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What's Happening In Your Sims 3 Game?

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Good idea, Karen....Your brain must work well in fog! I will probably be in a fog too once treatment begins...That ought to be interesting...I have stocked up on post it notes, these were very helpful when I was working because the anxiety made my brain freeze...and not the fun kind of brain freeze one gets from yummy ice cream!


Ooh......Ice cream! There's some in the freezer...BRB!


I wish I could share some with you, but Jeff ate all the sugar free kind, (which I cannot eat anything with Splenda in it at all or else I will be in terrible pain). So I will not eat my ice cream in front of you since I cannot share it. :icon_hug:


Jezebel is not a good name...but Naomi is, perhaps I will name an angel after our precious Naomi?



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Thanks for the link Naomi.


A patron saint of craziness...Hmmm...gets the old creaky wheels spinning in my brain. :hmm:

Maybe spinning a bit too fast... :shocked:

Seriously, I like your name and it does not sound crazy...crazy I think is something like Esmeralda, or Hildegard, or Meme! (remember the Drew Carry show)


Oh my gosh, I just remembered that I actually made a Meme Sim once! I never played her, just wanted to know if I could do it. :insane:

I understand how difficult it must be for you to comment and post on here...I am inspired by you. If the treatments leave me with chemo brain, then I will be spending more time doing the same thing. I am already very forgetful and need to be reminded to do some things now...It will surely be a wild ride. They say to try to keep your sense of humor...I have never had trouble with laughing at myself. Even my medical care team laughs at me...Like when I asked my surgeon about the surgery, and after he went into graphic detail (as is his nature), I told him I did not want to hear anything gory, and he said "You just did!" The nurse was bent over double trying to stifle a laugh! :laugh1:

We have two choices in life...cry about it or laugh about it...I do both, sometimes at the same time...Crazy Sim? (Me)...Though 'Lisa' isn't a crazy sounding name either.

I like Orpah for an angel's name.

Where is she in the bible?

I can Google it if you don't know either.

Love & ((hugs)) ~ Lisa

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I know what you mean about missing your old Sim stuff. I had my desk top hard drive crash without backups too. I was on a writing spree summer before last, and had a couple good for TS2 and one for TS3.

:hmm: December and August...They are exactly nine months apart, so maybe they were named for the months they were born in? One of my favorite movies is called 'August Rush' about a little orphaned boy who has a unique musical talent...I love the name August., but have never heard the name December.


I once created a storyline for TS2 (sorry, I know this is supposed to be a TS3 thread) where I had aliens abduct female Sims in order to repopulate the town with hybrids; I named the babies alien sounding names derived from the alphabet and numbers both, like FA1 or MA1 (F=female , A=Alice (mother's name) 1= first child)

Very scientific hahaha!  :ButterflySmileyFlying:

She does look like a Heidi. I made a similar sim and named her Arora and uploaded her to the exchange on TS3 site.

I usually try to make sims look more realistic, but these ones (especially Grace) have larger eyes, and more perfect features than my normal sims. I also used to use default skin and hairs, but recently decided to go CC free for TS3. (Vanilla game).

((hugs))~ Lisa

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Disaster strikes!

It appears that the fireplace in one of my lots catches on fire! (I used the Move Objects cheat to place the columns too close to the fireplace.) If you've downloaded my 'Sunny Acres' lot...You can either remove the columns, or if you want to keep them for ascetic purposes, have your Sim make it fireproof right away! ( make sure they have the 'handy' trait to do this ) 


I couldn't believe how long it took the firefighter to get there...Even though the alarm was going off...she still had to call them on her cell phone...In RL the whole house would have been lost!


My Sim spent the entire night cleaning up the mess...She had to remove almost all the furniture in the room in order to mob it all up...Glad she had the 'neat' trait.










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Some times I have thought the 'catching fire' event to be arbitrary. My first experience with it was the placement of a rug.

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I hope you are right, Nonni.

I did have another sim living on that lot, and it did not happen. I thought that maybe I didn't play long enough to see if a fire would break out!


I know certain things such as having a cheap stove almost always results in a fire, or at least burning your food. I always hated that, because sometimes I like the look of the cheaper stoves...just like I like the cheap (brass) bed, yet it tends to be uncomfortable for the Sim...I know there's mods to counteract those things though, but I prefer to play TS3 mostly vanilla.

I can't remember what my first experience with a fire was in TS3, but I do know that I did not even know about the MOO cheat back then, so who knows.

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Meeting an angel...


My Sim meets her guardian angel in front of the book store.

I think I will develop a story based around this very unlucky Sim who needs all the help she can get!

I had her in another story which I lost when my desk top Pc crashed...I just allowed the game to play out and wrote accordingly.


In the first day she got attacked by    :buzzyBee: and a zombie, chased by Broomhilda (the skeletal maid from SN), and when she ran outside she was   :spacecraft: ...

and then on the second day she got bitten by a squirrel and a wild parrot...and developed allergies from some flowers she picked . :Peek-A-Boo: ..Oh, and she made me very nervous when she decided to take a screwdriver and fix her own computer...nothing happened that time though...   I am curious to see what new adventures will find her ... :out_on_limb:


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It was so weird how all those events happened like that...I doubt that will ever happen like that again.


It is impossible to make an alien abduction happen, and the fact that it happened while she was running out of the house because broomhilda scared her was just perfect timing!

