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I am not sure if I feel sorry for Robert or not but I do feel sorry for Michal. There is more in this story than meets the eye.

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14 hours ago, Marbi said:

I am not sure if I feel sorry for Robert or not but I do feel sorry for Michal. There is more in this story than meets the eye.

Robert is like a type of person that you meet, and want to like but they just don't make it easy. he is handsome, intelligent and has good somewhere deep down in his heart, but he has relied on his intelligence and faith in science too much, so much that darkness crept in there, and now he is forced to look beyond himself and science (hence his surprise when Michal levitated like that). Then you have Michal, who has suffered great loss, (his father and his faith, and now it seems he is losing his soul to the 'demon' within) Yet, he is so likable and you can tell he is really a good person..but he blames God for his pain, and believes he is beyond redemption now.

Both male characters are in danger of losing their souls to a type of darkness within!

Ella is the strong one here{ believe it or not}. She never lets the trials of life allow her to lose her faith, and her love for her child is stronger than any adversity that comes her way. She loves her husband even though he makes her miserable..she tends to turn her sadness into hope, and her loyalty to her friend is unfaltering no matter how much he scares her.


I'm glad you are enjoying this story..So am I! It seems to unfold as I am writing it, lol!

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On 8/5/2017 at 6:55 PM, Mission Mouse said:

:smiley_happy107: This is awesome, can't wait for more. And speeling iz fer chimpz, so have no worries over grammatical errors, no one here is a grammar police-person.

I agree!  I really enjoyed your story.  Thanks for sharing.

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08-02-17_6-21-28 PM.png

Throughout the following weeks, Michal spent his days locked inside the small cell that Robert had custom built. He slept most of the time, with only his dreams to keep him company. He would awake to the soft clicking of the keyboard as Robert worked. The sounds of the lab became a familiar lullabye to him as he lay on the small cot behind bars that he hoped would hold him if the demon took control again.


08-02-17_1-01-11 PM.png

Robert spent nights in the lab downstairs. He had taken a leave from his job at the Science facility while he worked tirelessly pouring over everything he could get his hands on pertaining to the virus.



08-02-17_1-52-06 PM.png

Again and again Ella pleaded with her husband to please allow her to visit Michal as he was securely behind iron bars, but Robert was adamant that she stay away. 

08-13-17_8-36-40 PM.png

She visited Ophelia each day after school. Careful to hide the marks on her neck that seemed would never fade. 

Ophelia was always happy to see her, but would cry after Ella left. She wished she could stay there with her daughter, but Robert felt it was best to limit contact outside of the house until they knew the extent of Ella's exposure to the illness.

08-13-17_8-56-30 PM.png


Speaking of the dreaded illness that had managed to transform her dear friend into some sort of other-worldly creature; Ella  had some concerns of her own. Despite feeling stronger and more vibrant than she had in a long time, she started noticing a few strange things. For one, her eyes were growing more accustomed to the dark but at the same time, more sensitive to daylight. She found she needed to wear sunglasses if she ventured outside for very long. She was afraid to tell Robert, so she decided she would keep this all to herself for now. 
The other changes, however, she knew she would not be able to hide for too much longer. She prayed Robert would be delighted with her news, but when she finally mustered the courage to tell him, she could have never predicted he would react the way he did!

08-13-17_9-14-55 PM.png
It was a cool evening seven weeks after that dreaded day when Ella told Robert that she had something very urgent to discuss with him. 
Robert, "Please don't freak out, but..
..I'm pregnant. 
Robert not only freaked out, but he nearly dragged poor Ella into the bedroom and told her to stay put! 
Scared, she complied.

When Robert returned he had a hospital gown in his hand. He tossed it onto the bed beside the confused Ella.
"But, ..but Robert, I can just make an appointment for an exam with my OB/GYN! There's no need for, well, whatever this is for!" she said as she picked up the gown.
Robert insisted that he and he alone must handle this situation. This made Ella furious and throwing the gown back at him she said that she didn't understand why he was acting this way!

