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Working Wringer Washer?

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I am hoping that someone can find or create a working wringer washer.  Moving through early America, my sims have gone from using the rock to the tub and washboard that Rebecah made - and which I love !  Soon, though, my more well-to-do sims will be looking for the "latest thing."

I have two decorative wringer washers - one from Cashcraft's Scullery Set and the other, somewhat newer looking than that, in white, that I downloaded recently - sorry, I don't recall from whom.  I can find out, if needed.

If that's not possible, or just too tedious to do, I would be happy to have an invisible recolor of the tub/washboard washer.  I can use it with the decorative wringer washers.

I would be most grateful for whatever anyone can do for me.  Thanks very much for reading.

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Actually that was on my to do list anyway! I was going to make one for Nonni, but had to find a wringer washer first, as I am not good at meshing yet. Sadly I found one a couple of weeks or so after she died that Mustluvcatz made. If you know of any however, if you could pm me the links and/or the objects I would appreciate it! 


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Just bringing this back to the top to see if you (gayars) or anyone else has had any luck with such a thing.  I don't want to be a pest - I surely understand RL coming first and all that.  Right now, I am using a decorative wringer washer with an invisible item "Tend and Toil" on top of it.  It's certainly not a perfect solution, but it keeps the maids busy while I am doing other things :) .

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Working on it :) I am sorry, personal life got away from me for awhile now, and left half finished projects lying around everywhere on my computer!  If it took more than 2 days to do, you were out of luck! 

However,stay tuned, I will be sending you a play to test version very soon ;)

That and a surprise for the site :)

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I do have a working model but it has rough edges and I want it to be truly awesome so am working on my animating.  Lach and I are busy consulting over it as we speak.  I have about four animations to get it right. And some touch up meshing.  It has been an ongoing process more to do with my animating skills and meshing ones to catch up rather than the modding part.

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