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Mission Mouse

Sims2 and Windows10

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I have done all kinds of research and am now almost ready to put Sims2 on my laptop. Pippy has been sleeping on the keyboard of my desktop and has somehow managed to completely mess it up. I have transferred all my Sims2 files and projects and so tomorrow I will begin to install Sims2 on my laptop. I have this one file from MTS that is necessary for the game to work, it stops the upgrading process that apparently interferes with the installation. I always saved all the patches, so I do have everything I need. I am not getting the Origin version as I don't want to have to make those weird changes to SimPE.


I've spent well over 7 days at Spoonflower collecting patterns and that means I'll have hours and hours of resizing, copying and pasting to make patterns the suitable size. I know there is a way to add patterns to my paint program, but I prefer to have suitably sized pattern image so I know what I am working with.

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