He should be happy! She always wanted to give Ophelia a little brother or sister! Why couldn't he be happy? The look that crossed his handsome face was hard to discipher, but his next words left her spinning..
"It's not possible that you are pregnant, Ella..I gave you medication to calm you down months ago, and the side effect was sterility!"
Once Ella recovered her senses and could speak..She managed to smile and exclaim that it is a miracle then! But Robert only shook his head and for the hundreth time asked her exactly what happened that day with Michal.
Ella picked up the gown and numbly put it on her trembling body.
She followed her husband down into the basement. She tried to catch a glimpse of Michal, but Robert, anticipating  that she would do just that was quick to inform her that he was not in his cell, but not to worry..he was contained.

08-05-17_12-19-16 AM.png
Ella's eyes filled up with tears as she explained once again that she could not remember what happened..and neither could Michal!





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"He obviously fed from me..but..but..Surely, you aren't thinking that this child isn't yours!?"

08-05-17_9-14-54 AM.png
Ignoring her, he led her to an examining table and instructed her to lie down. 

08-04-17_11-48-44 PM.png


Once he examined the sample he took from Ella under the microscope, he turned to her and confirmed that she was indeed with child. 

08-05-17_9-18-14 AM.png

Under normal conditions this announcement would have made Ella jump for joy..But she felt only fear and, although she hated the feeling, She felt guilty. She should have never gone to see Michal alone that day!

Ella examined.png

Standing barefoot on the cold linoleum, Ella repeated the story of the events of that day almost two months prior.

But neither she nor Michal seemed to have any memory of the events leading up to her collapse. She claimed she went to Michal to convince him to return to their home. Then she remembered Michal running from the room, she chasing after him and then waking up from the sofa.


When he later asked Michal what he did to Ella, Michal became frustrated with Robert as he exclaimed once again that the last thing he recalled was excusing himself and thinking that Ella had left when he went back to his resting cell..and then the blood and Ella laying there on the floor! 

08-02-17_3-55-49 PM.png

But Michal quickly turned away from Robert when he told him that Ella was pregnant, and he suspected that Michal had taken more than blood from his wife!


One week later...

08-03-17_12-00-44 AM.png
Robert arranged a special visit from Ophelia. The child looked at her mother sitting at the table next to her father and knew that something was wrong with her. Ella, normally very cheerful and happy to see Ophelia, hardly spoke and seldom smiled throughout that dinner at the big family dining table.

Robert, solemnly explained to their young daughter that her mother was very ill, and this would be the last time for a few months that Ophelia would see her. This brought tears to the child's eyes, and Ella had to run from the room. Not only overcome with emotion, but because the morning sickness was very bad with this pregnancy, and the events of that week had made everything so much worse!

As she wretched into the toilet she let loose her tears and agony! She begged God to stop whatever was happening to her family..She wanted so badly to have this child..but what kind of a woman does not know who the father of her child is? Ella had only known one man her entire life. Robert, her husband! Even back in college, her Christian upbringing kept her on the straight and narrow. She waited until their wedding night.

And now here she was on her bathroom floor, her beloved daughter could not even remain in the same house with her, and who knows what would happen once she gave birth..was it even human?


08-13-17_8-44-05 PM.png


Ella brushed her teeth and returned to the living room to say good-bye to Ophelia.
Robert felt it was best not to tell Ophelia about the pregnancy, so Ella tried to remain distant enough from her when they hugged, since she was beginning to show already. It was like torture not to kneel down and squeeze her daughter close..and the puzzled look on Ophelia's little face broke Ella's heart, but she knew that if Robert's suspicions were right, it might not be safe for Ophelia to be around the house until after it was all over and they at least had some idea what they might be dealing with.

08-02-17_4-00-47 PM.png

Over the next three months, Robert fed Michal synthetic plasma through his port, but he decided it was best to remove the port after a slight infection..That was days ago and Michal was growing hungrier for human blood by the day and would beg Robert to help him as he could not withstand it any longer.
 "Can't you at least bring me some blood from the hospital or something? You removed my feeding port, but I must eat! Robert told him that he would eat..before the night was out, he would eat. 
"But I need my port, Robert..If I taste the blood from the hospital, I will turn into the dark form again, and you may not  be able to control me then.