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the fireplace catching on fire in the screenshots at the beginning of this post! Same Sim. :shocked:

Scary too... because she is my 'self-Sim'! :embarrassed:

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This is a new game lot that I just built...It is a fantasy type game. I've never tried this in the Sims 3 before.


Meet Lily and Flynn Sparks...They have just moved into their new home with 'Ivan', their beautiful steed, and 'Rainey' their Parrot.








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Wow, amazing pictures! The house is stunning. What EP's do you have? I never realized Sims 3 has such interesting stuff. Is most of it custom content?


Thank you I really enjoyed looking at your pictures :)

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This sends me to utterly delightful flights of fantasy! I love it. :ButterflySmileyFlying:

Would you consider sharing it with our other members by uploading it?

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I only have three expansions...Pets, seasons, and supernatural.

The CC is minimal...I have pictured a couple indoor plants from Jope living, and the (bird) picture hanging in the dining room is from 

'Sims Art Gallery' (they do a lot of maxi's/EA recolors of in game art)

The only other thing that I recently downloaded for free from EA was the 'Town Life stuff pack' that they gave away for Valentine's Day...Lily is sitting on a fountain from that set.

Everything else is free from the store (I have never bought anything from the store)...These things are the Thanksgiving themed like the pumpkins. 


@Nonni, Yes, I will package this to share...I want to dress up the little pond in the back first.

I am not too satisfied with the in game look of these Sims...I will be working on them too.


Glad you like this!

I am trying to make a lot that I can hopefully stay on for awhile...Maybe get a few generations from it...It has been a long time since I 'settled' somewhere for awhile.   :grin:

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Karen, I always make you want this game!

It is still not half as fun as TS2...It just looks good.

It is also harder for it to handle CC than TS2...You have to be even more careful!

It is really too big for most laptops, and I have to be so careful how long I play, and what settings I use etc...I miss my old desktop PC... :cry:

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This lot is now uploaded!

I added a bit more to it also.

You will need to have Supernatural, Pets, Seasons, and Town Life stuff, as well as the free items from the store for it to show up like the pictures.

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So,I got recently TS3 and started playing. I made my Smith family for TS3 and I'm having so much fun with it!

So,now let's go to the pictures.Be prepared this is a 22 pictures post.Just funny shots!


Here is the little Jim with his very ugly babysitter...ok not so funny.



A rude guest who serves sushi.That is very rude. :)



Here is Jake with his friends Bella and Mortimer.




The little Jim in his toybox. JUST CUTE!!!! :389-Amours-love-:



Here is Ophelia with Ashley,a sim created by me and my BFF,she don't said me anything,but I think we just made her simself. :grin:



Jim did grow up, and he is here with his brother Jake doing together homework. Jake tells him what he has seen last night...



Jake:Hey mom,dad. What are you doing?



And here is the result:a little,naughty girl named Emily. SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:



Ok,here is Jesus on the water. No,is just Jamie Jolina. ON THE WATER????



Johnny is training his friend Ripp Grunt. Or is he ready to fight with him? Punch,punch punch!!! :happyhappy:



Talking about Ripp,here is he with his girlfriend who is Ashley. And Ophelia having a nice sleep on the background. :undecided:



Dorie Hart: Hey Ophelia,would you like a like on Simbook?(speak madness interaction)

Ophelia:Uh,no thanks.



A handsome Repoman. Who seems to have eaten the dresser that he just taken. Are you so hungry,Repoman? Are you?



Here Ophelia and her sons, Jake and and Jim are having a nice picnic in the park.



Here is Jim. Dancing or...swimming???



Here is Ashley,just questioning Ophelia. Jim is seeing something suspect with that girl.




Ah,Johnny. Why are you so handsome? That sparkle isn't as hansome as you,is it?



So,Ophelia was fired. Geoffrey Landgraab was her boss. And Johnny hates him. Johnny revenge!!! :dancing smiley:



A classical,athletic, father and son day.


A bit of randomness:



Gunther Goth talking with his mother-in-law. With his mother-in-law who wears a swimwear.Go Gunther! :ROLF:



So here was a peaceful day at the Smiths...when the bus has intersected in their fence.The peaceful day continued. :cheesy:


And I leave you with a hot one:


Jake was watching TV.He was not watching what happens next to him. Just look at Johnny's obssesed face. :huh:


Hope you like it! :ykiss:


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Yes I am having so much fun,the game works just like a dream on my laptop.Ok,it is the basegame with no CC,but once I played 12 hours in a row and it works wonderful,the downloading was 1 hour long,but the installation was 15 minutes long.When the game opened,I was so surprised.I have just seen images of TS3,but I never played it.

The only,and the only thing that freaks me out is: Iset Storytelling progression off.aging is off too. I have played the Smith family for some time,but when I get a look to the other families in the town,there are babies camed from nowhere.

Alto has a new baby,the Andrews had a baby, that guy from the Clavell household had a baby with nobody,Kaylynn Langerak has a new brother too,and that completely freaked me out,the Bunch family who already has 4 kids had a baby too. What can I do to stop that?HELP

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:ROLF: the bus..... :smiley_laughing: the repoman, he did look like he ate the furniture. I don't have the Sims3 so I can't help, sorry. I did really enjoy the pictures! :icon_hug:

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I am planning to upload one of these sims but I don't know who. Of course,excepting Gunther which is a premade and the repoman who is a NPC.

What sim from these pictures did you like the most?

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