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Vacation Home Challenge

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We have been tossing around ideas for a new challenge, and we have come up with this idea = Vacation lots.


If you have the three Maxis Vacation Destinations, you may wish to make a beach lot or build Residential or Community lot that will work anywhere you wish.  (this is not a CONTEST)


Just remember that this challenge is for fun and we may also pick up some building tips from other lot creators.


It is very, very important that you follow the instructions/rules for uploading. 


Please read the instructions found here.


You may Upload as many lots as you enjoy creating.  


Please ask questions that will help us define the parameters.


Start posting your pictures in the Sims pictures Gallery - start posting a new thread for here.


If you do not like building lots you may wish to create recolors or meshes or maybe treat your present Simmies to  fun on the beach or hiking out to find to find BigFoot.

Also, if you have a game you are presently playing maybe you would like to treat a Sim family or a just married couple to a vacation.


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Y'all's interest and support are delightful! :366915:

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I have already started. If I feel like it, and have time for it, I think I will do one for each vacation neighbourhood.

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Wow, Marbi! That sounds great but no commitments. Play for fun not for obligations. :dancing smiley:


I must confess that I have been addicted to Gina's house on stilts.  I try to stick to my other fun, by grabbing screenshots and posting them. However I keep playing her lot, instead.



addicted to

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