08-02-17_5-35-39 PM.png
Robert only walked away leaving Michal alone in the darkness of the lab..alone with his thoughts. His thoughts turned to Ella, as they often did..Ella with her kind eyes and bright smile..and then the memory of her lying in blood..and him leaning over her..Could it be true? Could he be the father of her child? And if so..would Robert still try to find a cure, or was he only being kept alive in order to be punished by him now



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18 hours ago, gayars said:

Oh my... "Waits for next installment"

Lol hopefully later tonight, I will have more up!

Im hoping there is still some love left in Robert's heart..I want all my characters to have happy endings.. but that may not be possible.

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4 hours ago, gayars said:

Well I am not THAT concerned with Robert.... :P

I know, right.

but we mustn't forget this is a story about redemption.. justice tinged with mercy.. hopefully 

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Ella sat on her bed and listened while Robert left the house. She would wait until the coast was clear to carry out her plan.

08-02-17_6-22-31 PM.png

Ella crept down the basement stairs certain that Robert had left hours ago..but she was unaware that he was watching her as she approached Michal's cell.

08-02-17_5-50-41 PM.png

Ella had no idea what she would say to Michal after such a long time apart.

08-02-17_5-37-53 PM.pngMichal heard the sound of soft footsteps coming toward him..He felt panic..God forbid Ella should see him now!

08-02-17_5-51-19 PM.png

Ella stood frozen in front of the cell. She opened her mouth to ask in confusion who was in there with Michal?

08-02-17_5-48-43 PM.png

Robert took that opportunity to make his presence known. At first he had wondered what he would do when he saw his wife quietly slipping down the basement stairs. He decided to hide behind some filing cabinets and watch.

"So, Just where are you going, My Dear.." he asked, startling her.

08-02-17_6-11-39 PM.png


She spun around to face Robert and then back toward the cell where Michal stood behind a man, clenching and unclenching his fists..she could tell Michal was struggling to maintain some control against the instinct to feed. She was so scared, so sick at the thought of what was happening to the poor man.

08-02-17_6-09-45 PM.png

As she watched Michal slowly lower his head over the other man..she did not even notice that she had sat down in the chair that Robert had pulled up for her.

08-02-17_6-10-16 PM.png

She found it hard to tear her eyes away from the horrifying sight before her!

08-02-17_6-17-04 PM.png

But Ella doubled over in the chair as she heard the sound of the man dropping to the floor drained of his lifeblood.

08-02-17_6-18-03 PM.png

Suddenly she realized that Robert was standing next to her laughing like a maniac and telling her to watch as her lover showed his true nature! 

08-02-17_6-17-40 PM.png

Ella was watching alright..but her attention was fully on her husband who stood before her acting just as much like a monster himself!

08-02-17_6-19-10 PM.png

The only difference between the monster in the cell and the one who stood freely in front of her, was only one of them had a choice in what they were doing!



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Oh my! He starves him then puts somebody in with him?  Yes Robert is truly the monster! He has gone mad.

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That man, Robert, is not at all likeable. I can understand him being angry but that is torture and I don't like that at all but I love the story, it is very thrilling.

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Yes, Robert is a hard one. I wanted to make him very driven, but I think he crossed the line when he made Michal kill that poor man!

There is only one possible outcome in the story..Ella will have to be strong for her children..

I am hoping this story proves that there can be monsters in people that you would never suspect, and then those who are noticed as monsters sometimes are only that way because they were made that way, and it is what is in the heart that can change a person for the good or for bad.


