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Sims2 UltimateCollection

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Has anyone else noticed that after having the game installed with the discs, and then switching to Origin and downloading Sims2 that file sizes for some things have changed?

I kid you not, most of the things I had before I got the laptop for recolouring clothing were size 1024 X 1024. I have a bunch of projects to finish up and this is the second time I have gone into Body Shop and my file is 1024 X 1024, but the file in the game is now 512 X 512. I don't understand why the sizes changed, but I double checked and the original file IS 1024 X 1024. Yet in the game that same file extracts to size 512 X 512. I figured out that all I need to do to fix this is to replace all the files sized 512 X 512 with the originals I had before Sims2 Ultimate Collection. I just find this extremely weird.

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