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I love my life the boring way it is. :ROLF: Basically I can do what I want, when I want and I have very little stress. Even with Michael's daily phone call and his problems, it's not stressing me out. I enjoy the chats he and I have, even when what he needs is for me to help him restore a negative back into a positive. By the time the call is nearing it's conclusion I can hear the calm in his voice.

I had a HUGE adventure yesterday, I drove the truck. Our personal vehicle, not the big rig. :slapLaugh: Poor Dave, our truck needed to visit the mechanic for repairs and then his beloved motorcycle needed to go to the Harley mechanic for a repair as well. Here he was, two vehicles and both of them in the mechanic's garages getting fixed. I'm no good at math so I have no idea what the odds are  on that kind of thing happening. Plus I thought it was funny, Dave didn't quite agree.  So once the truck was fixed he wanted to get his motorcycle that was now also fixed and I volunteered to go with him to the Harley shop and follow him home in the truck. I have not driven in a little over 10 years and have no idea why I even volunteered to do that. I'm not planning to make it a habit, I do prefer being the passenger. All the way home as I am following him, I kept telling myself, "Do not run over Dave." :ROLF: Jake was sitting in the seat I sit in and his world was kinda turned topsy turvey. He kept giving me these weird looks because I was in the wrong seat and he was totally confused. I dunno, it might have been my revenge on Jake for that bone thingie. Upstairs, downstairs, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and IN THE BED!!!! It's bad enough when there is a ball or a toy in the bed and I roll over and wake up because something is poking me in the back, but that bone thingie??? I roll on that and it's got pointy things on it and it really hurts. Plus I get growled at because I accidentally touched his precious bone chew thingie. This from a dog who will sprawl on top of me, or kick me to get me to move so he can be more comfortable.

Michael is not allowed certain things in his diet anymore and he wants to know how I can tell him no, you can't have that, put it back on the shelf when we are in the grocery store, but I am totally useless at maintaining any kind of discipline with Jake. I told him he doesn't have a fluffy tail or a wiggly butt.  :ROLF: 

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Well congratulations on having a successful adventure! I remember the first time I drove in years, as we only had one car, a standard naturally, and I only drive automatics, and my husband at the time and I went and got new cars, all the way in another state, mind you, and so my first adventure in driving in years was driving all the way home in a brand new car from another state! I was scared out of my mind!


And yes, little furry creatures with wiggly tails get away with a LOT more than the two legged children here as well :slapLaugh:

My Rover can almost do no wrong....Just ask him.... :grin:


My husband read an article about some couple that built a special bed just to have room to have their dogs sleep with them, and we were like, yep that is us! That is what we need to do! LOL.

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On 9/15/2016 at 6:02 AM, MaAlet said:


LOL I'm sure I have that allergy too - and nobody would believe me either! And Dave's allergy prescription will never work for me  smiley.gif

Your reply to Dave's handing you his  "prescription" could be: "Careful, there's many OTHER uses for a broom!"

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