08-04-17_11-13-32 PM.png

Robert continued to moniter his wife's pregnancy. Ella kept searching his eyes for some sign of tenderness during the examinations..She would sometimes catch a little spark whenever he touched her abdomen and the baby moved..She even thought she saw a hint of a smile one time. Certainly he was reminded of when she carried Ophelia..Ella sure was. But as the days and weeks dragged on, she was becoming more and more weary of what lay ahead for her and this child. Would Robert learn to accept the baby in time? Would he find a cure for Michal? The questions seemed endless, and Ella was too exhausted to think anymore.

Although Ella was still frightened after seeing what Michal did to that poor man, she did manage to gather up enough courage and ask Robert if she could visit with Michal after one of her weekly examinations. She nearly fell over when Robert agreed to allow her to see Michal!

08-02-17_8-59-13 AM.png

Maybe it was because Robert was so busy these days working on his research that he just didn't have time to argue with her about it..or maybe it was because the closer she came to delivery, the more Robert seemed to treat her with kindness..It was almost like the old days back when Ophelia was born! Except Robert was even more of a workaholic now, but that was understandable since he was intent on finding a cure to end this nightmare..especially with the baby on the way, and Michal's need to feed. Thank God Robert surgically installed a new feeding port so that Michal could recieve blood from the hospital without turning into the monster and without anyone getting hurt! 

Ella could never forget that horrible sight she was forced to witness! And she knew it was done only to teach her some sort of lesson, and to punish her and Michal for a betrayal neither one of them even planned.

08-02-17_8-55-10 PM.png

So it was early on a Saturday morning after Robert examined her when she stepped into the cell with Michal. She felt the first twinge almost immediately, but brushed it off as nervousness.08-02-17_9-00-01 PM.png

Michal looked at Ophelia with such tenderness..he smiled as his eyes filled with tears at the sight of her.


08-02-17_8-57-46 PM.png

With hesitation he asked Ella if it was alright to touch her..She smiled and nodded. He was so happy to feel the little life inside struggling to be free, and he knew how the little one must feel, as he too wanted to be free from his cell..He had been in there for nine months now too!08-02-17_9-00-44 PM.png

Michal could not resist caressing the face that had come to haunt him in his dreams all these months. He had feared he might never see Ella again after she saw him feed that night.

08-02-17_9-05-07 PM.png

The friends expressed their concerns for one another, and embracing they clung to each other for several minutes in the dark little cell.

08-02-17_9-05-34 PM.png

Robert was watching on the monitor that he had installed in the adjacent cell. He cringed as he seen the lovers embrace.

08-22-17_10-19-18 PM.png

"I knew it!" he said under his breath. It was obvious to Robert that Ella and Michal were more than just friends! And just as he was beginning to trust Ella again..even toying with the idea that the child she carried might actually be his..that maybe there was a chance that nothing happened between the two nine months ago. He knew a blood test to check for paternity would be necessary. He felt his anger slipping away into something much more dangerous as far as he was concerned..a deep dark sadness.

08-22-17_10-19-54 PM.png

Robert was frightened at how he felt at the thought of losing Ella, and at the thought of her carrying another man's baby.


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Well they may love one another but that doesn't mean either of them are aware, or at least Ella isn't, that anything happened between her and Michal.


But they are all in some way imprisoned by Robert.

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Jealousy and envy can make anyone do things they then regret. Love and forgiveness, whatever happens, is good for the one who forgives and for the one who receives forgiveness.


The story keeps me imprisoned. :)

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19 hours ago, Marbi said:

Jealousy and envy can make anyone do things they then regret. Love and forgiveness, whatever happens, is good for the one who forgives and for the one who receives forgiveness.


The story keeps me imprisoned. :)

That is so very true!

I will try to post the next installment tomorrow evening..My dog Bud is sick so I have to have him looked at tomorrow. Please say a prayer for him if you will. :Smiley10-1:

I think I have an ending for this story in mind now!

P.S..It sure is hard getting kids in this game to stay put for their snapshots! :laugh1:

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I will pray that Bud will get better.


Kids never stay put, in life or in game. :grin:

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Thanks, ladies.

its nothing life threatening, but he is miserable with a skin disorder ongoing for four years now.

hes gonna need some antibiotics again.


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