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      It looks like all our hard work paid off, as we were not shut down yesterday.  Thank so much for all your help!

I thought that I would share how I create a Sim

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First, while in the game, I open CAS:






and pick a Maxis Sim:




You probably notice That I am using Custom Content Default Replacement eyes.


And I Use Aaroneous' Bodyshop Sliders Added To CAS mod from here.


I remove what stuff I will probably not use, (stubble), I will also shorten eyelashes and grab a custom skintone.




There is much fussing, trial and error checking appearance from age to age.






It is about like shopping for new clothes.






Then I will test genetic heritage with a possible mate:




I am not happy with the eyes of their offspring. And so I continue tweaking here and there.

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