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Marbi    6,252

I am not sure if I feel sorry for Robert or not but I do feel sorry for Michal. There is more in this story than meets the eye.

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NeverForsaken    4,926
14 hours ago, Marbi said:

I am not sure if I feel sorry for Robert or not but I do feel sorry for Michal. There is more in this story than meets the eye.

Robert is like a type of person that you meet, and want to like but they just don't make it easy. he is handsome, intelligent and has good somewhere deep down in his heart, but he has relied on his intelligence and faith in science too much, so much that darkness crept in there, and now he is forced to look beyond himself and science (hence his surprise when Michal levitated like that). Then you have Michal, who has suffered great loss, (his father and his faith, and now it seems he is losing his soul to the 'demon' within) Yet, he is so likable and you can tell he is really a good person..but he blames God for his pain, and believes he is beyond redemption now.

Both male characters are in danger of losing their souls to a type of darkness within!

Ella is the strong one here{ believe it or not}. She never lets the trials of life allow her to lose her faith, and her love for her child is stronger than any adversity that comes her way. She loves her husband even though he makes her miserable..she tends to turn her sadness into hope, and her loyalty to her friend is unfaltering no matter how much he scares her.


I'm glad you are enjoying this story..So am I! It seems to unfold as I am writing it, lol!

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BBdoll3    543
On 8/5/2017 at 6:55 PM, Mission Mouse said:

:smiley_happy107: This is awesome, can't wait for more. And speeling iz fer chimpz, so have no worries over grammatical errors, no one here is a grammar police-person.

I agree!  I really enjoyed your story.  Thanks for sharing.

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NeverForsaken    4,926

08-02-17_6-21-28 PM.png

Throughout the following weeks, Michal spent his days locked inside the small cell that Robert had custom built. He slept most of the time, with only his dreams to keep him company. He would awake to the soft clicking of the keyboard as Robert worked. The sounds of the lab became a familiar lullabye to him as he lay on the small cot behind bars that he hoped would hold him if the demon took control again.


08-02-17_1-01-11 PM.png

Robert spent nights in the lab downstairs. He had taken a leave from his job at the Science facility while he worked tirelessly pouring over everything he could get his hands on pertaining to the virus.



08-02-17_1-52-06 PM.png

Again and again Ella pleaded with her husband to please allow her to visit Michal as he was securely behind iron bars, but Robert was adamant that she stay away. 

08-13-17_8-36-40 PM.png

She visited Ophelia each day after school. Careful to hide the marks on her neck that seemed would never fade. 

Ophelia was always happy to see her, but would cry after Ella left. She wished she could stay there with her daughter, but Robert felt it was best to limit contact outside of the house until they knew the extent of Ella's exposure to the illness.

08-13-17_8-56-30 PM.png


Speaking of the dreaded illness that had managed to transform her dear friend into some sort of other-worldly creature; Ella  had some concerns of her own. Despite feeling stronger and more vibrant than she had in a long time, she started noticing a few strange things. For one, her eyes were growing more accustomed to the dark but at the same time, more sensitive to daylight. She found she needed to wear sunglasses if she ventured outside for very long. She was afraid to tell Robert, so she decided she would keep this all to herself for now. 
The other changes, however, she knew she would not be able to hide for too much longer. She prayed Robert would be delighted with her news, but when she finally mustered the courage to tell him, she could have never predicted he would react the way he did!

08-13-17_9-14-55 PM.png
It was a cool evening seven weeks after that dreaded day when Ella told Robert that she had something very urgent to discuss with him. 
Robert, "Please don't freak out, but..
..I'm pregnant. 
Robert not only freaked out, but he nearly dragged poor Ella into the bedroom and told her to stay put! 
Scared, she complied.

When Robert returned he had a hospital gown in his hand. He tossed it onto the bed beside the confused Ella.
"But, ..but Robert, I can just make an appointment for an exam with my OB/GYN! There's no need for, well, whatever this is for!" she said as she picked up the gown.
Robert insisted that he and he alone must handle this situation. This made Ella furious and throwing the gown back at him she said that she didn't understand why he was acting this way!

He should be happy! She always wanted to give Ophelia a little brother or sister! Why couldn't he be happy? The look that crossed his handsome face was hard to discipher, but his next words left her spinning..
"It's not possible that you are pregnant, Ella..I gave you medication to calm you down months ago, and the side effect was sterility!"
Once Ella recovered her senses and could speak..She managed to smile and exclaim that it is a miracle then! But Robert only shook his head and for the hundreth time asked her exactly what happened that day with Michal.
Ella picked up the gown and numbly put it on her trembling body.
She followed her husband down into the basement. She tried to catch a glimpse of Michal, but Robert, anticipating  that she would do just that was quick to inform her that he was not in his cell, but not to worry..he was contained.

08-05-17_12-19-16 AM.png
Ella's eyes filled up with tears as she explained once again that she could not remember what happened..and neither could Michal!





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