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So, what's new with you?

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I've been noticing that this site has been pretty quiet, I was wondering how everybody's doing out there in the world..I mean, how's life?

My life has been like a roller coaster this past year..I am such a homebody normally but now I've been forced because of circumstances to get out of my comfort zone..ALOT! :scare3:

I've been busy with my dogs and with little side projects here and there making hand-painted cards and Bible journaling (I don't do this inside my Bible per se' but have a separate journal to paint and use stickers and glitter etc..)Yes, I am going through a second childhood! :AF1ChickenKip003:

(Don't judge me..if you're not already in this phase of life..someday you will be!)

I have been playing TS4 more than any other game lately..Mostly because it runs the smoothest. I just had to uninstall Origin and reinstall it to get TS2 UC running again. TS3 is too laggy to play but i do like to use screenshots to set up storylines with it, but it requires more patience than I have most days. :grin:

So...Now it's your turn..What's happening with you? :blank2:

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I retired from work in March this year and I thought I would have so much time to play sims and working with my new hobby, making Barbie clothes and furniture. That was wishful thinking. My husband built a toolshed last summer and this summer we have painted it, put the tin roof on and are in the process of arranging gutters and downpipes. I have planted some vegetables in pallets and have quite a few large pots of flowers and some with strawberry plants that have needed water more than usual this summer because we have had exceptionally hot and dry weather throughout June and July. There is always something to do and if not, my husband finds something. :) Because it has been so hot outdoors we can not work for so many hours and because it is almost as hot indoors we can not do much indoors either. I've taken a lot of rests but now it's getting cooler again so I hope I'll get more energy. I only play sims when my granddaughters visits and they like to play Sims4. I have started to build a house but I don't know when I will have the energy to finish it. 20180414_173056.jpgIMG_20180506_124148_824-1.jpg


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:55: Marbi, did you make those barbie outfits? You really have talent if you did!

I bet it is super fun playing TS4 with your granddaughters..I've only played TS3 once with my granddaughter and we had a blast!

I only bought a couple patio tomato plants this year, but it is yielding pretty well, and we enjoy fresh tomatoes..We also have pruned our wild blackberry and raspberries too and there is nothing like fresh berries for breakfast each day!

This morning while I was at church, Jeff and a work buddy built a new deck off the front, and next week we are have about a dozen (some very large) trees cut..they are getting old and drop[ping some pretty dangerously large branches close to the house and yard where we sit.

I am actually trying to dedicate some time to playing the sims, but at least this time of year there is too much going on..I can look forward to those snowed in days coming this winter though! :noddingSmiley:

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OK...I am going to turn 60 this year and I still LOVE Barbie. I have a rather huge collection. We've been busy as well, which has cut into my Sims creations.

It has also been unusually hot here and Jake seems to prefer being indoors. He's been attempting to dig his way to China and seems to not be bothered about getting a proper passport. He's gotten a few *Reckless Running" tickets. We shaved him a few weeks back and now he demands to sleep UNDER the covers.

The house next door sold for $300,000.00 and that is just ridiculous. They have the same house as we do and believe me, these houses are not worth that kind of money. I shudder to think what their mortgage payment is. They keep to themselves but are nice.


Jake has adjusted to having Michael here and when Michael goes somewhere for a while and then returns, Jake gets almost as excited to see Michael as he is to see Dave.


I have also learned how to categorize clothing for Sims4, which I didn't realize I needed to do until I wanted to recolour the "Business Suits". For some reason I really like suits all of a sudden.


Dave's wrist is all healed and he's been back to work for the last 3 weeks. I'm rather enjoying that. :slapLaugh:

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That's great, Mm that Dave is better ..and working again~:grin:I like my "alone time' also.

Jake is so funny..when Emma used to dig I used to tell her she had better dig all the way to china because she was in big trouble!

It's been so hot and humid here too, and that makes me sick and nauseous, and generates a panic attack for me. 

It's been a busy summer here too and I am gonna be so happy when (hopefully) things settle and slow down around here. I love my boring life! 


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