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Tutorial for recolor paintings in Sims 3!

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Before you start out this tutorial; you need to have an image editor that have DDS format and the new version of TSR Workshop. You will need to register TSR for download. Download the file that say "TSRW_RC1.exe".

I will be using GIMP 2 as the image editor and you will need to get the DDS format for GIMP 2. Please check out here for where to get the DDS format for GIMP 2.

After you have the necessary tools needed; you need to get an image 147 by 194 in a laying down position on the left-handed side.


Posted Image Change this to Posted Image in 147 by 194 pixels.

Once you have the image ready; I will assume that by now you have installed TSR Workshop, launch the TSR Workshop. I will not go to detail for the start up to save on the images as there is limits on how many images can be posted in a posting.

You will get an notification for "Fetch data?" during the start up. Just click on "No" to continue.

Now select "Create New Project".

A new window will open as "Create a new project".

Look under "Clone an item" for the "Object Icon"; click on it to highlight and click on the "Next" button to continue.

The window will changed to "New Project - Object clone".

Open up "Object By Category" - "Decor" - "Wall Art".

Highlight "Painting still life" and click on the "Next" button to continue.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Now the window has changed to "Project details".

Project Name: PaintingStillLife_Clone

Title: Painting Still Life_Clone

Description: Painting still life

I will recommend you to rename "Title" and "Description".


Project Name: PaintingStillLife_Clone

Title: dinglouisa Painting Still Life Samsui Woman Theme

Description: Wall Art by dinglouisa

You can ignore changing the "Project Name" since I cannot reused the same project I have saved for others images and always need to create a new project.

Click on the "Next" button to continue after you have finished with the "Project details".

The window has changed to "Finished". Just click on the "OK" button to continue.

Posted Image

You should have the project loaded as above.

Go to the "Textures" tab.

For this Textures; there are in total 3 "Variation" by default. Each variation has a different frame used.

Posted Image

I will recommend that you used 3 Variation as maximum for every recolors to save on the file sizes since uploading in SimSafe2 is limited to maximum at 2 MB.

You will need to edit all three variation separately through the overlay.

Now click on the overlay so that the edit button will show up. Click on the "edit button" to bring up the "Image editor" window.

Posted Image

Now at the "Image editor" window; click on "Export".

Save the "Export Texture" as DDS format in any folder of your choice.

Posted Image

Keep this "image editor" in TSR Workshop open.

You cannot open any DDS format directly so you have to open your image editor such as GIMP 2 first.

Posted Image

Once you have opened the DDS format image; you can edit it by replacing the original painting with the one you have prepared before hand.

Just copy and paste the image over it.

Posted Image

Saved the edited DDS and ignored the "DDS Image Message" by clicking the "OK" button.

Now go back to the "Image editor" in TSR Workshop and import the new saved DDS file.

Just ignored any message and click on "Yes" to continue.

Posted Image

Now you have the imported image; click on the "Done" button to continue.

You can now see that the painting has been modified.

Posted Image

Do the same for the other two variation by importing the same image or you can create a new image to import.

After you have edited the 3 variation; Export the project as "Sims 3 Pack".

Posted Image

You can test the Sims 3 pack in the game by installing using the Sims 3 launcher.

1) You can install the Sims 3 Pack directly by double-clicking the Sims 3 Pack or

2) Drag the Sims 3 pack into the Downloads folder at C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads.

Open the Sims 3 launcher and installed the Sims3packs located at the Downloads section manually.

For in-game screen shots of related Painting Still Life's recolors; please checkout the following:

Posted Image

I hope this tutorial is useful and may God blesses everyone at SimSafe2 always!!


edit: Add in attachment for tutorial in PDF.


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Oh wow Louisa,

this is just what I needed! I knew how to make them in s3pe, but did not know how in TSR workshop. Now I can upload my recolors to TSR! thanks so much!

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Thanks everyone!!

Glad to help Jonathan!

By the way I was having the same problem until I sort of asked the Holy Spirit what He think of it; then I noticed the overlay and saw the area where the painting was located.

It was a first attempt and very successful. Praise the LORD for His guidance.

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Yes! Thank you for this much-needed, very important tutorial!  :Sunshine: I was thinking "I wonder if there's a clear, concise tutorial for recoloring paintings in TS3" and here it is. Now, I can finally work on making some recolors of two Maxis paintings. Thank you! Thank you! :389-Amours-love-: 


Edit: I have Adobe Photoshop CS6. Does anyone know where I can download a DDS pluging for this? And, also, the linke for the TSR Workshop is broken. It says the page was not found! :(

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