now all you have to do is share them!!! (hint, hint)

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